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Imagine: Dirty talk with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, Dirty Talk

Hand to the short curly haired man upstairs, this hadn’t been planned. It started with a bit of fun, a small prank. Although now, at this new point in time, you couldn’t remember what possessed you to think of this, you had changed your name in Sam’s phone. It was suppose to be a minor inconvenience. One you could laugh off later. Instead of “Y/n” your name read “Destiny”. The joke was a lot funnier at two in the morning as you were rushing to think of something while Sam was in the bathroom. You returned to you separate motel room next door before he was done.

That’s where the real fun started.

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BTS Reaction to You SC’ing Them in Their Shirt While They’re at Work

Request:  Hi! Could I please get a bts reaction to you Snapchating them at work wearing only their shirt?? ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


Unable to hide his growing smirk as soon as he opened your message, he responded back with a photo of him biting his lip, captioned: “So you’re being naughty today huh? You better still be wearing just that by the time I get home.


Once he tapped the square by your snapchat name, his eyebrows raised in surprise before a grin spread throughout his face. He excused himself from the other boys and headed straight to the bathroom, proceeding to show you just how badly your picture effected him.

I think I’d like it if you wore just my shirts more often.”

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  • ~
  • *Molly's flat*
  • John: *knocking*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly: *opens the door, wearing a dressing gown; dishevelled and grinning* Hi, John.
  • John: *blinks* Um...I just wanted to check on you. After...
  • Molly: *dismissive* Euros? Yeah, Sherlock explained everything and I'm fine.
  • John: *raises his eyebrows* You're fine? Just like that?
  • Molly: *nods* I had a drink. I shagged someone.
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: *standing shirtless in the kitchen* I'm someone *grins*
  • John: ...
  • Molly: *smiles* He loves me.
  • Sherlock: *eating biscuits; pointing* And she loves me.
  • John: *smiles*
The Labyrinth Chapter 1

Originally posted by baebsaes

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin || ft. all the members

Length: 2.0k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate your parents’ whereabouts. It is this fateful decision that leads you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading, as your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

“That night you dreamt of entering a labyrinth, a never ending maze that seemed to have no exits. No matter how much you turned and climbed, there was no way out, but within the distance was another person who sought your help. Together, you walked through the maze, guiding each other to a hopefully brighter place.”

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The Sound of Music

Summary: Sehun catches you staring at him on the subway and assumes that you’re checking him out - and you kind of are, but not in the way he thinks. 

Pairing: Sehun x You 

Sehun’s POV

Sehun hates riding the subway.

Is it an efficient system? Sure. Is it reliable and organized? Yeah. Does that make it any more appealing to him? Not a chance.

Right now he’s taking the orange line to downtown, and apparently so are the other hundred people on the T because each stop only brings him closer and closer to being crushed to death. Currently, he’s part of a sandwich that consists of one extremely pregnant woman – whom he would have offered a seat if he had one, three children that are apparently deriving great pleasure from kicking him in the shins, and one stout man with a mop of curly hair and ridiculous body odor. Sehun mutters a prayer to several deities asking for patience and tugs his face mask up with a sigh.

At the next stop, the one right before downtown, several people filter out of the subway car, and Sehun plops down on an empty seat with a breath of relief. He’d spent far too many hours at the dance studio yesterday and his knees are now protesting like an old woman’s. But that’s simply the price of being the lead choreographer for his university’s dance company – and he loves it all, the pain, the sweat, the grind. And despite the aches in his body, Sehun finds himself tapping his feet to some imaginary song, mapping out different moves in his head.

He’s so caught up in the moment, feet pattering and fingers drumming and shoulders rolling, that he almost doesn’t notice the girl. Almost. And he wouldn’t have noticed her if it weren’t for the fact that she keeps glancing over at him occasionally. And, even more curiously, after looking at him she then scribbles something in the notebook on her lap. Is she…taking notes on him?

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As The Years Go By (Lin x Reader)

Prompt: “At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmate’s body.”

