body horror ///

Ngl a bomb that creates a bunch of microscopic bombs that latch onto any sentient being in rage and destroy a being’s body by detonating from inside their own cells is the most terrifying jutsu I’ve ever heard of and no one talks about it enough, like look at this shit

This is right up there with the Aburame clan’s insects, holy shit

Lullaby: Believe in Me

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Original concept by mod Pip
Writing by Trinity

This update contains descriptions of gore and mutilation! If such content is or may be triggering to you, please read with caution or avoid reading altogether!

A note from Trinity: 

I finished writing just the raw text at 2:30am my time, and I’ve been kind of killing myself sleep wise keeping up with writing this day to day. I wanted to make sure we got the update posted on time in the US at least, but I’m on the verge of passing out at the moment so this update is a google doc instead of a twine, temporarily. There’s still 90% of the text formatting, but no colour coding for now. All going well, I’ll throw the twine version together in the morning and the link will be switched to a twine one not too long after the poll closes. I’m really sorry for the lack of consistency!!!;;;; I’ll try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Next update: October 21st (along with a new poll)

Every time I have a dream with my mom, we end up having really deep conversations about religion and morality and basically the reasons why I don’t follow Christianity but am still affected by it. And then it turns into her yelling and me crying.

But instead this time, since I guess I was clenching my teeth really badly at this point, she was like massaging my jaw and then kept pushing harder until I started screaming for her to stop and then all my teeth crumbled in the back of my throat and now I’m having a panic attack and am wide awake after sleeping 3 hours