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hey, can you tell me what is "eerie crests"? idk but the characters seem super nice!!!

Eerie Crests is my webcomic! Set in a quaint little town in Oregon, It’s about this boy named Malek who goes missing while camping. They found a body, and the local police force’s statement is that the body is Malek’s.  Everyone is convinced he’s dead, except for his severely mentally ill best friend, Dallas.

Dallas has already had a history with the town of being a troublemaker, and Seeing Things, so the police force don’t really take him seriously when he insists the Body Isn’t Malek’s. 

Poppy Rajkhowa is one of Dallas and Malek’s best friends, and although she sometimes.. Believes Malek is dead, she still has a glimmer of hope that he isn’t, so she helps Dallas with investigating. They’re just two people but more and more kids and students from their school start getting involved

people hide secrets, people act weird. 

the forest is not what it seems, and something lurks in the quiet town of Blue Crests

you can read eerie crests over here @eeriecrests !!

The perfect kidnapping goes gruesomely awry in House on Willow Street. It will be released in select theaters and on VOD on March 23 via IFC Midnight. We have a cool looking poster above, plus a trailer below.

Produced in South Africa, the horror film is directed by Alastair Orr and stars Sharni Vinson (You’re Next), Carlyn Burchell, Steven John Ward, Zino Ventura, and Gustav Gerdener.

Read on for the trailer and synopsis.

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I don't know I feel like being proud of being female and afab can wonder into being proud of being a cis woman? There's a difference in being proud of your own womanhood and being proud of being cis. I think as long as your just happy and proud of your own womanhood and not happy and proud about being a cis woman than it's not weird at all.

imo (let me know if i’m speaking out of line here) there’s a big difference between being proud of womanhood and being proud of cisness.

“heck yeah i’m a woman and i love my body it’s beautiful go me” = nice

“mm i sure do love THE FEMALE body that ALWAYS has [x organ] isn’t [hormone] so great I SURE DO LOVE being a Womyn Born Woman” = not so nice

you can take pride in your experiences with womanhood and with your (afab) body, but you while doing that you need to realize that there isn’t a single woman (or even a single afab) body/experience. so be proud of and love your vagina or uterus all you want, but don’t get up in arms when a girl wants to love and take pride in her penis.

basically be proud of yourself but also be conscious of others and don’t throw them under the bus. and Definitely don’t shit all over trans women when they take the same pride in themselves

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Hiya! I loved that bit you did about Jason revealing their relationship to the family. Any chance you could do a continuation? Pretty, please?


(Here’s the first part, if you missed it.)


Tim heard yelling, and knew Jason was there.

“Excuse me, sir, you can’t go in there!”

“Get the hell out of my way! That’s my husband in there, and if you don’t take your hand off my arm right fucking now, I’ll rip it off!”

A moment later the man came busting through the door to Tim’s room (thankfully not hard enough to take it off the hinges), eyes wild. Behind him, in the hall, Tim saw a very pale-faced nurse quickly backing away.

“It’s not serious,” Tim said immediately. “I’ll be okay.”

Jason stalked over to the bed and carefully ran his hands over Tim’s body with a clinical sort of detachment, ensuring that the only injury was the obvious one- the left leg, already wrapped in a cast up to his thigh. When Jason was satisfied that Tim wasn’t going to keel over in the next ten minutes, he let out a breath, deflating into the chair next to Tim’s bed.

“Just the leg, then?”

“Minor scrapes and bruises, extremely mild concussion. Nothing to worry about.”

Jason sighed. Blinked. Sat for a moment and adjusted the state of his mind and body, which had been prepared for something far more severe. He nodded. “Okay. What happened?”

“I got hit by a taxi.”

“You got hit,” Jason echoed flatly, “by a taxi.”


You did.”

“Yes,” Tim huffed. “Obviously Tim Drake can’t just back-flip over a coming car, okay? So, I got hit.”

“I’m sure there was something-”


Both men turned and looked toward the door, where the rest of the family stood, watching them.

Dick stepped into the room, and the rest followed. “You got married?

Slowly, Tim shifted his gaze over to Jason, who was studying the vitals monitoring equipment with great interest. “You told them?”

“Um. Yeah.”

You did.”

Jason shrugged. “They asked why the hospital would call me… And it’s not like I had the time or frame of mind to come up with an excuse.” He cast helpless eyes at Tim. “You know I’m not a great liar.”

Tim closed his eyes, willed the world to just. Go away. For like, five minutes. But it didn’t.

