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An audience with the leading ladies of London’s West End stage ahead of the Olivier Awards

On the eve of this year’s Olivier Awards nominations, our hotly tipped stars share some private moments with Miranda Thompson

Amber Riley

Plays Effie White in Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre

I had no expectations about what being on the West End was going to be like, I just jumped in. It’s been fun and exciting and challenging at times. The rehearsal process was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, so getting to opening night and being able to show everyone what we had accomplished as a team and hearing their reaction is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I like to get to the theatre early – before most other people – to settle in and get my mind right, with prayer or meditation. I turn on my humidifier with lavender – theatres are dusty! – and zen out. This role is so demanding and I have to make sure my body can sustain it for seven shows a week.

My friend Shoshana Bean [the Broadway actress] told me not to worry about my voice, it’s made to do what it’s supposed to do. While I do look after my voice, I think that’s the best advice anyone has ever given me. I don’t want the year to be up and for me to have worried about things I didn’t need to so I’ve been focusing on enjoying every day.

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A thousand little deaths
I die each day –
in halted sighs
of longing,
in heartbeats left
touches devoid of feeling.

You are not to blame.

The thousand little deaths
I die each day –
with each breath
of dry air,
with each circulation
of empty blood

are but the withdrawal symptoms
of a body once soul-sustained.

I abide in this slow decay,
afraid of separating
from spirit;

afraid of finding out that
what is yours belongs to yesterday.

I realize that I am only human,
but it used to feel so much grander, this fate.

- M.A. Tempels © 2017

Take a bullet, will you

MORE STUFF WITH OLD FRITZ AND GILBERT BECAUSE I AM TRASH. Part of the We reap what we sow sidestories.

For context, this is set during the Seven Years’ War, right after the battle of Kunersdorf.
That particular battle was disastrous for the Prussians; it was also the battle in which Friedrich had two horses shot dead from under him and after which he mentioned that he didn’t expect (nor wish) to survive.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question for you. Do you think Izaya has a strength kink? Not the sexual kind (Not that I am against this possibility), but more like fascination. Is he interested in the capabilities that Shizuo can do?

Capabilities…I think he’s fascinated by the phenomenon.

As I explained in this post, Shizuo’s strength comes from the lack of the limiter in his brain. 

That’s why he’s definitely human because he uses the fullest potential of the strength of the human body.

So I think Izaya is definitely fascinated because he loves humans and human potential. And in terms of physical strength, Shizuo has the most human potential of all humans. 

I don’t know if Izaya heard it from Shinra, maybe he did because he spoke about Shizuo having no point in being human because his superhuman strength delineates him from normal humans.

But I think Izaya would be fascinated by the scientific phenomenon. Izaya is a very logical man and scientific person. He has a lot of facts, like he told the suicidal girls if they wanted to die they should just bite their tongue off because it’ll block the trachea or something like that….and he answered Earthworm’s questions of how many litres of water Mairu and Kururi would need to be lethal, honestly. So I think he would definitely be interested in the human phenomenon of Shizuo’s superhuman strength that lies in and out of science and logic at the same time. 

This is an interesting question though, if Izaya knows about the human body’s natural human limiter he should acknowledge Shizuo as human. But maybe because humans can only remove it in a crisis so it makes Shizuo who can use it all the time because he doesn’t have it, a monster? Or maybe his violence in general? Maybe because he overcame what could have killed him? After all the reason why humans can’t use it everytime is that it would destroy their body. 

But Shizuo’s body is a unique case and his bones grew specially to hold his superhuman strength. So he’s transcended science, in a sense. It’s not only his superhuman strength that shows human potential, his body being able to sustain his superhuman strength after breaking all his bones when he was a kid shows human potential as well - a kind of human potential Izaya has never seen before.

And so far, the scientific facts Izaya has talked about is about the biology of the human body (he was in the Biology Club with Shinra after all). So for someone that has transcended the biology of the human body, it would be someone Izaya would be interested in and even fascinated by. That is, if Izaya knows about it, which, knowing Shinra, he could. It’s up to interpretation though.

It seems I’m getting on a tangent. So yes I think Izaya is definitely interested in the capabilities of Shizuo’s superhuman strength (even if he’s reluctant to admit it because of his unrequited love for Shizuo). 

But I think if he grew to accept his love for Shizuo he wouldn’t force Shizuo to use it if he didn’t want to. He would just accept it as part of him, as something special that made him fall in love with the special human Heiwajima Shizuo.

