body jewelry


Harem boy:  Part 1

So I was actually a little nervous about this shoot.  For one, this particular photo shoot is the most expensive one by far.  I must’ve spent 150 bucks on jewelry and accessory pieces to wear.  Additionally, the first time I tried on the body jewelry it just looked soooo feminine that it kinda gave me a panic attack because I had this moment of severe gender dysphoria… well, as severe as a cis male’s dysphoria can get.

My second big concern was that… well, I had actually bought a LOT more jewelry pieces than shown in this shoot.  I just didn’t wear them all.  It was only after I bought them that I realized they might come off as too close to being cultural appropriation and I didn’t want to go that route.  This was sparked because their descriptors in the Amazon store were of “belly dancer” accessories.  Not wanting to offend anyone of Southeast Asian/Middle Eastern heritage, I decided to forego those (well actually I did get photographed with ALL my gear on, but I’m just not posting them publicly).

Basically, all the pieces I wore were generic bits of jewelry, a masquerade mask, and a sleeveless hooded robe.  I know on the store the descriptor said “women’s jewelry,” but to paraphrase Iggy Pop:  "No, they’re men’s jewelry.  I bought them.  They’re mine.“

More to come soon!


Wooden viking hair stick, hand carved and inscribed with ancient runic symbols. The pin comes with a leaf pendant, handwoven from up-cycled leather. Unique item, available on Loitsu Crafts Etsy!