I Really, Really Suck!

Today I started my own lil workout/crossfit routine. I have to be honest and say I really suck at box jumps and air squats. With that said, I plan to suck at them tomorrow, the next day , and  the day after that, until I no longer suck. Why you ask….CAUSE I’M PALEO FOOL!

This one’s pretty fresh too by Lamar Lindsay 

Body Bandit meal | 

Sorry, I had to do it to y'all. This was just my pre workout meal. I got a request, well not a request, but my friend said “I wish I could have some healthy nachos” - so I felt the need to figure out how to do it cost effective, and fit my macros to continue abs cutting.

Only 378 calories
Macros: 23p/39c/12f
Also got 7g of fiber.

All less than $10 (enough for 2 more servings of Turkey chili & like 5-7 servings on everything else.

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do you ever have a dream so vivid that it sticks with you for months?

Freaky Eaters

I was watching Freaky Eaters on Netflix. It’s a show about people addicted to certain foods/drinks. This chick was addicted to eating corn starch. She had it every where and was just eating spoon fulls. I didn’t even know you could eat just corn starch lol. 

I’m so glad that I’ve changed my life and found PALEO. Where the only weird shit is the organ meats…YIKES!


I guess you could say he’s between a rock and a hard place. ahahaha ha! Rock joke!

Ok, onto Season 1 episode 8 of Xena!
What’s gonna happen?What’s gonna happen?

*lets the theme song play before selecting an episode*

Gabrielle: “I was in the middle of the best…“ *sees bandit bodies lying around her* “….I missed something.“

Huh, apparently….per Xena, Prometheus gave mankind the ability to heal themselves *quick wiki break to check*   “Prometheus took pity on the primitive mortals and again, he deceived Zeus. Prometheus gave the mortals all sorts of gifts: brickwork, woodworking, telling the seasons by the stars, numbers, the alphabet (for remembering things), yoked oxen, carriages, saddles, ships and sails. He also gave other gifts: healing drugs, seercraft, signs in the sky, the mining of precious metals, animal sacrifice and all art.“

Side note: Supernatural also did a episode with Prometheus that was quite interesting….ok, back to the watching!

“The power…the passion….the danger….her courage will change the world”

Xena: Gabrielle, what would you do if I didn’t come though

Gabrielle: I’d become a traveling Bard

Me: *claw hands* “YES!!!!!!!“

Also, isn’t it super sweet that Xena is asking what Gabrielle would do without her? I mean, making sure she has a plan for a living and knows where she should go to start out.

Cool traps!

Hercules? Don’t you have your own show? What are you doing here?

The salesman is funny…he’s just trying to get someone to buy his shitty fake merchandise

Awwwwwwww, look at Gabby grabbing a rake to defend herself…and making little fighting noises when Xena fights! I love her so much!

Bwahahahahahahah ha   The fighting style ahahaha it’s so weird and funny and impractical….I love it!

DAMN. Xena just stomped a guy right in the balls……ouch….that’s…that’s painful.

The flirting between Hercules and Xena is awful….and great!

She charges Hercules with the mission to get Gabrielle to a school in Athens for Bards. oh honey noooo….we love you don’t die!  (I’m so glad I know she makes it thought 6 seasons)

The hell? What on earth are those things in those egg-shaped things? Are they supposed to be dragon babies? Mix of human and dragon?

And Xena gets kidnapped by a dragon…smart, tying a rope the the feet, although I don’t think she could have held onto the rope like she did  (shhhhhhhhh don’t question it too much lol)

whoh…and shes riding the dragon. Go Xena! Tame that dragon!

That was a very convenient bounce that sword had so that neither of them had to die.

Come on….give Gabby her own horse already

Well, thus concludes another episode! Until next time! 


So many of us go through life struggling to accept who we are. We look in the mirror and see various shades of ugly; acne scars, nose too big, arms too fat, no thigh gap, skin too dark. We walk away unhappy because we think we do not embody what it means to be beautiful. We hold on to our flaws instead of celebrating the fact that our perfect imperfections add all the gracious and glorious…

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Fighting For Health

I got my test results back  and I’m not happy. I’m clear for cancer ( thank gawd), but my 

hyperthyroidism came back. I had got my numbers in normal range before I start the 

Paleo lifestyle. I was juicing and eating tons of salad (my scared of meat days). I'm 

confused as to why my thyroid is acting up again. There is little information on 

hyperthyroidism but a lot on hypo in the Paleo world. I have to figure out what to do 

and quick. I’m kinda of down about the whole thing. 

My doctor keeps calling me. I know he was salty when I turned down his medicine and got 

my numbers back to normal. Now, that my numbers are worse than ever, I know he 

just wants to put me on medication. I’m not trying to go there cause I will never heal 

that way. I gotta keep fighting for my health….my way.


When I don’t feel like working out, I watch this video. Janet Jackson is my ab idol.