“Is this real?” Bruce asked.

Tim snapped his eyes open. “Yeah. You wanna see the x-rays?”

Bruce just gave Tim an unimpressed look.

“Yes, we’re really married.” Tim wanted to tell him to fuck off for asking that, but considering Tim had, at the age of thirteen, lied about having an uncle that took care of him after his mom died and his dad was in the hospital, all so that neither Bruce nor CPS would take him away from his home, Tim understood why there might be some doubt. Maybe Bruce thought Tim had some elaborate scheme, had married Jason to get through some legal loophole. Tim met Bruce’s stare pointedly and very clearly said, “He’s my husband.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Dick asked. “I didn’t even know you were together!”

“Whatever Bruce is thinking right now,” Jason answered, voice a little soft and a little bitter. “That’s why.”

Bruce didn’t say anything.

Alfred walked over to the bed and laid a hand on Tim’s shoulder. “I am happy for you both,” he said, and Tim relaxed a bit. Jason’s grip on his hand loosened, marginally. “Now, will you be recuperating at the manor, sir? Or shall I prepare some meals for Master Jason to take home with you?”

“I can cook,” Jason mumbled.

Tim smiled. “Thank you, Alfred. I think we’ll be going home.”

“Very well, sir,” he said, and stepped back.

There was a beat of silence, and then Damian said, “You could have done worse.”

Jason asked, “Who?”

Damian just rolled his eye and put in his headphones and adopted his usual this is all beneath me stance.

“Well, congratulations, I guess.” Dick smiled, and it there was still confusion there, but also real happiness, and Tim smiled back.

“Thanks, Dick.”

“We’ll see you later. Little D and I will drop by in a few days to check on you. Just let me know if you need anything.”

Jason scowled. “If he needs anything, I can get it for him.”

Dick blinked, then grinned so wide his eyes almost disappeared behind his cheeks. “Oh that’s cute.”

“Shut it, Dickie,” Jason growled.

Dick mimed zipping his mouth closed. He ushered Damian into the hall, Alfred following. Then it was just Bruce standing by the door, staring at them.

Tim and Jason stared back.

Bruce said, “We’ll talk about this later.”

Jason rolled his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Bruce added, and it sounded a little forced, but genuine enough, “that you felt as though you had to hide this from us. From me.” And then he left.

“Well.” Tim squeezed Jason’s hand. “That was interesting.”

Jason didn’t reply for a minute, and then he leaned over and lightly kissed Tim’s cheek. He smiled. “You know what this means?”

“We finally get to wear wedding rings?”

“That too. But now we get to fuck with them with our PDA.”

Tim laughed, but it got swallowed up by the kiss Jason placed on his mouth. “They aren’t even here!”

“Practicing,” Jason said. “Also, I just like kissing you.”

And he then did, again.

Leading Suspects - Chapter 7

I know, I promised updates a lot sooner that this. Sorry @peetabreadgirl. Life got a little crazy this weekend. So, for your enjoyment….Chapter 7 below.

“Do you need anything, Madge?” Peeta asks for the fiftieth time this morning and I stiffen in an attempt to not fly apart with tremors while Madge pats my hand.

“Not at the moment,” she says and he nods brusquely before heading back around to the yard.

“I’m fine, too, thanks for asking,” I grumble once he’s out of earshot.

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Pride and panting?

The way Pride’s body felt against yours was addicting. Hot skin and precise movements. Muscles flexing and rippling beneath your fingers. The feeling of his hair between your fingers; slightly dampened with sweat because of the heated flush of his body.

But your favourite part was the sound of Dwayne’s hot breath in your ear. By now, it was hard for him to catch his breath; with the exertion of grinding his hips and the powerful flurry of emotions running through his system. You felt his chest rise and fall against yours, along with his steady heartbeat in between.

His panting in your ear stirred you on, making your hips arch up to connect with his. In between his breaths, Pride let out a soft moan before raising his head to look you in the eye. The way the dark pupils of his eyes nearly engulfed the green made you a little breathless. His breath was coming out in heavy pants against your lips, he was so close.

And Pride was forced to breath through his nose when you pulled him down for a kiss.