Words: 2707, I think.

Summary: The reader is Lin’s soulmate. They take their sweet time finding one another.

A/N: Soooo many line breaks!!!! (thanks to @diggs4life for the help)

You couldn’t wait.  Today was the day.  Well, tomorrow was. You were about to find out if you had a soulmate.  Maybe it was just a myth, but Grace had said she felt it last year. Only for a minute, but it had been enough to know that someone was out there. You wondered what it would be like to walk around in another person’s body.  Did they speak English? You had heard stories of people learning new languages to be able to locate their soulmates.  Grace entered her room and shut the door.  Should you find somewhere quiet to sit?  Were you building yourself up for nothing?

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When We Collide (Part 11)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”Okay so, how about this one?”

“Oh no, Holly no…. Too beige colored it makes your hips look bigger than necessary.” Luke replied with a glass of bobbly champagne in his hand, eyes scanning her body and his feet tapping against the marble floor to the beat of the background music.

You looked up from your papers with a huge sigh sincerely wishing that you could be anywhere else than stuck with those two in some kind of small expensive shop a few streets away from your office building.

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anonymous asked:

can you write a fic where betty and jughead keeping getting caught in the blue and gold room, even by alice

Sure, so cute!

Jughead ran his fingers through the silky long strands of her honey blonde hair as Betty leaned against him, her eyes scanning the article she was revising while she hummed along softly to the Frank Sinatra playing from his phone speaker.

It was comfortably quiet in the office of the Blue and Gold, no angry football players, no jealous red heads, even the ever present stress regarding the murder of Jason Blossom seemed to still, leaving nothing but Betty’s warm curves pressed against his body and her fingers tapping gently on his knees. His heart felt warm and full as she wiggled against him, taking full advantage of their environment and the confidence the quiet was giving him Jughead dropped his lips to Betty’s neck, pressing a feather light kiss to her pulse point.

Betty instantly sighed, she was familiar with the feeling of his lips but the sensation still sent a shiver through her body. When they were together, really together, the connection was undeniable, their spark was something out of a storybook and it thrilled Betty to her core, she was fairly certain Jughead felt the same, his shaking hands were a perfect example of the effect they had on each other.

“Bets.” He whispered into her neck, his breath blowing warm air onto her tan, warm skin.
She turned into his arms, gently running her nose over his, nuzzling him softly as both of their eyes drifted closed. Their breathing was heavy and they were sitting so close they were merely a tangle of limbs and fluttering eyelashes.

“What do you want Juggie?” Betty whispered, opening her eyes to stare into his, the instance his deep blue stormy ones caught hers, she felt her breath leave her chest at the intensity of his stare, so much in his eyes that mirrored her own.

“I just want you.” He whispered back, dipping his mouth to meet hers.

Almost instantly the blue and gold office doors swung open revealing Alice Cooper, standing before them, her hands on her hips and her all knowing smile gracing her lips.

“Well hello children”

Betty and jughead flew apart from each other, Jughead catching Betty around the waist before she could fall from the plaid couch.

“Mom!” Betty shouted frantically, her face flushed now for a different reason.

“Oh Elizabeth, stop with the dramatics. I have a new lead on the case. So today…” Alice rambled on, pulling out notes and moving her hands eccentrically.

Jughead groaned before dropping his head into Betty’s shoulder blades. “Remind me again why we asked her to work here.” He said, muffled through her tshirt.

Betty giggled
“It was your idea Juggie.” She reminded him, gently running her fingers over his wavy black hair.

“It’s the third time this week! I mean I get it, she’s your mom, but this used to be our private place.” He pouted slightly.

Betty ran her thumb over his extended lip and smiled
“We’ll just have to find a new private place.” She whispered before dropping a kiss to his pouty lips “I happen to remember a certain tree house you had when we were kids, think it’s still there?” She smirked

Jugheads eyes widened, she could practically hear the wheels turning in his head
“Yeah.. yeah it is.” He cleared his throat

“ hello? Am I the only one interested in finding out what those heinous blossoms did to their son?” Alice asked snapping in her daughters boyfriends face.

