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Viking Torc with Axehead Pendants, 8th-11th Century AD

A silver flat sectioned torc, narrowing to the ends and engraved with lines forming triangular patterns; five suspension rings to the body with large silver suspension loops with threaded wire over body and with axe pendant to each with engraved sun burst pattern

Rogers Jr.

Summary: You and Steve tell your daughter about how you met back in Brooklyn. This is for @redlipstickandplaid who wanted enough floof to give her cavaties, I hope I met the bar!<3 

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Phoebe Rogers [their daughter], Bucky Barnes

Warnings:  so disgustingly cute and fluffy, Dad!Steve, I wanted to puke rainbows while writing this :’)

Sidenote;; Bolded text are past events as told by the Reader & Steve, [basically like a narrator] 

‘Cause all I know is we said hello, and your eyes look like coming home

All I know is a simple name, everything has changed

All I know is you held the door, you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours

All I know since yesterday is everything has changed’



“Yes, bug?” You gave your daughter a soft smile, tucking her into bed before sitting on the edge.

“How did you and daddy meet? Was he already an Avenger?”

“I knew Daddy before he was all tall and muscly, Phoebe,” you chuckled, earning an amused grin from the 5 year old, those beautiful bright blue eyes gazing up at you.

“Were you taller than him?”

You nodded, “I was.”

Phoebe laughed, her legs kicking underneath the duvet in her hysterics.

“Alright,” you smiled, trying to hide your own laughter, “calm down, miss. It’s time for some sleep, or you won’t be up in time for the school trip.”

“Oh,” her little face fell as she groaned in protest, “But you didn’t tell me the story.”  

“How about both me and Daddy tell you tomorrow?”

She nodded, enthusiastically. “Yeah!”

“See you in the morning, baby.” You lean down and pressed a kiss to her forehead before she snuggled beneath the sheets and settled to sleep.

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the unused package of envelopes / the click of the ignition / ginsberg quotes in cursive scrawl / the ghost in my garden / the stain in the bathtub / the body in suspension / floating away / all those broken balloon strings / making love to the scissors / making love to the sky / forgetting your brother’s name / forgetting to get out of bed for two days / forgetting how to forget / the hand on the gearshift / the disappointment in my bed / all of that masturbating to love songs / somebody in an affair with their own loneliness / the sparrow on the telephone line / framed against the street lamp / dark on darker on darkest / abandoned book jacket on the floor / perfume on your neck / your lips in her hair / on her waist / on her cheek / my text on your phone screen / read 2:15am / you know, you can talk to me, if you need to / read 2:18am / hot chocolate on a thursday / hot chocolate doesn’t taste like hot chocolate anymore / hot chocolate tastes like he knows I love him why isn’t he saying anything / why is he staring at me with his shoulders and his white knuckles instead of his eyes / hot chocolate tastes like charles bukowski and cheap gas station cigarettes / all of that bite sized pity burning in your throat / his eyes out the window / something missing from the conversation / the sunflowers in my garden / the sunflowers wilting / the sunflowers shrinking / the sunflowers dying / crying / trying / dead
—  “what was the last straw?”, Caitlin Conlon (3/30)

Stelarc multiple body suspensions performance.

Absolutely stunning. 

Accentuated by the fulgent lights, the 2017 N° 911 Porsche 911 RSR gets acquainted with the Daytona International Speedway during the IMSA season preview that is the Roar Before the 24. The body structure, aerodynamics, suspension, engine and transmission have all been newly engineered from the tarmac up by Porsche AG of Stuttgart DE.

Trouble-Namjoon Smut

Info: More payback smut because you literally asked for it you little fucker! I hope this wrecks you, I hope it leaves you panting and not ready for school hahaha. @bangtanmacaroon 

 P.S: I Love You 

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Warning:Hardcore smut, Daddy kink to fuck her up, Toys, Choking, Just like smut BDSM okay guys. 

 Also I did not check for spelling errors at all is 4 AM and yeah I’ll probably never check haha. 

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You were a feisty woman, constantly going against Namjoon and mouthing off just to get a rise out of him. Your most recent scandal may have pushed him too far though. You knew it when he had called you, his voice a rough, dangerous tone as he spoke to you. 

 "Do you really want to play this fucking game baby girl?“ He had growled out the minute you answered the phone with a slightly timid ‘Hello’, your voice betraying you.

 "I’m just teasing Oppa,” You chided, false confidence lacing through your soft voice. He was having none of it though, too tired of our bullshit sass to want to listen to your sorry excuses. 