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In Progress: 5e Imperial Vampires of Nosgoth

+1 on all attributes

Immortality. As the undead, Nosgothic Vampires -as any - are physically immortal the moment their souls are returned to their corpses and reanimated by their sires. They can be killed by violent means (even then, they are harder than the archetypal vampire). Age of time’s passage does not affect them negatively. Infact, they become stronger for it.
Blood Curse. Nosgothic vampire sustains their bodies with the fresh blood of humanoid victims. The blood of pure demons and that of the evilly mutated tend to poison them while the tainted fluid of the long-undead is fatal if too much consumed. With this Blood Curse, they are sterile and detoured by sunlight and water’s touch. Fortunately, at least they overcome the prior over time.
Evolution. Nosgothic Vampires venerate themselves as ‘dark gods’ for their superiorities to mortals and their Evolution is the grander show of it. Over time and Lore, they become stronger and soon experience slow - but surely - changes to their physical appearance and abilities. Each unique to their sires at Level 5, 10, 17, and 20 in their tier of experience.
Sunlight’s Touch. In the glare of sunlight for Fledgling, the fear of spontaneous combustion is real. They have disadvantage under it for one turn and if they aren’t moved by that one turn, they are delivered 4d6 of fire damage.
Acidic Water. Along with sunlight’s blight, water is another noticeable weakness. Its touch scorches the vampire like acid. Unless a Rahabim, a Nosgothic Vampire receive immediate damage to the touch bare skinned. Even rain is an annoyance for them at 2d4 each time until finding shelter.

(Artisans, Philosophers, Spellbinders, Tacticians, Blood Bankers, and Manipulators)
+2 Cha
Firstborn’s Privilege. As a member of the Elder Clan, announced Razielim are known and treated with a noble’s treatment with lesser clans but with it, everyone - good and ill - knows of his presence. They are versed in Persuasion.
Razielim Presence. You know the thaumaturgy cantrip. Once you reach 3rd level, you can cast the Charm Person spell once per day as a 2nd-level spell. Once you reach 6th level, you can also cast Dominate Person spell once per day. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

(Siege Experts, Engineers,  Marksmen and Physically strongest)
+2 Str
Artificer’s Lore. Whenever you make an Intelligence (History) check related to magic items, alchemical objects, or technological devices, you can add twice your proficiency bonus, instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply.
Relentless Endurance. When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you can drop to 1 hip point instead. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

Warriors of the Empire
+2 Con
Dumahim Training. You have proficiency with light and medium armor, as well as martial weapons.
Savage Attacks. When you score a critical hit with a melee weapon attack, you can roll one of the weapon’s damage dice one additional time and add it to the extra damage of the critical hit.

(Artisans, Explorers, Special Forces)
+2 Wis
Skill Versatility. You gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.
Rahab’s Ambition. From your sire’s ambitious work, you have a turn’s immunity to water and afterward a resistance to water’s touch. A short rest for the immunity’s use.

(Spies, Alchemists, Assassins)
+2 Dex
Stronger claws. The Zephonim can use their claws more effective than the other clans, effectively 1d6 finesse weapons.

(Scientists, Necromancers, Blood Manipulators)
+2 Int
Mist. Briefly melted into silvery mist, you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see.
Frailty. With the Boon of your Sire however, comes with the dire weakness that the other vampires generally do not share. Your healing factor is slower than theirs, appearing 1d4 every two turns and the chance of death more likely after three death rolls. However, healing potions are effective for it due to this bodily closeness to mortality.

asucculentgoldfish  asked:

How did you lose so much weight!? Congrats by the way! -I'm not here because of ed I'm losing weight in a healthy way

I lost so much weight because I have an ed. It started healthily enough and then snowballed into what it is due to several reasons. But I lost weight by primarily not eating enough to sustain my body. As they say, it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise.

Please stay healthy. My advice to you is to get off these blogs if you can. Don’t go places or look at things that will cause you to develop an eating disorder. It’s not fun and it makes you miserable. Stay healthy, stay happy.


Meet Graham, a sculpture created by artist Patricia Piccinini in collaboration with a a leading trauma surgeon and a crash investigation expert, for a new Australian road safety campaign.

Graham is designed to survive a fatal car crash that any other normal human would not. His gigantic helmet-like head, the lack of a neck, his hoof-like feet, as well as other unnatural features reflect a human body evolved to sustain the forces involved in auto collisions.

osgtheperson  asked:

Everything's going to be okay. Your strength of spirit and character shines through in your content and vibe. Colorful, and bright souls who experience hardships in the physical form are doing the Work (capital 'W'). I'm sorry to hear you regret phallo... I won't pretend to understand the frustration, pain, and feelings of betrayal (from your own body) that you've sustained - but I do know time will continue to pass. I hope one day you no longer regret any of it. Love to you, brother. Be well.