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I really enjoy this little idea I had! I had two different endings in mind and couldn’t choose which one to post so I decided to let the both of them and to let you decide whether you want it to end well or not. It’s up to you if you even want to read both! Hope you enjoy this little thing I did here xx

“Are you listening?” Jack said, waving a hand in front of his face. The dark blonde jumped slightly, turning his gaze to his mate who was sending him a questioning look. Joe’s body was filled with alcohol but his mind was somewhere else. “Sorry, what were you saying?” Joe said, focusing back on his friend and even though he was trying his hardest to listen to what Jack was saying, his eyes were drawled back to that person. “Mate, what’s wrong with you?” Jack asked, concern itched across his face as he followed his gaze and when his eyes fell on her, he knew what was on his mind and looked back to his friend. “Stop torturing yourself, mate. There’s about a hundred girls in this club who would love to go home with you tonight.” Jack said, smirking at him as he waved at a group of girls but Joe’s eyes did not move. “I know but they’re not her.” Joe admitted, finally looking away from her as a guy was leaning in to whisper something in her ear. “I didn’t know she was going to be here. I’m sorry.” Jack said, giving him a weak smile and Joe returned it as they walked up to the bar, asking for more shots.

Joe had been hoping to see her for the last few weeks but now that she was there, a few meters away from him, dancing and laughing with someone else, his heart was hurting from seeing another guy in his place. And even though, he was there with his friend, he felt as if he was on his own. Because during the whole night, he had been watching her, just in a corner of the club and the shots weren’t burning down his throat anymore. The loud music blasting through the walls wasn’t even getting to his ears and sooner than he had thought, he was drunk. Too drunk to even walk properly and as he was trying to find Jack through the blurry crowd, his eyes fell on her again and this time, his heart broke as she was kissing that guy. She was kissing someone else than him and he felt as if a blade had just pierced his heart. And if she was in fact, smiling because of him, he did not want to hear about it. Because it was his fault. He was the fool that let her go.

Joe was about to walk over to them and probably to the stupidest thing but luckily Jack had seen him and he was quick to stop him, grabbing his arm and pulling him in the opposite direction. “Joe, don’t. You’ll regret it.” Jack snapped at him and he could definitely smell the alcohol on his best friend. “I’ve lost her already.” Joe snapped back as he was about to walk over to her but Jack stopped him once again and dragged him out of the club. As they stepped into the dark London streets, Joe stumbled on his feet and Jack was quick to catch him. “She’s moved on, Jack. Why can’t I?” Joe yelled, his drunk state taking over and he was about to walk in again but Jack took his shoulders and pushed him against a wall, stopping him from moving. “I love her, buddy. You have no idea how much.” Joe said, his eyes suddenly filling with stinging tears and he let himself slide down the wall, his hands over his head. “For fuck sake, Joe! Get your shit together!” Jack snapped at him, kneeling down in front of him and when he looked up, Jack was surprised at the tears that were running down his cheeks. Jack sighed as he put a comforting hand on Joe’s shoulder. 

“Joe?” A familiar voice called out and the dark blonde froze at the voice. Jack got up and he smiled at his old friend that he hadn’t been able to talk to in a while. She hesitated before stepping closer and kneeling in front of her ex lover. When Joe looked up, his eyes were wide and he quickly wiped his cheeks. “Look at you.” She said, feeling her heart break slightly at the sight in front of her. She had no idea he would be in such a state for her. She passed a hand through his hair before brushing her fingers on his cheek as Joe leaned onto her touch. “I miss you so much, Y/N.” Joe admitted, just above a whisper. Jack was simply watching them, leaning against the wall. It went silent for a few minutes.


“I miss you too.” Y/N finally replied, smiling at him before pulling Joe into a hug and Joe let all of his emotions out, his drunk self crying onto her shoulder as Y/N ran her fingers through his hair, inhaling his scent that she had missed so much. They stayed like that a few minutes, until Joe was finally calm and they both got up. Jack smiled at the two lovers. “We should get you home.” Y/Nsaid, watching Joe stumble on his feet. She looked at Jack, smiling at him. “I’ll take care of him. Go and have fun.” She ordered, nodding towards the entrance of the club as she slipped a hand through Joe’s and Jack glanced over his shoulder. “Are you sure?” Jack asked, hesitant and when she nodded, he smiled back at her and watched the couple head over to the opposite direction. “Hey, Y/N?” Jack called out and she stopped, turning back to him. “I missed you as well.” He admitted, smiling warmly at his friend. “Me too.” She replied, before heading back to her flat where she would help  her lover to sober up whilst Jack walked back inside, enjoying his night.


