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I just watched The Conjuring 2, and while it’s on my mind in a similar vein to this post, I also want to spread some appreciation for Javier Botet because GOD DAMN LOOK AT THIS SHIT

He has Marfan Syndrome, which is a rare connective tissue condition that gives him bizarrely elongated limbs and allows him to do unnatural things with his body, and he’s built quite a resume for himself appearing in horror movies

Like Doug Jones, he also appeared as three of the ghosts in Crimson Peak:

But you may have also seen him as The Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2:

Eddie’s leper in IT:

The Nina monster in all three REC movies:

Set, the God of Death in The Mummy (2017):

The titular creature in Mama:

He did motion capture work for the Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant:

And he most recently appeared in Insidious: The Last Key and the Slender Man movie!!

He’s done other more obscure horror movies too but basically this guy is adorable and inspiring and an amazing talent and I adore him 8D

Darkest Dungeon has what is probably my new favorite enemy in any game ever, the Collector

(Shown here with one of his friends. Not shown: His idle animation where the skull inside the cage rattles around and bangs against the bars, with no movements from the main body)

The Collector, as you may have guessed, collects the severed heads of people who fall in the dungeons, summoning them and giving them spectral bodies so they can continue performing some of the attacks they had in life. The Collector has a chance of appearing before you party if their inventory is sufficiently cluttered, and I choose to believe that this is because he sees the party as a collector of curios as well, a theory that holds some water because most of his attacks are basically

“Hey, did you want to see what I’ve been collecting? Look!”

Look, look! Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve worked so hard to gather all of them!