I Really, Really Suck!

Today I started my own lil workout/crossfit routine. I have to be honest and say I really suck at box jumps and air squats. With that said, I plan to suck at them tomorrow, the next day , and  the day after that, until I no longer suck. Why you ask….CAUSE I’M PALEO FOOL!

This one’s pretty fresh too by Lamar Lindsay 

Body Bandit meal | 

Sorry, I had to do it to y'all. This was just my pre workout meal. I got a request, well not a request, but my friend said “I wish I could have some healthy nachos” - so I felt the need to figure out how to do it cost effective, and fit my macros to continue abs cutting.

Only 378 calories
Macros: 23p/39c/12f
Also got 7g of fiber.

All less than $10 (enough for 2 more servings of Turkey chili & like 5-7 servings on everything else.

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It’s a story of the violence that was used, sanctioned by the state at that time, to displace Texas Mexicans from their land, from their civil rights, and their lives…There was a tacit understanding that the policing was, the rangers were to have a free hand and do whatever they thought necessary to maintain the new order of white supremacy in south Texas.

John Moran Gonzalez, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, is a member of the group “Refusing To Forget.” The group is working to make sure that the history of racial discrimination in South Texas in the 1910s against Mexicans who were forced to flee the country is not forgotten. 

A new exhibit at the Bullock state history museum combines artifacts and documents of the era. Clothing, family photos, government reports.It’s entitled “Life and Death on the Border: 1910 to 1920.” Gonzalez points out a gruesome photo of white men on horseback with lassos around the bodies of four Mexican “bandits” as they were known. It’s on a postcard that circulated for decades.

Freaky Eaters

I was watching Freaky Eaters on Netflix. It’s a show about people addicted to certain foods/drinks. This chick was addicted to eating corn starch. She had it every where and was just eating spoon fulls. I didn’t even know you could eat just corn starch lol. 

I’m so glad that I’ve changed my life and found PALEO. Where the only weird shit is the organ meats…YIKES!


Phil and his need to attack the water has no bounds.

Just kidding, we came to an understanding so that I could use it to actually bathe him, I had to block it with a bowl for a while so that there wasn’t a stream for him to bite at, and it clicked pretty soon with him that this wasn’t playtime any more. 

He’s a good boy, he’s got that Border Collie personality that I love. A little obsessive, very stare-y, but so smart and food motivated and active. I bet I could’ve taught him so many things if I didn’t have other grooms to do. -sighs wistfully- I wish I could just bathe BCs all day. 

Again- for those who didn’t see the first post- he’s available for adoption through Phoenix Rising Border Collie Rescue of SC.


          “Is that a Vladof assault rifle?” Maya asked, quickly stepping over the bandits’ bodies to get a better look at it. “Do you want it?” She arched a brow, fingers on the barrel. It was hard not to look eager about the gun, her last one had been crushed by a goliath and she’d been trying to find a decent replacement ever since. This one looked like it might have elemental effect damage as well.

Fighting For Health

I got my test results back  and I’m not happy. I’m clear for cancer ( thank gawd), but my 

hyperthyroidism came back. I had got my numbers in normal range before I start the 

Paleo lifestyle. I was juicing and eating tons of salad (my scared of meat days). I'm 

confused as to why my thyroid is acting up again. There is little information on 

hyperthyroidism but a lot on hypo in the Paleo world. I have to figure out what to do 

and quick. I’m kinda of down about the whole thing. 

My doctor keeps calling me. I know he was salty when I turned down his medicine and got 

my numbers back to normal. Now, that my numbers are worse than ever, I know he 

just wants to put me on medication. I’m not trying to go there cause I will never heal 

that way. I gotta keep fighting for my health….my way.