I fucking hope so. I just keep telling myself at least I’m not where I was August of 2015. 

My mom always telling me that stress hormones aren’t good for the body, not to mention I think the time flies by faster when I’m not feeling bad for myself. I appreciate your kind words and keeping up with my story. 

I hope that one day I no longer regret it too…

jesuiseternal  asked:

How do you know if it's wisdom that's guiding you or fear that's safeguarding you? I deal with this a lot. It's really hard.

Wisdom is getting what your body wants in a sustainable way, NOT denying the body’s desires in order to pursue an artificial image of piety/success (that was likely generated because you couldn’t get what you truly wanted to begin with). 

The moment you rationalize away what you want on a visceral/primal level (thermoregulation, thirst, hunger, elimination of waste, group affiliation, social dominance, sex) in favor of your “wise” goal/plan, you are operating out of fear and not wisdom. The mind is a tool that has developed to get what the body wants (and all true plans acknowledge that satiation of your instincts as the underlying goal). As Nietzsche put it, “there is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom”. And if your goal is to affirm Life as it manifests in your experience, I believe that wisdom begins by acknowledging that you hunger for things (and embracing the thrill of satiating your discomfort, rather than running away from it. Embrace the hunt.)  

TL;DR Wisdom is getting what you want in a way that allows you you to keep getting what you want across time, not pretending that you don’t want it.

Social media holds a certain terrifying power, but it’s far worse than you might expect

by reddit user M59Gar

I am the one that the world left behind—at least until you finish reading this.

It wasn’t that I was unremarkable. Everyone has something about them that is uniquely their own. It just so happened that my thing was floating through foster families, schools, and social situations without leaving a single mark. I was just slightly too shy to make lasting friends and just slightly too outgoing to fit in with other loners. Consequently, I ended up living with more solitude than any of them.

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Mother Nature's first aid kit: Know the flavors


Bitter flavors, which are first tasted in the mouth, help the immune system that lies within the gut; they aid production of white blood cells, generally empowering immune responses and helping to fight many diseases of the immune system, from candidiasis to AIDS. They help to burn up excess fats in the body, quickly providing the necessary energy. For the very underweight, few bitter foods should be consumed unless they are being used for a specific reason, like ridding the body of worms.

  • food examples: gentian, artichoke, olives and olive oil, dandelion leaves, chicory, nasturtium leaves

Note: Bitters often come in the form of wild greens in spring, but they are still available in the summer. They are often combined with aromatics like fennel seed, cumin seed, and caraway seed to help cool, calm, and soothe the digestive tract.

We owe it to ourselves to eat bitters and sours. The taste helps to destress and calm the nervous system, balancing and grounding, preventing overextensive output of nervous energy.



The sour flavor heals and nurtures the liver and gallbladder by deep cleansing and cooling, making the digestive process largely passive, which in turn has a positive emotional effect. A cleansed and cooled liver and gallbladder readily release the positive emotions of joy and happiness. These are two important emotions for the well-being of the immune system in general.

  • food examples: limes, lemons, sorrel, sauerkraut, pineapple, apple cider vinegar

Note: Pineapples are sour-sweet, and the bromelain in them is a prime digestive, scavenging for and helping to finish off half-digested foods.

You can pickle foods easily using apple cider vinegar. This type of vinegar helps regulate the balanced output of stomach acid, correcting overactive and underactive conditions.

The sour flavor can really be exciting, and chiles, which couldn’t ordinarily be eaten raw, can be when softened by the pickling process.



Salty foods heal and nurture the kidneys, adrenals, bladder, and thyroid.

  • food examples: all sea vegetables (kelp, nori, wakame), parsley, celery

Note: Do not use too much salt, as the kidneys will suffer. The dangers of high salt intake are so well publicized that it is almost more important to say, these days, that a little good-quality salt should be consumed — some people need more than others.



The taste of spicy really sums up two flavors, hot and pungent. Spicy foods support and nourish the lungs and colon, opening both and allowing them to operate with the ease they should. They generally aid circulation, encouraging the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the expulsion of waste products and toxins.

