Lazy all too often?

Feeling lazy all the time, having a general lack of energy, and wanting to lay down constantly can be a sign your body and subconscious feel lost, without attention.

This can come from neglect, or simply as a side-effect of growing older and realizing that the only person who can truly take care of yourself is you. When the support systems of childhood are shed our inner child feels lost and alone.

Luckily this can be solved by turning your rest time into conscious attention to body time. Turn off Netflix, stop scrolling, and lay there for a while just feeling your body. Let go into your body, relax, and let it feel safe. The more vulnerable and relaxed you can get, the deeper effect this will take on your body and subconscious.

This will do a few very beneficial things:
- Your lazy time will now be truly rest time, resorting energy levels over time (quite quickly actually, you’ll notice a big difference after a day or two, and a huge one after a week).
- Your body and subconscious will feel paid attention to and taken care of, you consciously become your own mother to your inner child.
- Positive feeling and experience releases neuropeptides into the system, stimulating positive hormone release, and increasing neurotransmitters. Meaning that your body will activate its natural healing of the organs , balancing out of hormones, your mind will be able to pick up on more information, and your mood will improve.

A big thing to remember with this exercise is to feel your whole body the way it is, in a positive and comforting manner. This body is your child, and you should love it the way it is and appreciate it for being in your life. During this exercise don’t think about what kind of changes you want to happen with your body, that will prevent it feeling fully at ease. This is not a time for judging, it is a time for appreciating.

Do this exercise as often as you feel necessary.

Today’s upper body circuit:

Lat pull down (wide grip): 4x8 SS overhead tricep extension 4x12 SS hammer curls 4x8 (each arm)

Dumbbell chest press 4x12 SS dumbbell flyes 4x8 SS kettle bell squat 4x12 (squeeze glutes at top)

Romanian deadlift 4x12 SS machine chest press 4x12 SS bicep curls 4x8

Bent over row 4x12 SS shoulder press 4x8 tricep pull down 4x8

Back extensions 4x12 SS lateral raises 4x8 SS cable pull through 4x8

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Just a glimpse of my upper body circuits 👀 #MandyCFit
1️⃣ Plank close-grip push-up with weighted twist arm raise — Tips: keep arms close to target the triceps; use a light weight to have control for that core 💪🏽😉
2️⃣ Standing free weight circumduction (palms face front) with front raise (palms face up) target delts (aka shoulders) 👌🏽
3️⃣ Multi-angle isolation half-curls 💪🏽
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More workouts coming soon ‼️

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Hey beautiful! I decided to make a masterpost just for you to get you feeling good! I hope you like it :) xx



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🎬 here’s a glimpse of this quick upper body circuit.

Fell in love with these battle ropes exactly a year ago today. Hands down one of my favourite tools to use when working larger muscle groups, mixed this with dumbbell push ups.


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Full body circuit:

1. Walking lunges 4x8 (each leg) SS dumbbell deadlift 4x12 SS calve raises 4x12

2. Lat pull down (wide grip) 4x8 SS overhead tricep extension 4x12 SS bent over row 4x12

3. Chest press 4x12 SS lateral raises 4x8 SS hammer curls 4x8

4. Dumbbell front squat 4x12 SS cable pull through 4x8 SS pulse squat w/ kettle bell 4x12

5. Bicycle crunches 4x20 (each side) SS hanging leg raises 4x15 SS sit ups 4x12


I totally blame those two for my unrealistically high expectations of men