“Joe, you have to move on.” Y/N said, as she glanced over her shoulder to a man waiting for her, next to his car. Joe’s eyes felt on the man and he closed his eyes, letting more tears scroll down. “I loved you Joe, I really did but things have changed and you need to move on.” She admitted, grabbing his hand, giving it a small squeeze and she felt bad for making him feel that way. “I’m sorry but I came here to say goodbye.” She said, leaning closer to drop a kiss on his salty cheek. She got up after that, walking over to Jack, hugging him briefly. “Nice to see you.” She said, smiling over at her friend and he smiled back, “You too”. And with that, Joe watched the girl he loved drift away with this random man and he brought his hands up to his hair, clenching them into fists. Jack hesitantly stepped closer, kneeling next to him again. “I’m sorry, buddy.” Jack said, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder before helping him up and back to his flat.

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So, if White Diamond was the corrupted gem found in the pyramid according to you, then why is her absence not reflected in the current Homeworld logo?

So this is I think the main question I come back to, both for this and Blue Fusion theory- why continue to represent Blue and White?

I mean, the thing is, Yellow has a vested interest in misrepresenting the Diamonds if she can. The Diamonds are the governing body of Homeworld. There’s a lot of focus and loyalty on the individual Diamonds themselves- pretty much every Gem we’ve seen thinks their Diamond is the Absolute Best, and respects the others, but doesn’t have quite that same driving loyalty to the others.

Presenting the Diamonds as powerful and eternal, and also present and able to help you, is a smart move to preserve faith in the system. Which is important, because Homeworld is in some very desperate straits. It would basically be kind of a thematic callback to Political Power- Dewey was scared and didn’t know what to do, but he’s good at faking “everything is fine! It’ll all be good, I’m your mayor, you trust me when I say reassuring things!” except in YD’s case it’s “of course the other Diamonds are right here” rather than “of course the power will be back on by tonight”

(it also has a different thematic analogue in Steven’s response in Steven The Swordfighter to Pearl being unexpectedly gone for a long period of time- he tried, ineffectively, to replace her with someone else that looked like her)

But this raises the question, of course, of why Blue and White, but not Pink, and that I don’t think we have an answer for. Is it that Pink’s death was publicized far and wide while somehow Blue and White’s respective final moments were not, or is it that Pink’s death was so… dramatic and finite? Because if I’m correct about my theories of what happened to them, then Blue Diamond simply disappeared- no shards, no confirmed death, and if she did have a double covering up her movements, then it would suggest that not even that disappearance was noted by anyone “out of the know”, so that would be really easy to maintain her.

With White, there’s a bigger question, because White sure made an exit. The pyramid was a major, formal sending off. Which makes me wonder if Yellow might have staged a phony “rescue mission” when as far as she knows, White is never coming back.

Yellow’s trying to get everyone- including herself- to stop grieving. The grief over losing Pink is unbearable enough- if Homeworld was mourning two Diamonds I think she’d absolutely have the motivation to do something like that- just because she’s desperate to make people move on somehow. People like Eyeball who personally watched Pink Diamond be murdered wouldn’t believe she was back- there’d be no way to convince them- but if there’s enough wiggle room of “well, we never did find the gem” she might be able to fake it there.

So as a result, going by the Steven The Swordfighter analogue, Yellow’s current stress is that her replacements are convincing… but they’re not the original people. They have different personalities. The Blue we see in The Answer is incredibly sure of herself, proud and reserved in a way that doesn’t take well to being questioned. The Blue that appears in Bomb 5 does not have that sense of certainty- doesn’t even use quite the same turns of phrase as the Blue in The Answer. Bomb 5 Blue has a more hesitant manner of speaking, even when stating something with certainty - “you know, I really shouldn’t be here”, “But you don’t deserve that, do you?” compared to “This is not what you predicted, Sapphire.”

So basically there’s nothing really wrong with the new Blue except that YD is trying to make her fill the role of a very different person, and it creates frustration that drags YD back to facing her own grief.

That said, this is all basically hypothesis at this point rooted in mostly thematic assumptions- the problem is, harder evidence is something I’ll have to wait on until we see more of Homeworld, and more of the Diamonds- and, I suppose, until we can prove it wasn’t just a fluke that Bomb 5 Blue Diamond didn’t recognize our Ruby and Sapphire. 