  • food examples: hot peppers, mustards, horseradish



  • food examples: rice, potatoes, sago, arrowroot, banana, yam, turnip, parsnip, millet

Note: They nurture and ground the body, feeding and toning. They are one of the most unifying of all flavors, providing harmony and balance.



Sweet flavor heals and nurtures the stomach, spleen, and pancreas, thus improving digestion, if used in a balanced way. Best eaten in the morning.

  • (healthy) examples: real maple syrup, brown rice syrup, barley syrup, cold-pressed organic honey, date syrup, whole licorice, sweet herb (Stevia), peppermint leaf

Note: Sugar inhibits the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Just 2 TSP is enough to diminish our immune-system response dramatically; it also consumes calcium, stripping the body of one of its most necessary minerals. If sugar is to be used, then real cane sugar is rich in essential minerals and vitamins and provides a better alternative than most.

Blackstrap molasses is sweet and loaded with iron and calcium. Sweet herb (Stevia), which is 300 - 500 times sweeter than sugar, does not feed yeasts, fungi, and other unwanted gastrointestinal microorganisms, and it helps improve digestion by stimulating the pancreas.

Fact: With the constant availability of sugar reaching huge proportions over the past several decades, “sweet diseases” have increased and, in parallel to them, mental afflictions. It is not just our pancreas, teeth, and waistlines that are affected; our whole emotional state suffers. Artificial sweeteners are a further perversion of the problem — not only poisoning, but also increasing appetite in many cases!



Putrid fermented foods support the immune system immensely and sustain the body.

  • food examples: miso, sauerkraut, and tofu



This taste is used frequently in Japan to add “richness” to a meal. These are rich in glutamates, isosinate, and nucleotides.

  • food examples: seaweeds, Parmesan cheese, shiitake mushrooms, naturally fermented soy sauce


The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing, and Nutrition by Jill Rosemary Davies

~ Blessed be ~

One who has the Mahayana family cultivates bodhicitta, receives teachings from masters, and makes effort in the virtues until the heat of wisdom is attained. During this time, progress is classified in four stages: realisation, aspiration, greater aspiration, and achievement. Why is this called the path of accumulation? Because on it, one gathers the accumulations of virtue in order to become a vessel for the realisation of heat and so forth. Therefore, it is called the path of accumulation.

These are also called the root virtues which are similar to liberation. At this stage, twelve of the branches of enlightenment are practiced:
A. the four types of mindfulness,
B. the four types of perfect abandonment, and
C. the four feet of miracle powers.

The Four Types of Mindfulness are:
1. sustaining mindfulness of the body,
2. sustaining mindfulness of feelings,
3. sustaining mindfulness of the mind, and
4. sustaining mindfulness of phenomena.

These four occur during the lesser stage of the path of accumulation.

The Four Types of Perfect Abandonment are:
1. abandoning nonvirtues which have been created,
2. not allowing new nonvirtues to be produced,
3. producing the antidotes, virtues which have not arisen, and
4. allowing those virtues which have arisen to increase.

These four occur during the middle stage of the path of accumulation.

The Four Feet of Miracle Powers are:
1. the absorption of strong aspiration,
2. the absorption of perseverance,
3. the absorption of the mind, and
4. the absorption of investigation.

These four occur during the greater stage of the path of accumulation.

– Gampopa

Taken - Happy imagine - Part 3 (The End)

Here we are…The end…I hope you had enjoyed the previous chapters and that this one makes you happy (no pun intended). 

Girlfriends (meet Ima’s friend)

Taken - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by imaginesamcro

His lips were soft against yours. You couldn’t help but whine when he kissed you. You never had feeling something like that. His strong arms lifted you and wrapped your legs around him. Happy walked to his bedroom and laid you down on bed, slowly letting your body rest over the black sheets.

Your hands were on his neck as Happy hovered over you, legs still around his hips. He groaned feeling your fingers touching his scalp and you felt him hard through his clothes. It was like woke up from a dream, you realized what you were wearing and what was about to happen. Ima’s words crossed your mind and you pushed Happy away. He knelt on bed, looking confused as you got up, pushing the shirt to hide your body.

“Y/N?”, he called and you stop, standing next to the bed.

“This was your plan since the beginning right?”, you tried to hide your tears. You realized, in that moment, that you had been falling for him since the party. Now he had disappointed you.

“What are you talking about?”, he got up too and tried to reach for your hand. You took a step back, pressing your lips together.

“You weren’t just helping me and keeping me safe”, you said, finally looking at his eyes. “You saw the opportunity to bring me here and… Ima was right. You would get what you wanted…”

“You need to stop listening your friend, little girl”, he hissed, taking a step towards you. “She is not the only one who cares about you”

“Stop talking about Samcro family”, you said, wrapping your arms around you.

