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salamanders with sealed-over eye sockets , writhing larvae-pools with rippling color markings , and beady-eyed toads with lazy reaching tendrils fed on each other here in a frantic cycle. Your viscerturgy book spoke of the natural world and its predation as a source of inspiration, particularly under artificial conditions… but surely this was extreme even for a viscerturge?


Fighting Fire Prologue

Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader

Warnings: Slight Angst ??

Fandom: X-Men/Marvel

A/N: Whose ready for a slowburn (Hah get it?? Burn??) Charles x Reader?? Anyone??

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   Hisses of smoke emitted from the girl’s body as the firemen expeditiously  removed the charred, ember dusted debris from atop of her diminutive figure. To their absolute shock, she was completely fine, not a scratch or burn to be seen; impossible, it seemed, because every square inch around her had been touched by a flame, including her clothing. Her eyes began to illuminate a brilliant shade of blazing Orange, mimicking the fire which burnt down the house which she lived in. The girl’s fingertips were set ablaze with a blaze of Orange and Yellow, proceeding to spread across her placid body. The terror-stricken men rapidly tumbled backwards, not understanding as to how or why  she spontaneously began to become submersed in flames. The small girl’s chest was still moving up, and down, in a calm manner, almost as if she was sleeping, but with wide open, glowing, eyes. One of the firemen cautiously approached her, still in sheer shock that she was still alive. He began to study her body cautiously, now in full realization at what  she was. His hand reached his face, his calloused fingertips tracing over the thin worry-lines and Graying stubble which grew across his sharp features. The man pondered over what he should do for a moment, before realizing she had nobody, no where, and putting her into foster care would be throwing her to the wolves. He’d take custody of her, and this entire mission would be off of the records, for the girl’s sake. He’d make the private doctor’s shoot her up with enough antibiotics, vaccines, and drugs to subside her ability. She’d forget about her previous life, and her entire world would change as she knew it. Her memory would be wiped clean, and she would have no record of her family. This was the only option that was in rational sight, because any other option would be a death sentence for the simple fact that she, F/N L/N, was a mutant. A mutant whose mutation kicked in at a very young, naive age, 10 years old, to be exact.

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No one can escape their past.

AU where Wirt took the Beast’s deal, but changing it last minute as they shook hands. The Beast and Wirt become one entity, the Beast’s soul and Greg’s soul both contained in the lantern. Now neither Wirt nor the Beast can abandon the lantern. Through intense internal struggle, Wirt beats the Beast and gains dominance over their physical body.
No longer terrorizing the people of The Unknown, Wirt begins to call the new form the Keeper. The Keeper, unlike the Beast, protects children who find themselves lost in the wood. The Keeper guides them home and gives them stern warnings to never return. But like a ghost story, the denizens of The Unknown doubt the Keeper’s existence, still believing the Beast is out there waiting to be called upon.

A few of my friends (and no doubt many other RS fans here on Tumblr) were disappointed that Eileen didn’t get to host part of last night’s Terror Tales of the Park episode, and that she only got a very brief cameo appearance. So, I combined that with an idea that I had floating around in my head for the last few days, and drew Eileen finally telling her own terrifying Terror Tale…of terror!

In Eileen’s seriously spooky story, she and her friends anger yet another evil sorcerer whilst out trick-or-treating, and as punishment they are magically transmogrified into the actual versions of their Halloween costumes. But rather than sit around and bemoan their fates, they decide to put their new forms to good use, and return to the magician’s mansion to carry out their own blood-curdling revenge! Or at least Eileen thinks it’s blood curdling, since CJ doesn’t look that impressed with the tale so far. Margaret’s definitely enjoying it though…

(Thanks to babynarwhalshineyeyes for helping me decide on Margaret’s costume form!)

The injustice done to the Palestinians, the dispossession, the massacres, not only the loss of that part of Palestine which became Israel–and is internationally recognized as such–but also the occupation of the remainder of the Mandate territory and the bloody suppression of any and all manifestation of Palestinian resistance: all this had to take second place to Israel’s security and the civilized values and democracy for which Israel was widely promoted. Her army, which often behaved with cruelty and indiscipline, was to be regarded as an exemplar of “purity of arms” and those of us who witnessed Israel’s killing of civilians were to be abused as liars, anti-Semites or friends of “terrorism”…Report the wanton use of violence by Palestinians–aircraft hijackings, attacks on illegal Jewish settlements and then, inevitably, suicide bombings on the innocent, the executioner with explosives strapped to his or her body–and that was “terror” pure and simple, dangerously present but comfortably isolated from reason, cause or history.
—  Robert Fisk, The Great War for Civilization, Fifty Thousand Miles from Palestine