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Hi Mods! Firstly, thanks for providing these great writing resources. My question is quite general, and I hope you don't mind that: what kind of autistic representation would you like to see (or see more of) in media?

Hi! This is a great question!! Now, this is a non-exhaustive list, but here are some characters I’d love to see more of in media:

  • Adult autistics and autistic teens. Elderly autistic people.
  • Autistic girls and women.
  • Trans, nonbinary and gender-noncomforming autistics.
  • Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace and aro autistics.
  • Non-white autistics.
  • Autistics with (other) disabilities.
  • Autistics with diverse body types.
  • (summarized: intersectionnality!!)
  • Autistics who are neither geniuses, neither intellectually disabled.
  • Intellectually disabled autistics who are still written as fully-fledged human beings rather than walking tragedies or burdens.
  • Autistic children who are loved and supported by their parents.
  • Autistic families with autistic parents of autistic kids. That one allistic uncle sometimes comes to family meals and kind of weirds them out.
  • Autistic teens and adults in healthy, loving, supportive relationships.
  • Autistic adults who have sexual relationships, tell lies, drink, and are all around not depicted as pure angels or as little kids but as human adults.
  • Autistic people who live independently and have successful and enriching professional and social lives.
  • Autistic people who cannot live independently but still enjoy successful and enriching professional and social lives.
  • Autistic people who dedicate their lives to pursuing their special interests.
  • (summarized: death to stereotypes!)
  • Autistic people who are not only sidekicks but protagonists.
  • Autistic people in genre fiction: autistics in medieval fantasy! autistics in sci-fi! autistics exploring the jungle in adventure books! post-apocalyptic autistics! autistics discovering government conspiracies in thrillers! autistics in horror movies who are the last survivors!
  • Autistic people whose autism is often mentioned in the book but is not relevant to the main plot
  • Coming-of-age stories with autistic people discovering their identity
  • Badass autistic characters. Autistic characters autistic kids (and everyone else) will want to identify with.
  • (summarized: positive and diverse representation!)

-Mod Cat

Ditto to all that, plus: autistic characters who show empathy and emotion and have a sense of humor. I am SO SICK of the “robot autistic” trope, the one who speaks in monotone and talks like a computer and is physically incapable of lying. We have enough of those. Give us some fun characters too, please.

-Mod Aira

tldr; what I’m saying is:

Trans people with diverse body types? Good!!! Amazing!!! Curvy trans men, angular trans women, and nb people who “don’t look androgynous” are all A+++++ and really help a wide variety trans people feel accepted!

Focusing on a trans person’s genitals, exaggerating their private parts, and using their bodies in context of fetish? Bad Shit™, 0/10 would recommend.

blizzard: we’re proud to have women of diverse body types! like Looks Big Under Winter Clothes But Is Actually Skinny And Has A Cliff Shaped Ass, Tall And Muscular But Hourglass Shaped, and Door Hinged Joints On Natural Flesh Limbs Somehow

Small rant about body type diversity in the rp comm.

I honestly wish there was more body diversity in characters in media and also in the rp community. I want fat characters portrayed in a positive light, I want chubby character that are portrayed as beautiful and desirable, not ugly and disgusting or a punchline to a joke. There needs to be more different body types amongst characters in the rp community.

I think people are scared to make their characters fat or otherwise not conventionally attractive because they are worried their muse will receive less attention, or fewer shipping opportunities. For every fat character there are dozens and dozens of tall, thin/athletic, super model characters. Don’t be scared to break the mold and push the envelop on what is the norm in the rp community and make a character that sticks out, make a character that is different. Make them stand out from the sea of super model characters and make realistic characters with realistic traits. Redefine what makes a character attractive and desirable by taking a ‘ugly’ trait and portraying it in a positive light. I made my oc a fat, short man with a beautiful face and a warm, compassionate personality, who receives love and admiration and loves to pamper himself. Vali’s personality makes him all the more appealing physically despite his ‘short comings(see what I did there huehue). (Western) Society would consider someone like vali – a short, fat, brown skinned man – to be undesirable, unmasculine and ugly, but I turned it on it’s head and made Vali a character that turns heads and drops jaws. His ‘flaws’ are beautiful, he learned to love and embrace his flaws, and I hope others can relate to vali like I relate to him. I want to see more relatable characters like vali that are desirable and portrayed in a positive light despite their physical flaws.

Start portraying fat/chubby characters as beautiful/handsome, potray fat/chubby characters as being involved in how they look and aren’t scared to dress themselves up in flattering clothes and take care of themselves instead of being styleless slobs. Write fat and/ or short male characters as men who find love and acceptance and friendship instead of sticking to the cliche/trope that “short, fat men are disgusting and unattractive/he must have short man syndrome because he isn’t tall and fit”. Make a character that is slowly learning to love their body after years of hearing that they will never be good enough because of their skin color/weight/height, etc etc. Write a fat female character who isn’t over sexualized or dehumanized because of her weight. Write a character that had acne for most of their life and now has scars that cannot be removed. Write characters with stretch marks and deep scars and cellulite. Write characters who work out tirelessly and eat as healthy as they can but still have prominent fat stores just because that’s just how their body works.

Write characters with diverse body types. Not every person is tall with a super model body. Not every person has clear, smooth skin. Not everyone will be thin in their life no matter how healthy they are (your weight is the end all indicator of your health, you can be thin and unhealthy or fat and physically fit).

Everyone is different. Our differences make the world a colorful, interesting place. there are a multitude of body types you can choose for your muse, why would you make all of them model beefcakes with little to no body fat or skinny minnies when you can have a whole cast of different bodies for your ocs. Make them unique.