“I’m talking about ME”, he tried to get closer to you and stopped when you took another step back. “I care about you. I don’t know what you did to me, but I think I had been falling for you. Yes, I want you, but I wasn’t planning this. I came to check on you and your damn eyes and lips got me crazy…I’m sorry and I get it, if you want me to leave”

“This is your house”, you whispered, still processing his words.

“Yes, but I don’t want you to leave”, he said. You sighed and let your arms fall on your sides, slowly walking towards him. You stop when your bare feet touched his boots, looking up to his eyes.

“Do you really care about me that much?”, you asked. Happy, carefully, rested his hands on your waist.

“Yes”, he said. You could see he was being honest. You had overheard some girls talking about him and Happy was not the kind of guy that expressed his feelings. If he had done that for you…Well, then he deserved a chance. You stood on your tiptoes and kissed him, “Are you staying?”

You cupped his face, “Yes and I want you to stay too”. His eyes widened and you felt your cheeks getting red, “But… Can we… Just sleep?”

“Of course”, he said and kissed your forehead. “I’ll take a bath and you…Lay down on bed, I don’t wanna see you on the couch again”


Happy rested his head against the cold bathroom wall, trying to calm down. He almost had ruined everything with you. He couldn’t even think about what would have happen if he hadn’t confessed his feelings for you. That wasn’t easy for him, but as he said, you had done something with him, changed him a little somehow.

He got out of the shower and put on some sweatpants before walk to the bedroom again. He tried not to smile when he saw you laying down under the sheets, your hand under the pillow. You turned around when he laid on the other side of the bed, facing him. Happy took your hand and kissed it, “Good night little girl”


You opened your eyes, laying on your back in bed and noticed the strange room, then the black sheets. You turned your head and saw Happy by your side, eyes already open.

“Morning”, his raspy voice and piercing eyes, making your shiver a little bit.

“Morning”, you turned to face him. “Were you watching me sleep?”

“Is that creepy?”, he asked and you nodded, smiling.

“A little”, you laughed and he did the same. You realized it was the first time you heard him do that. He should do that more often. “What time is it?”

You tried to get up, but he rested his hand on your waist, keeping you in bed, “It’s still early”. You laid down again, trying to look in his eyes, but his bare tattooed chest got your attention. The sheets were around his waist, letting you see his abdomen too and these smiling faces almost covering it.

“Why the… smiling faces?”, you swallowed. Happy looked at his own body and frowned.

“These are for the people I killed”, he blurted and looked at you again. You nodded, not knowing what else to do. “You are scared”

You pressed your lips together and decided that honesty was the only way there. You reached for his body and touched one of the happy faces, whispering, “A little”

“You don’t need to be afraid of me, never”, you looked at him again and saw the intensity on his eyes. That was when you make you decision.

You surprised him, leaning closer and pressing your lips on his. Happy took a moment to respond, but when he kissed you back, you could feel all his feelings for you in that kiss. You pressed your body against his, feeling the bulge on his sweatpants.

“Little girl…”, he warned you, his lips still inches from yours. You grinded against him, making Happy groaned and held your chin, making you look at him. “Are you sure?”

“Yes”, you whispered, sure that your cheeks were burning red. You were nervous, but you really didn’t want to stop, you wanted Happy.

He slowly made you lay on your back again, staying between your legs. Happy knelt on bed and raised your arms above your head and pulled your shirt up, exposing your underwear. He let it fall on the floor and admired your body. You were feeling cold, trying to resist the temptation to pull the sheets over you.

“You are gorgeous”, he smiled. Happy traced your lips with his finger and let it travel down your body, over your neck, chest and belly until the hem of your panties. He hovered over you, kissing your cheeks and jaw before claim your lips again. His tongue traced a path from your lips to your bra, his hands taking it off and throwing on the floor too.

“Happy…”, you whined at his touch, his fingertip circling your nipples. He was taking his time, touching until you were restless. He looked at you before his tongue lick one nipple. You couldn’t look away and squirmed under him when he opened his mouth over your breast, gently sucking it. He gave both the same attention, making you moan.

You made him smile, whining at the lost. His hands slowly caressed your legs before he took off your panties. Involuntarily, you closed your legs, feeling exposed, vulnerable.

