body horror

My sister and I were in a spaceship, it was made up of plants and vines. We landed on Earth at night. We entered an ice cream shop owned by our friends. After we left, we were suddenly in the back alley of a neighborhood, and we were now dolls. We were running from other dolls, when we were caught, they touched out foreheads, and we unraveled from the inside out.

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*stares at filename while looking like they’re ready to pounce on him*

%%%  Ş͏͢T҉̵́͢Ǫ̶P̨̀͜͟ ͞҉̡͜T͢͜R̡Y̴̕̕Í̵͘N̛҉̷G̸̸̢͡ ̶̛͘͡Ţ́҉O̸̧ ̛͟P̶̧͝Ì͏S̷̡̀̕S҉̢̧̧̛ ̶̡͜͡M̴̧E̸͞ ̴̶̕͜͝O̷̢F̵̴̢͠F̡̧͜҉.҉̶̨̀͝ ̴̢̀͡҉I̴̶'҉̧͢͏̧M̵̢̛̕̕ ҉҉̢͢͟W͏̢͟A҉̢͢͠R̢͢N̴҉ÌN̛͘͞҉͠G̛ ̨̡̕͠Ỳ̢͡͠͝O͟͟͠҉U͏̀.҉̵̶̕   %%%

I just watched The Conjuring 2, and while it’s on my mind in a similar vein to this post, I also want to spread some appreciation for Javier Botet because GOD DAMN LOOK AT THIS SHIT

He has Marfan Syndrome, which is a rare connective tissue condition that gives him bizarrely elongated limbs and allows him to do unnatural things with his body, and he’s built quite a resume for himself appearing in horror movies

Like Doug Jones, he also appeared as three of the ghosts in Crimson Peak:

But you may have also seen him as The Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2:

Eddie’s leper in IT:

The Nina monster in all three REC movies:

Set, the God of Death in The Mummy (2017):

The titular creature in Mama:

He did motion capture work for the Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant:

And he most recently appeared in Insidious: The Last Key and the Slender Man movie!!

He’s done other more obscure horror movies too but basically this guy is adorable and inspiring and an amazing talent and I adore him 8D