Write more diverse body types, write realistic characters that aren’t perfect by any means and have that extra layer of realism in your oc. Make characters that are perfectly inperfect.

Can I just say how much I appreciate the body type diversity that Tamora Pierce gives her protags? Because so many books just give their hero the “average” body type but she gives us a variety. And I loved being able to relate to the everyday things that come up for Kel and Daja because of their larger, muscular body types. I’m sure others felt the same about different characters but I just appreciated them being big, without having to be these beautiful, perfect Amazons or being discounted as being completely unfeminine. 

A few less-popular cartoons’ progressiveness.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, has featured three kids with equal roles in their career. Has shown two of the main male characters say they love each other (without adding any “no homo” junk). Have a female and male character at an equal level of friendship of the first males (she’s also a main character), without any romantic tension. Many of the female characters on this show have diverse body types and characterization. They once had two minor characters get married with the woman proposing to the man.

Wander Over Yonder (created by Craig McCracken, who you may know for creating the PowerPuff Girls), shows how helping and accepting anyone leads to positive relations and outcomes. Has two main characters who are female and male, who have one of the closest bonds I’ve ever seen, and they have no romantic tension at all. The main character Wander, is constantly helping others and loving and accepting of everyone because he just knows its the right thing to do. Even the person who keeps trying to kill him he holds no ill-will to.

Star VS the Forces of Evil, showcases a female protagonist who is incredibly out-going and self-secure. She’s really silly but can fight when need-be. Her best friend Marco is always at hand (think Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, only not as much “romantic tension”). The show really gives the vibe of just being yourself to kids, and the same idea that Earth (where the main character isn’t from), is this wonderful place with people, where you’re free to do whatever (which is another lesson Steven Universe has been showing).

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, has two teenage protagonists that act pretty much like that; teenagers. It’s one of the most accurate portrayals I’ve seen of kids entering high school. Because of this, they’re not very clever, and get into plenty trouble considering they’re trying to protect the world. This show lets kids know it’s okay to make mistakes (LOTS of them…), but never give up no matter the odds.

Clarence, has shown multiple characters with different family settings, including divorced parents, poor house-holds, and even same-sex couples. The main character even has a single mother who is dating someone who he very much admires as a parental figure. Another of the main characters has OCD who has two mothers, and the other lives with a family of 12 siblings. The first time I watched the series I found it incredibly relatable from multiple character’s perspective. Not to mention the array of body types for both children and adults.

The first 4 shows air on DisneyXD which Disney has said is targeted at pre-teen boys (though the staff on this show might say otherwise, Disney is targeting the channel at young boys), which makes these shows even more important, since we have a show staring a female as the main character, multiple series that show it’s okay to be opening loving, and accepting, and so-on, being shown to young boys.

Just because a series isn’t the most popular thing out there, doesn’t mean it’s not progressive.

And not every progressive thing needs to be mind blowing, because sometimes a kid just needs to be shown a cartoon character that has the same family-structure as them, or that it’s okay to make huge mistakes without being the end of the world, or that they can tell their friends they love them without it being romantic, or that it’s okay to be nice even if someone else isn’t, and that it never hurts to help.


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I thought it would be fun to draw these three and give them face headcanons. I also gave each of these girls face claims/ actresses that I would cast as their counterparts if they ever made a SILVER SCREEN appearance In the DCMU.

Stephanie Brown/Batgirl : She has a more of a round face and a really cute round nose. Her hair personally I think would be dirty blonde. I would think Steph has a body type that’s sort of wide. She has the pear body type look. I think diversity in body types is important and to me it fits Stephanie so well. Her hair is sort of all over the place. She does not brush her hair or fix it. Her hair is naturally kind of all over the place but none the less it’s beautiful and has a very nice unique look to it. She has dark blue eyes and she does not like using lipstick. She’s prefers no makeup.
Actress: Kathryn Love Newton

Cassie Sandsmark/ Wonder Girl: To me this girl is super pretty. Puberty hit her hard and the outcome was good. I gave her fierce eyelashes beautiful light blue eyes and nice lips. When people see her they are swooned immediately, almost always. She has light gold hair. Her hair is very wavy and it’s very eye appealing. It’s always brushed and kept looking natural and shiny. her eyes are light blue. Cassie’s eyebrows are thin and fit her look greatly. Her body type to is she’s thin and curvy. She has a very fit body. She eats healthy and keeps a very amazing figure. Like Victoria’s Secret model figure. I’d imagine Conner gets jealous whenever she gets hit on.
Actress: Ashley Benson

Kara Zor-El/ Supergirl: Supergirl is obviously the precious ball of sunshine. Major baby face. I have not really decided on what hair color she has though. I really like the shade of color Melissa Benoist has for her rendition of Kara but I also like the original hair color for Kara. Platinum blonde is something I think she would have but I gave her a type of dark shade color. But not super dark either it’s light dark. Ugh I can’t decide. Her hair is super soft and usually straight and it almost is always resting above her shoulders. Baby blue eyes and full but small eyebrows. She is thin and has a nice body type. It’s funny because I feel like she would sort of be petit which is why she’s so cute. Imagine petit baby faced Kara holding something huge like a thousand pound boulder or something over her head?
Actress: Melissa Benoist he he.

Those are honestly the most colorful and diverse body typed characters I have ever designed and I am like
Kinda proud???

I still have a lot more to work on in the future to like actually provide more body types and skin tones and outfits and such but!!! for now I think I did pretty good and it’s just rly so nice to see em all together like that