“You can tell me to stop if you want”, he said, softly. You shook you head and he patiently spread your legs. You took a deep breath, looking at the ceiling when he laid between them. You felt his finger first, opening your folds for him as he kissed your inner thigh. You trembled, resisting at the urge to close your legs again. “Baby?”, Happy asked, worried.

“I’m fine”, you let out a breath. He slowly rubbed circles on your clit, making you forget the butterflies in your stomach and moan. You tossed your head back on the pillow when his tongue licked you, “Happy!”

He held your thighs and opened his mouth over you, his tongue on your entrance. Your fists were holding the sheets and your eyes were closed. The sounds of his tongue licking you were obscene, but you couldn’t deny how wet your were, the lust you were feeling. You arched your back when his lips closed around your clit sucking it, his hands keeping your legs still as you squirmed. “Please Happy”, you said breathless, not sure what you were begging for.

You opened your eyes when he pulled back, Happy was taking off his clothes and reaching for the nightstand, picking a condom. He was naked and you blushed even more when you looked at his member, proudly erect. You tried not to move when he knelt between your legs.

“Look at me”, Happy held your chin and leaned to kiss you again. “We can still stop if you want to”, you blinked a few times, surprised and grateful for his attitude. You denied and watched all his moves closely. You held your breath when you felt his tip touching your core. He slowly slid inside you, a suddenly pain making your thighs press his, “Are you okay baby?”

You nodded, eyes closed. Happy traced your low lip with his thumb, “Look at me”. You forced yourself to open your eyes and focus on his own. He didn’t look away and pushed inside you, making your mouth open in a perfect “O” as the pain ran through your body. You felt tears in your eyes and Happy kissing you gently. He was still, letting you get used to him filling you.

“Are you okay?”, he asked after a while. The pain wasn’t completely gone, but you nodded, cupping his face and kissing him again. You let your hands travel down his body, tracing his tattoos.

Happy sustained his body on his arms, pulling out. You whined as he looked down, apparently fascinated by how he was sliding in and out of you. “Damn baby girl”, he groaned. Your nails dug on his sides as he thrusted deep again. His pace was slow, taking his time with you, making you feel more and more pleasure with each thrust and forget the pain.

He was panting, trembling a little, “I can’t, I’m going to…I want you to cum baby girl, please cum for me”, Happy rubbed your clit, making you feel this incredible new sensation all over your body, your legs trembling.

“Happy!”, you screamed his name and arched your back. He claimed your lips, taking your moans in his mouth. You felt your walls pulsing around him, tight as he trusted once more, groaning before stood still. Happy held you close, still inside you.

“Are you okay baby girl?”, he whispered, kissing your forehead. You nodded, smiling, still unable to talk. Happy pulled out of you, making you gasp. He took off the condom and rushed back to you, wrapping your body in his arms.

“It was amazing”, you kissed his chest when you found your voice again. Happy kissed the top of your head, running his fingers through your hair as you relaxed against him, feeling your eyelids heavy.


Your body against his was the best thing in the world and Happy was smiling, a thought coming to his mind. You were his. He was your first and intended to be your last. He thought you would run, tell him to stop or leave him alone. Your sexy moans, your soft lips and your touch had ruined him for life. He could feel the red marks your nails left on his sides.

He tried to leave bed as slowly and silently as he could, letting you take a nap while he made breakfast. Coffee was almost ready when your phone started to ring over the counter. Happy looked at the screen and frowned, seeing Ima’s name. He was about to turn it off when you left the bedroom, naked, running to pick up the phone.

“Hello”, you answered the call, not noticing him. Happy was frozen on his place, admiring your naked body. “Ima, I’m okay… It’s fine, really…”

You suddenly stopped in the middle of the room, looking down at your body before walk back to the room. You were still talking on the phone when you got back to the kitchen, now wearing your shirt and looking at him.

“Sweetie, of course I forgive you… Now?… Well, I still have to take a bath…”, you said. “Ima! A date? I can’t go on a date…”

Happy was leaning against the counter, slowly drinking his coffee as he heard the conversation, amused. However, the last sentence made him tense, let the cup on the table and take the phone from your hands. Your mouth hung open as you looked at him.

“She can’t go out on a date. She is taken”, he groaned on the phone and hang up, putting it on the counter.

“Happy!”, you frowned, but didn’t look that angry.

“What?”, he shrugged, walking towards you. “I said the truth…You ARE taken”

He didn’t give you time to said something, Happy lifted you in his arms making you squeal and walked back to the bedroom, turning your protests into laughs and then moans as you both forgot breakfast and the phone ringing again on the kitchen.