Jughead shook his head before rolling his eyes and nodding at Alice

“You got it boss.”

He winked at Betty.

If your tits:
•aren’t big (or chest is flat)
•have a gap in between
•aren’t perky
•are narrow
•have stretch marks

If your dick:
•is not long
•is curved (right, left, up, down)
•is uncircumcised
•isn’t thick

If your ass:
•is flat
•isn’t round
•has stretch marks

…then I want you to know that you are a lot more beautiful than the person you wish to be. You’re likable. You’re lovable. You’re admirable. You’re something very rare and don’t wait for someone else to appreciate you before you appreciate and love yourself. Stay away from body shaming others because you find them to be “missing” features like you. Don’t feel insecure when you see people with features you wish you had. Don’t feel ashamed if someone you’re attracted to is not attracted to you. Don’t worry about the person who left you broken cuz you weren’t what they preferred. Stop searching for validation and reassurance so much (ladies, don’t pull the pity card with men; men, don’t brag about something you don’t have). And as for social media, don’t worry about memes or viners/comedians who body shame for double taps. You’ve got something no one else has…your identity. If you love what you see in the mirror, you’ll never hate who you think everyone else sees.

Seventeen when you’re only walking around in a oversized shirt.

When you enter the room, he just silently stares at you and watches you walk past him, your butt exposing to the members underneath his thin shirt. He turns to the boys to see them looking at you with big eyes and shakes his head, laughing sarcastically at your behavior.

He is absolutely speechless when you enter the room and doesn’t know how to react. When he turns to the members, he sees Vernon looking at you and licking his lips at the sight in front of him, causing Jeonghan to smack him, hard before grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the room.

“Put on some clothes. They all look like lions circling their prey.”

The moment you leave his room with nothing but his shirt on and sit down on his lap, too tired to notice the other boys being there, their eyes were on your body immediately.

Woozi pulls down your shirt slightly so it is covering more than just your butt and shakes his head at the boys, wrapping his arms around your body. 
“I seriously hate you guys.” He whispers, giving them a death glare.

He’s so focused on watching Seungcheol play video games that it isn’t until you come closer, that he notices you only wearing his oversized shirt and black panties. 

He quickly looks over at Seungcheol to see him still looking at the screen and takes the blanket off the back of the couch, wrapping it around both your bodies. He tilts his head to the sight and smiles at you. “Should we go sleep in my room instead of in front of the other boys?”

The performance unit is working on a new dance choreography till’ late into the night and you wake up to their laughter. All their eyes shoot up when the door to Jun’s bedroom opens and you step out into the living room, rubbing your eye and yawning. His shirt riding up your stomach.

Jun turns to see the members all smiling at each other before turning to him and nodding approvingly. He punches Hoshis’ arm slightly before rushing over to you and shielding your body with his, smiling at your adorable face. “Go and rest in my room. I’ll come join you in a second.”

When your eyes lock, he gives you a dissaproving look, his insides burning by the other members loud gasps and stares at your body.

“YA!” He yells at them, their eyes quickly turning away from you. “Don’t you guys have any manners? Do you always go around staring at other boys’s girlfriends?” He asks, his voice raised at their behavior and takes off his jacket, holding it around your bottom and walking you into his bedroom.

He was meant to come back to you after getting something to eat but got distracted by the other members and the show they were watching. You walk out into the living room, still groggy from your nap and sit down on his lap, placing your face in the crock of his neck, too tired to realize the other members.

Mingyu doesn’t know how to react and just stares at you in silence, feeling his cheeks blush with embarassment. He giggles slightly and picks you up, carrying you back into his room.

He watches you walk over to him in silence, your eyes still shut. You take a seat on his lap and groan into his neck, the other boys staring at you in disbelief. He tugs on your shirt to keep it low, holding your body close to his.

He taps your back gently and whispers into your ear “Jagiya…don’t you think you forgot anything…important?”

