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The Fixed Signs
Cosmic StillShot 

The Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the most powerful of the modalities. Like entrenched vines tangled inside, the Fixed signs tumble into the middle of the earth and seek profound intimacy with everyone and everything. They are like tattoos. Engraved. Meaningful. Lifelong. Everlasting. Taurus are the flowers that always bloom new shoots, year after year, the ritual of creativity. Leo is the sun that sits in the grandiosity of what everything encircles. Scorpio’s mind is submerged in the bottom of the ocean, held beneath treasure chests and compulsion. Aquarius is a balloon hanging on a string between stars, exploring every breath of the mind in acute detail.

Taurus familiarizes themselves with the fragments of nature, events, creativity, and composure of the environment. The individual can find gold when the body is soaked into the warmth of the ground, relishing in the complete body consumption of water, wine, aroma, silk and lace. Taurus is the memory of cyclic rhythms and earth clockwork, the revered temple of packaged roses and all four seasons rolled into one. There is Fixed resistance in Taurus. Hesitation, contemplation, and deep thoughtfulness. Absolutely nothing can move the Taurus except themselves.

Leo wield themselves onto the sun and emits solar rays to humanity like a beam from heart, power and childlike joy. The individual vehemently defends their position in the world and the right of every human to express themselves with vitality, pride, and love. Like the king of the jungle protecting their baby cubs, they ensure that all feel safe, comfortable, and protected. Leo is Fixed artwork and music in motion, never swaying from their ideals or right as an individual. Like the Sun at the centre of the solar system, the Leo never moves from centre stage, though gleefully shining the spotlight and heat in every direction.

Scorpio is the celestial mermaid who holds the power of the ocean in their hands. The individual entwines in the most intimate soul conversation buried in the darkest depths. Routine escapism from sunlight to dance in the shadow becomes characteristic of life. The individual familiarize themselves with the most provocative, enriching and profound spectrum of divine power. Scorpios are as loyal as the sea that forever returns to the sand and the water, the sea that promises to hold you afloat of only you believe in and harness your own rays of inner potency. Scorpio is the master of the underworld, Fixed in their positions at the gates of the unconscious, ready to elevate or sink to places completely unknown.

The Aquarius is sewed into his idealistic, humanitarian ideals and sparkles with a vibrant colour wash of vision, utopian wonder and unique force of gravity. The individual is a model of solo activity and encircles into the centre of the mental process. The Aquarius is vortex minded. They suction ideas to the core and entrenches themselves in thought and contemplation, trapping the idea and letting it circulate like fan until every fragment has been processed. Finally, this thrusts with a burst of fresh air and revelation.



Deity meme (1/?) - Dionysos [x] - God of Theater, The grapevine and Religious Ecstasy.

The presence of Dionysos is one of unknowing ignorance. He is the god of wine and religious madness yes but there is a stronger lesson he is trying to teach. He is, up most, a teacher of Hubris. The theaters of Greece created in his name were stages in which tragedy and comedy could be played freely, without consequence. Masks during these plays gave actors the ability to create  ekstasis themselves and make the audience become confronted with questions. There is a reason why the best known line in a tragedy is ‘What should I do?’ In this, the theater is the place for questioning society and life as we know it. 

Comedy on the other hand was a satirical piss take of those in high standing.Theater was created the same time as Democracy, and was ultimately kept alive within it’s bounds. The Dionysia was a celebration and competition of playwrights, also translated to teacher in Ancient Greek. As soon as the theater doors were shut, everyone became one equal group. Without the theater, democracy would have died out and so, the Athenians would have died along with it.

Dionysos is the god of wine, of ritual and ecstasy. His madness is one of non-conforming to societal norms. His theater is place of questioning and thought. He is the outsider looking in, the twice born and judge of those who think they are above their station, be it peasant of king. Dance in his revelry, knowing that your humanity is more beautiful than rules and regulations. 

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The Order of the Traditional Catholic Mass


INTROIT: “Entrance” Prayer to hasten God’s advent
KYRIE: Greek, A cry to the Trinity for mercy
GLORIA: Angelic Hymn, an exultation of praise
COLLECTS: Prayers of the day
EPISTLE: Letters and teachings of Apostles
GRADUAL: Psalm to unite prayers with instruction
ALLELUIA: Hebrew, “Praise the Lord”
GOSPEL: The words of Christ
SERMON: Explanation of the Gospel
CREED: “I believe” Profession of faith.


OFFERTORY ANTIPHON: Preparation for oblation (sacrifice)
OFFERTORY: Bread, wine, & hearts of people offered to God
SECRET: Prayer that the offerings are worthy
SANCTUS: “Holy, holy, holy” Canticle of the Angels
PRAYERS OF REMEMBRANCE: Prayer for the living
PRAYERS OF OFFERING: Petition for peace, deliverance, to get to heaven
CONSECRATION: Action of Christ. Bread=body, wine=blood
PRAYERS OF OFFERING: Recalls the old law sacrifices, remember Calvary
PRAYERS OF REMEMBRANCE: Prayer for the dead in purgatory
DOXOLOGY: All things sanctified & blessed through Cross of our Redeemer
PATER NOSTER: “Our Father” Preparation for Communion
BREAKING OF THE HOST: Imitates Savior who broke bread for the Apostles
AGNUS DEI: Christ is the Lamb from the Old & New Testament prophets
COMMUNION: The infinite God, in His infinite love, grants an infinite gift
POSTCOMMUNION: Prayer of thanksgiving for the Body and Blood
DISMISSAL: Priest dismisses the people, sends them out into the world
BENEDICTION: Priest humbly thanks God for allowing participation in sacrifice
LAST GOSPEL: Summary of the benefits we partake through Christ’s Sacrifice


Tea - like wine -
Bodied, full
Of sediment.
A sentient
Swirls in these
Celestial shades
Of red.
As Micro-
Unveil Heavenly
And this dark
Black hole
To galaxies -
The edge
Of inner space.