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Soulmate AU

You and your soulmate switch bodies randomly as soon as both of you reach a certain age, person A is older and has already reached the age but doesn’t know when person B’s birthday is

Just as person B goes to sleep on their birthday they switched places with person A for the first time

Person A was on a roller coaster

So I was reading some things about the Soulmate AUs

and I found this AU were everyone wake up on their 21nd or 22nd birthday in the body of their soulmate. literally it can be anyone from all around the world and you have to try to figure out who you are to find each other and regain your own body. And then I thought, what if you wake up and

  • you’re in prison/asylum
  • you’re in a mermaid body but you don’t know how to swim
  • you’re trapped in a coffin bc your soulmate is dead
  • you’re completely naked in a bed with a stranger who is also naked
  • you’re in another country, on a scene with a band and a micro in your hands but you don’t know how to sing (bonus if they can’t speak the language of the country they’re now in)
  • you’re in the body of the most popular/powerful/rich person in the world
  • you’re in a car with someone talking to you but you have absolutely no idea who they are or what they’re talking about (bonus if they’re in traffic and/or if there’s children in the backseat)
  • you’re in the body of a pregnant women (bonus if they’re in hospital and about to give birth)
  • you’re in a bedroom with tons of posters of rock bands but you’re religious and/or you absolutely hate punk kids
  • you’re falling. like literally all you can see is the ground hanging over dangerously fast
  • you’re in the workshop of an artist but you were blind and it’s the first time you finally get to know what colours looks like
  • you’re in the body of the person you hate the most in the entire world (bonus if they take this opportunity to do mean pranks to the other, like humiliate them in public or break up with their bf/gf)
  • you’re in the body of someone who was in the middle of a public speech OR a teacher who was explaining something to their students, but you were mute and have no idea how to speak and everyone. is looking. right at you.
  • you’re tied and/or shut in somewhere and the body of your soulmate is very thin and small while you were super strong and athletic
  • you’re in the body of the person you had a crush on for years. you’re super happy to know that they’re your soulmate until you learn that they already have a fiancé, and they think that you’re only platonic soulmates
  • the day after your wedding, you wake up in the body of someone who is definitely not your partner
  • you’re in the body of a criminal (bonus if they were in the middle of committing a crime when you swapped bodies)
  • you were in prison and woke up in the body of the cop who arrested you
  • you’re vegetarian in the body of a hunter/cannibal/vampire
  • you wake up in a glade in the middle of an unknown forest bc your soulmate is a werewolf but you don’t know that and think they’re a criminal or something
  • you wake up in a bedroom with 4 other people, and apparently they’re the friends of your soulmate but you don’t know who they are and they don’t know that you’re not their friend
  • EDIT: ( my friend didn’t want me to add that one for personal reasons but now she doesn’t care so here we go; ) your soulmate was about to kill themselves when you swapped bodies, so you wake up and there’s a chair on the ground and a rope around your neck and you cannot breathe

(also if you write a story based on one of these please contact me, I’ll want to read it)

Just For One Day: Part 5

(( OOC: Pansy played by: @sirussly )) 

“Hermione”: *takes a deep breath, struggling to maintain his composure* 

“Hermione”: … Stressed. 

“Hermione”: Me… I do… of course I do. 

“Hermione”: *takes another deep breath* I just need to get through today, and everything will be back to normal.

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Mr. Carlson is hands down the hottest gym teacher I’ve ever had. Too bad he was such an asshole – A fucking ex-jock with a chip on his shoulder about ending up as a high school gym teacher when all of his jock buddies had gone on to high-paying jobs in the sports and fitness world. But he still thought he was the alpha male, still one of the jocks, and I was just another nerd for him to pick on.

Well that sure as hell didn’t last long. As soon as I swapped bodies with him, I started treating him exactly the same way he had been treating me… Humiliated him in front of my classmates…. Told him how fucking weak he was… Forced him do extra workouts after school and laughed at him as he struggled to get through them.

Now he keeps begging me to give him his body back, but I’m enjoying all of it way too much.

I hate to tell him this, but I think I’m gonna be Mr. Carlson for good now.

Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz in a body swap

Hmm, I think people want to see a SVTFOE episode likes Freaky Friday, “Switcheroo” from American Dragon: Jake Long, “Mind Games” from Kim Possible, and “Carpet Diem” from Gravity Falls. Oh, alright. I made that’s my idea. Star and Marco accidentally switch their bodies with her broken magic wand. Star and Marco look their opposite bodies, and they begin to freak out.

When I woke up in Dylan Baldwin’s body, I thought I’d hit the jackpot! I went from being one of the biggest nerds in school to being the top jock – literally overnight! Man, it was so awesome having his body, his muscles, his good looks… And, oh my god! His huge cock! No wonder he was so popular with the girls at my school!

I spent hours in his room that first day just jacking that huge thing off… And then checking myself out in the mirror, flexing his muscles, trying on all of his clothes, making myself “act” like him….

But then something strange started to happen…

The more I tried acting like him, the more I felt myself starting to think like him… And there were some strange thoughts coming into my mind…

Thoughts about being a slave to Coach…

Wanting to obey Coach… wanting to submit to Coach…

I pictured myself in Dylan’s body, on my knees in Coach’s office… worshipping his huge, hairy cock….

They were just fantasies, I told myself. Weird fantasies of Dylan’s that I had somehow inheirited along with his body.

That’s what I thought until I got the text from Coach. It simply said, “Submit.”

“Yes, Coach,” my fingers typed back… like I wasn’t even in control of them…

With the phone still in my hand, I walked like a zombie over to Dylan’s mirror. I stood in front of it, flipped his baseball cap around, flexed his muscles, snapped a picture… and sent it to Coach.

I hoped that Coach would be happy with my progress.

I know many of you hate this body swap plot, but it’s not THAT bad. I mean, Alan and Harry are by far the best actors they have and now they will be playing each other, so you can bet that’s going to be AMAZING (the promo is proof of that already). Also, think about this, Magnus WILL have to convince Alec that he’s trapped inside Valentine’s body, so he’ll have to tell him something that only the real Magnus Bane would know and my money is on something related to their relationship, and that’s going to be interesting (and probably even cute if we get a flashback or something).

So let’s wait until the episode airs or we know more about it before completely losing our minds, it has potential…I trust Alan and Harry (and Matt too). Let’s see how this plays out…