His eyes would immediately shoot up when he realizes that you’re still wearing only his oversized shirt and his eyes would wander over to the members, who are all either staring at you or awkwardly trying to avoid it.

When you sit down in his lap, he laughs gently, embarassed by you forgetting about your pyjama choices. “Y/N…let’s go back to my room and put on something better at first.” He says, patting your bottom.
He’s to embarrased to look at the boys before bringing you back into his room.

He gets annoyed by the members staring at your body, knowing how adorable they all think you are and starts hitting the members next to him before clicking his tongue and throwing a blanket over to you.

The hit wakes you up completely, making you aware of your surroundings and immediately feel the blood rushing into your cheeks. Seungkwan can’t help but laugh at your cute reaction. “Go back into the room. I’ll come back to you in a minute.” 

“Dokyeom…” Seungcheol hitting his side and mumbling his name, is enough to get Dokyeom to look at whatever they’re all staring at so concentrated and looks up to see you standing in the doorway, his oversized shirt covering your black panties.

He starts giggling at the sight in front of him and just stare at you, letting the members enjoy it for a little while before telling you to come over and wrapping a blanket around both your bodies, letting you sleep there next to him. He looks at the members with a death glare. “If one of you says something…you’re going.” He says, threatening.

He’s too perplex at first to even realize the other members staring at you as well and enjoys your body in his oversized shirt. Suddenly he snaps and realizes the boys around him and the pleasure it is probably giving them.

He runs over to you and tackles you to the ground, laying flat on top of you and looking down at you, smirking teasingly. “If we lay perfectly still, maybe they’ll declare us dead.”

He’s playing video games against Seungkwan and doesn’t notice you entering the room, too tired to care about anyone in the room. “Y/N…” Seungcheol whispers under his breath, making Dino turn to him and noticing you walking over to the kitchen, seeing your bottom exposed under his shirt.

He quickly jumps up from his spot on the ground and follows you into the kitchen, feeling embarrased by you. He stops behind you and turns you around to see your eyes still half way shut and his heart would drop immediately. “This is…everyone can see, babe.” He explains, chuckling slightly.

Love, Youngmi~

Dance With Me

Intro: So this is my entry into the @youre-on-a-starship 1000 follower challenge!  Thanks for holding it and letting me participate!  

My words were BURN, FAIR, AND EPICALYX (I actually found a place for that word quite easily, even though it was the weirdest)

An epicalyx is the base of a flower bud.  I think.  I instantly thought Sulu.

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 1,478

Summary: No real summary.  Gala fun.  Slight description of a burn.  Fluff. 


“I’m fine, Len, I promise.” You hissed through your teeth as you held the com to your mouth. 

“Darlin’, you get your ass down here, or so help me…” Leonard growled, and you could hear the threat in his voice. 

“Fine. FINE.  I’ll be right there, and not because you are threatening me like a child, but because it damn hurts.” You snapped the com shut and pressed it to your forehead in frustration. 

Striding down the hall to the medbay you could swear steam was coming out of your ears.  You got a few wayward, curious glances as you marched down the hall in a full length gown, your hair half done and your face set with anger as you cradled your arm to your chest. 

If you could have flung the door open, you would have, but you settled for angrily stomping through the automated doors into the medbay and straight up to Leonard who was talking to a nurse. 

His eyebrow raised when you sauntered up, the nurse taking one look at you in your fancy gown, hand on hip, fury in your eyes and ducked away. 

Leonard’s eyes raked up and down your body and you tapped your heeled foot impatiently.  

You look gorgeous.” He smirked and you scowled deeper at him. 

“And you look like an asshole.  Why the hell are you still in your uniform?  We have to be down in the gala in 20 minutes.” You snapped, crossing your arms unconsciously, accidentally putting pressure on the wound on your arm, which made you hiss and pull your arms away. 

