body vignettes

There's always that one freshman

That one who sings in the shower. Maybe they forgot the Rules or maybe they think that running water will keep them safe.
The ones that sing old lullabies and folk songs are usually Taken, but those who sing hymns or country are always left alone.
Sometimes, if the singer is returned, they continue their shower serenades, but with the ability to sing duets by themselves, or they sing in an unknown language that makes you want to sing along. Those that do end up biting off their tongues.

multifandomcatastrophe  asked:

There's a greenhouse within which there is a member of the gentry. It's safe enough to sleep in there without being taken, surrounded by year-round blooms that never fade nor wither. Whatever you may do within that haven, do not pick the flowers. You see, the fae isn't the pale student tending the plants, it is the plants. When you look closer at the student, you see her mouth sown with vines, more vines and leaves wrap her skin and dive beneath it. Do not pick the flowers, they will own you.