Got some encouraging news this morning. Scans from Saturday show no cancer in Irene’s body other than the tumor that was removed from her brain yesterday. They are still waiting on the pathology report of the brain tumor so that they can decide best course of treatment and prognosis. Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers. God is so good! She definitely feels them and is so appreciative. Please keep lots of them coming! If you want to know what’s going on click here:

richonne 7x12 party ... day one. ever since this exact moment, i couldn’t wait to see rick’s beautiful hands all over michonne’s delicious body ....

preferably, while they’re both naked and doin’ stuff n’ thangs to each other. and no - this is not just about sex. they are so perfect for and compliment each other to the fullest. this is the most perfect fictional coupling ever. 

i began watching this show after richonne went canon and binge watched 6-½ seasons in 10 days. i *did not* watch the canon episode until after i’d watched this entire series from the beginning.

so, when they finally met in season 3 — it was at this specific moment, when i saw his hands against her skin and on her body, that i understood the richonne ship. it was undeniable chemistry — i could hardly wait to see it unfold and to see rick and michonne become lovers. fuck me, lol, i was so friggin’ excited! ha haaa! whew!

then, canon….and now, here we are at 7x12, got dammit, when i can finally *watch and slowly die* from what i’ve envisioned for richonne from the get-go … rick and michonne *in the act* of making love. it’s over for me. i accept that.

oh… and it better be well-lit scenes too, scott gimple and amc, ‘cause i want to see everything …. so **show** it to me.

*sigh* … who dafuq am i kiddin’? lol. you damn straight i have always wanted michonne to fuck the hell outta rick grimes for me! 😛 😛 😛 and…love prevails too, so richonne gets to have both and i . am. living

(( Since I’ve seen it on my dash more than usual the past few weeks, I figured I would make it clear that I have zero tolerance for sexual content with underage characters. This also applies to loli and shota characters who are older than they look. I don’t care if a character is 1000 years old mentally, I still don’t want to see someone in a child’s body being sexual.

Yeah, sometimes underage characters will make lewd remarks or have perverted thoughts. So do underage people in real life. But I don’t want to see them acting on those thoughts.

If I see you RPing a character that is underage or that looks underage doing sexual or incredibly suggestive, chances are that I’ll just unfollow you right there. I’m fine with cute fluffy things, but when I’m looking at children feeling each other up I feel nothing but disgust and discomfort.

And yes, this applies whether you’re RPing the underage character or RPing with the underage character. And it doesn’t matter if both of the characters are underage or if just one is, because either way I’m going to have to unfollow if I don’t want to feel physically sick.

This is for my own comfort and if you insist on trying to challenge me on this, I’m probably going to end up blocking you as well. Questions are fine, but don’t try to tell me I’m wrong or to change my mind, because you’re not going to be able to change it. ))

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Do you have any strong feeling about what Wanda's body type should be? Muscular doesn't make too much sense to me, but I've seen her drawn as everything from model-thin to curvy-mom by recent artists and I don't know which one fits. Body positivity is really important and body shape is really defining in peoples (and characters) so I don't feel like it should just be up to interpretation.

I talked about this some before, and the answer is that there’s no consensus and the extent of Wanda’s curviness is very often that guys like Coipel and Cho draw her as highly sexualized and occasionally with boobs the size of watermelons. Their aim is not body diversity. It’s creating peak masturbation material.

If a character is always drawn to embody that artist’s idea of the perfect female form, then trying to take that apart and find a representation of real women within it is complicated, to say the least. In Wanda’s case, there is no story reason for her to have any particular body type. Her weight doesn’t come up like it sometimes does with other characters. She has a physically demanding job and we know she works out, but lots of different body types can be fit. She doesn’t have punching powers (though she can throw a punch and is slightly trained in hand to hand) so she doesn’t need muscles.

I will say that Wanda being very skinny just seems wrong to me. When she’s drawn that way, it doesn’t look like her. She’s not a waif.

As with most things, I personally settle on latter day George Perez. His Wanda was distinct and looked like a real person, from her face to her hair to her body. His Wanda was famous for her voluminous curls and revealing belly dancer outfit, but what people miss is that she looked athletic. She was toned. Her costume wasn’t just to show off her chest. It was also to show off her abs.

Joëlle Jones did a similar take recently.

But that’s probably sticking too closely to ideal proportions for some. The solution is more diversity all the way around. If there’s lot of different body shapes being represented, it matters less what one specific character looks like. I’d point to some of the art in books like A-Force (Medusa in particular) as a step forward, but while there are individuals books that go against norms, cape comics are a world of sameface samebody sameskintone AND a world where everything is subject to change. If you’re looking for consistency in the Marvel Universe, you have to remember Wanda’s had, like, nine different parents.