Leonard’s gaze turned instantly from one of lust to one of concern as he took your wrist in his.  He pulled you over to a biobed and whisked out the dermal regenerator, quickly beginning it’s work on your skin, and you cursed yourself as you watched his legendary hands.  The way he moved the device with such smooth and precise movements that could only have been due to his immense amount of practice and some damn steady hands, made you feel things.  

Your mouth must have fallen open as you watched, because you felt Leonard’s amused gaze on yours. 

“See somethin’ you like?” He voice was low and his accent was thick, stirring the butterflies in your stomach. 

Though you tried to press your mouth into a tight line and glare at him as hard as you could, you couldn’t help stop the grin that reached your lips at the cute little look on his face.  

“So what happened again?” He asked. 

You rolled your eyes, “I burned my arm with the hair straightener.”

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I’m Not Leaving

Prompt request: Could I request one where Tony Stark accidentally hits a 13/14 yr old girl with his car and brings her to the tower for medical? He notices the girl is covered in bruises. He looks into it and finds out she’s in foster care. She wakes up scared shitless and yells at him that he should’ve just left her to die cause she can’t stand living in her situation anymore. He promises she will be safe from now on and with the help of the team, she learns to trust again and feel loved.

Characters: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Reader

Warnings: angst, mentions of abuse and suicidal thoughts

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, anon! I definitely want to do a part 2 for this one, so let me know if you want to be tagged. As always, thanks for reading :)

One Shot Masterlist

When you ran away from your foster home, you didn’t expect certain things to happen. For example, you didn’t expect the weatherman’s prediction of a cool and clear night to be dead wrong. Instead, you found yourself drenched walking along the side of the road. It was certainly cool, and you could feel the stiff breeze sink further and further into your bones with each step you took. You also didn’t expect to forget how to get to the train station. Your directions had all but dissolved in the downpour, and your phone had died three blocks ago.

But, out of all of the unexpectedness of the evening, you sure as hell didn’t expect to get hit by Tony Stark’s car.

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Spencer Reid X Reader

Request: Can you do a Reid x Reader (dating please) where the Reader is anemic, you can do what you want with the story! It’s just that I’m anemic and I can’t find annnyyyy imagines where the reader is anemic, and yeah. Thanks! Xxx

A/N: Hey so I hope I succeeded at the Anemic part of the fic. I really enjoyed writing this little oneshot. I learned something new today :) I’m sorry if all of you out there are offended that at one point in this story I mentioned how Anemic is a disease but I did my research and it is. I mean it’s not contagious or anything. Anyways I’ll shut up now. ENJOY!

Warnings: None

Words: 1,031

Originally posted by toyboxboy

It wasn’t until about a month of dating Spencer Reid, that the 187 IQ genius put two and two together about your condition. You had never really appraised the need to tell him. It’s not that you were ashamed, not at all. It’s just whenever you experienced the symptoms, you weren’t around your awkward yet caring boyfriend. Well, other then maybe nausea or vertigo, but, you were always one to tough things out.
One day at work, though, Spencer had noticed your grimacing expressions at your desk behind him, obviously observing the fact you were in some sort of physical pain. It wasn’t the first time Spencer had seen you hurting, he just didn’t need to bring it up, not wanting to make you feel embarrassed in any way. Besides, it could easily be period cramps and that wasn’t a matter Spencer desired to discuss. But wait, the average menstrual flow lasted 3 to 5 days and Reid remembered correctly, two weeks ago you had subtly hinted the fact that you were on it. That wasn’t right. Women were only supposed to get it once every 28 days.
After moments of pondering and reminding himself of all the symptoms, you had had lately Spencer figured it out. Nausea, dizziness, shaking hands and weakness in your biceps. -That being the only thing Reid noticed.-  Spencer finally agreed with himself that you might have what’s called Iron Deficiency Anemia. Your boyfriend glanced back at you, who was rubbing your temples and keeping your head down, most likely trying not to cause too much attention to yourself. Luckily, Spencer always checked up on you so you weren’t the least bit appalled when your boyfriend came impatiently pacing toward you.
You rotated your head in the direction of Spencer, instinctively taking your hands away from your face to be polite.
“What’s up Spence?” You inquired, taking a tone that may have been a little too hostile to your liking. Your back was still hunched over, steadying both your arms on your desk, the only part of your body being turned was your head. If Spencer had perceived the slight unfriendly tone in your voice, he ignored it. The ends of your lips vaguely curved upward when you observed how eager Spencer was to steal an office chair from the desk across from yours so he could sit beside you.
“I have a question. Well, kind of a question, more like a hypothesis.” Your boyfriend informed you awkwardly, breaking eye contact with you more than once. You furrowed your eyebrows and squinted your eyes, now rotating your whole body toward Spencer, your interest being peeked. When you nodded your head for your boyfriend to go on, he did just that. “Lately I’ve been noticing the way your body has reacted when you haven’t eaten much, especially food containing iron.” Spencer began, causing a sigh to escape your lips. You had completely forgotten to inform Spencer about your condition! “Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia that occurs when your blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells.When your body doesn’t have enough iron, it can’t produce enough hemoglobin -a substance in red blood cells that lets them carry oxygen. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and remove carbon dioxide. Not having enough working red blood cells may lead to tiredness and shortness of breath. Iron deficiency anemia usually develops over time as your body taps into the iron it has stored, then eventually runs out. It affects nearly three-
“Spencer,” You interrupted, already aware of the symptoms as well as reasonings to the disease. When your boyfriend stopped, he stared at you, clearly perplexed as to why you intervened. You lifted your arms from your sides and cupped Spencer’s cheeks, lightly pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I know, I have mild symptoms of anemia but I’ve never really gotten prescribed to anything considering it doesn’t interfere with my life that much.” You quietly mumbled, now pulling Spencer’s -blushing- face to yours until your foreheads touched.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” The genius softly questioned worriedly, lifting his arms up and wrapping his slender fingers around your forearm.
“To be completely honest, I never even thought about it. I’m so used to frequently getting it that it’s become an average occurrence in my life.” You explained, watching how Spencer’s eyebrows creased in confusion. You already knew what he was going to say next.
“B-but you said it didn’t interfere with your life.” The Profiler corrected, remembering vividly what you had informed him on. You chuckled, then lifting your hands and forehead off of Spencer.
“Aren’t you supposed to be a genius with an identical memory?” You teased, turning to your computer for a quick second to look at the time; 11:30 am. “I said ‘that much.’” You tenderly explained, now standing up from your chair, Spencer soon mirroring your actions.
“Where are you going?” Spencer asked anxiously when he saw that you were now putting on your brown peacoat jacket that was originally hanging off your office chair.
“Lunch!” You excitedly stated, now strolling toward the Bureau’s doors. When you knew Spencer couldn’t see your face, you frowned in discomfort, your migraine still bothering you. Spencer was right, you hadn’t eaten anything all day and you needed something in your stomach.  
“Wait for me!” You heard your boyfriend cry from behind you, soon feeling his fingers entangle with yours. You smiled from his touch, his phalanges having a frigid sensation against your thermal ones.
As the two of you roamed out of the building, taking gradual steps towards your car, Spencer squeezed your hand before talking.
“I recommend eating something high in protein. I suggest Meat, Poultry, Fish, Beans, Tofu, Dried fruits, Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and chard, Iron-fortified foods, such as bread and cereals. Not eating enough of the above foods can put you at a higher risk of developing-
You kind of zoned out from there, already hearing this advice before. All you really cared about was getting some food in your stomach and eating it with Spencer Reid. You really did love that man.

Birthdays in a traffic jam

Title: Birthdays in a traffic jam

Fandom: OMGCheckplease

Pairing: Larissa Lardo Duan / Shitty Knight

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Word count: 3320

Part 3 of The Shitty and Lardo Chronicles.  Also on AO3

The problem is traffic.

The problem is it’s four in the afternoon and everyone and their mother is out thinking that they’ve escaped early enough to avoid the home time traffic.  The problem is someone up ahead is honking angrily every three seconds.  The problem is some people can’t blare a horn politely.

The problem is they’re in a traffic jam.

The problem is Lardo’s in labour.

“I’m gonna have this baby in the car.”

Shitty looks calm and composed.  His eyes are focused on the unmoving traffic ahead and his knees aren’t bouncing but you’ve only to look at the bone white knuckle grip he has on the steering wheel and his twitching moustache to see that he feels otherwise.  That despite how he looks he is very aware of the active labour going on beside him and he is shitting himself.

The wheel leather squeaks under his hands.

“My darling, my queen, my reason for living,” he takes a thin breath, “please don’t because I don’t know how to deliver a fucking baby.”

Lardo flinches despite his even tone and her eyes flit to the rear view to check the backseat but of course it’s empty.  Xuan is not bouncing impatiently in her car seat because she’s at Dex and Nursey’s probably drinking too much sugary juice and watching cartoons that are slightly too old for her.  Shitty can swear all he likes now that they’re sponge of a two-year-old isn’t around. Truthfully Lardo wants to swear too but someone in this vehicle has to have their shit together.

She thought she had more time.


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anonymous asked:

Jon Moxley and a dog collar kink ? As for details... maybe something where the reader has been teasing him all day ? Idk 😂💛

Originally posted by psycho-ambrose

“Fuck baby,” Mox grabbed you by the hair and slammed you into a wall.  “You have been such a dirty fucking tease all day“ Snarling into your ear as he tore your little sundress straight off your body. His skilled fingers unclipped your bra as he pinched your nipple and took the other in his mouth, your back arching in ecstasy.

You writhed against his wall as his fingers dug into your hips and his mouth marked your chest and collarbones as his fingers slipped inside your panties and circled your clit.

“Mmm Jon! PLEASE!” You cried. Needily grinding yourself onto his hand.

“Hmm…” He stepped back from you, eye darting all over your body. Mindlessly tapping his collarbone like he had a wicked idea. “You have been such a little brat all day. All you have done is flash your little ass at me and tease the shit out of me.”

You just couldn’t help yourself, he was so easy to tease and wind up.

“But when you were at the mall I got you a gift” Mox went over to his bag and began to search around in it.

You quivered slightly wondering what he’d got you. Your body buzzed with anticipation as the dampness between your legs was getting more and more uncomfortable and you wouldn’t help but lightly run your fingers over clit.

He held up a thick black collar with a pendant on it that had your name engraved on it.

“Here you go, baby. Do you like it?” He admired it and clinked the chain in front of you. “Knees. Now.”

Nodding, you shakily lowered yourself to your knees as your heart began to beat a little faster. You hadn’t discussed something like this before and although the idea turned you on you were nervous.

Mox clipped the collar around your throat and attached a chain to it, winding it tightly around his fist. Undoing his jeans with his free hand.

“I won’t hurt you,” He said reassuringly, before smirking to himself and stroking your face. “Unless you want me to…”

You nod submissively as he cupped your face and smoothed down your hair.

“Open your mouth.” He barked.

Before you had time to process what was going on he’d shoved his cock all the way into your throat. Holding it deep inside your mouth as you tried your hardest not to choke. The sweet taste of his cock leaking into her mouth made you moan and the vibrations run through his body.

“Are you gonna be good Baby?” He tugged at your collar to reaffirm his dominance as he started rocking himself in your mouth. “Y’ suck my cock with your fucking cute mouth.”

Humming in approval was all you could manage with his thick cock so deep inside you.

He slowly withdrew himself from your mouth, keeping eye contact with you the whole time, letting you breathe for a second before you got to work.

You begin to lap at the head of his pulsing cock, Running your tongue from the tip to the base following along the veins that protruded. Mox, aggressively he fisted at your hair as he began to face fuck you, sliding his dick as down your throat. Tears prick your eyes, and your makeup started to smudge and run down your face.

“You look so fucking beautiful like this.” He grunted.