 "Who?“ His question came a s a sharp snap, even being in the safety of your own home, while he worked, you still flinched at his tone. Part of you grew hot at the thought of him dominating you, knowing you were in for quite a night. 

 "Sorry Daddy,” You replied firmly, he hummed in content on the other side of the line, but you just knew he wasn’t going to accept a simple apology for all the shot you had said to him. 

 "Be ready when I get home baby girl, you’ve been so naughty,“ His voice took a seductive curve, dripping with a sinful promise before the line was cut off. You shivered at the thought of all the things he would do. Some nights Namjoon would cuff you up if you didn’t listen, others he would just spank you till your ass was raw and you were begging. On rare occasions he would hold off your orgasm for so long you felt as though you would burst. Tonight though you had teased a little too much, even going as far as to poke fun at his old debut lyrics. 

In reality you lived the way he wrote and thought, even then, that he was a great lyricist. His voice always smooth and passionate, sure he had improved significantly, but he had never been bad. Maybe comparing him to a child wasn’t the best idea, but you had only been trying to rile him up. The hair thing was also a sensitive topic, you remember how he had come home with a beanie on not wanting you to see the bright teal tresses cut so short. He had warned you against teasing him over the hair cut, knowing you might say something. Which is exactly what you did, commenting on how idiotic it looked on him and how you thought it made his head look like a pineapple. It was all a lie though, he was so sexy no matter what, but now you would have to deal with the consequences of your actions. You would never admit to being in the wrong however, it went against your nature. 

 The sound of the front lock beeping as Namjoon entered brought you out of your thoughts and you hurriedly realized that you hadn’t done as he instructed. You were still fully clothed and sitting at the kitchen counter, phone balanced between your fingers. He entered moments later, his expression was dangerously calm as his eyes locked onto you. Then he smiled, dimples taking over his face as he sauntered over to you. You sat in shock having an 'oh shit’ moment because Namjoon wasn’t slamming doors and glaring. He was calm and collected and ready to fuck you up. He only was like this sometimes, so in control that you grew hot just at the thought of what he would do next. 

 "Baby girl…why don’t you ever listen to Daddy? Didn’t I tell you to be ready when I got home?” He cooed, hands pulling you from your seat, you phone clattering against the counter top as you let it fall from your grasp. Your hands settled into his strong chest, regretting that you compared him to a noodle when his lean muscles were anything but. His body was tall thin and an expanse of tight muscle that belonged to someone who danced regularly. Namjoon’s fingers traced up your sides over the cotton shirt you wore. You met his eyes and visibly shivered at the way he stared down at you. Dark lust and determination painting across his deep eyes.

“So…why don’t we talk about my rapping while I punish you, or maybe my hair…or should I remind you how strong these noodle arms of mine arm,” You could see the hint of a glare on his expression, but it was overpowered by his dominating serenity. 

 "Daddy, I…“ Namjoon cut you off with a chaste kiss leaving you gasping against him at the suddenness. All too quickly though his lips were gone and he was dragging you toward the bedroom. Once inside he shut the door softly and released you. You watched with hitched breath as he went about the room collecting his toys that would be your punishment. Then he dragged his reading chair, a rather large plushy one, over in front of the bed before settling down leisurely. You still stood in the center of the room apprehensively looking at the objects he had placed on the bed. In order were the handcuffs, a blindfold, a small collar with a leash, and a tiny vibrator. You were well aware of what each did and shuddered at the memory of how he had used them all individually before. You hoped he was going to have you pick your torture, but by the way his eyebrows were raised and a smile tugged his lips in amusement, you knew you were in for a rough night. 

 "Strip and then get on the bed,” He ordered, his low smooth voice making your legs shake in anticipation. Without hesitating you began to remove one article of clothing at a time till you were down to your underwear and bra. You moved to the bed, but stopped when Namjoon waved a hand at you. 

 "All, of your clothes,“ He growled a little, gesturing for you to remove everything.  

"But, you like doing that Daddy,” You whined a little, you also liked when he removed your panties and bra. There was a magic to the way he did things, but his steady glare had you quickly removing the small bits along fabric and crawling into the bed. You had a brief moment of embarrassment with your ass on display to him before hastily turning around to sit and face him. 

 "Lay down and touch yourself baby girl, I want to watch you a little,“ He said his eyes looking much darker as they roamed over your body. You hesitated for a moment, though you were comfortable with him it always made you shudder to know he was staring at you in your most vulnerable state. Giving in, you laid back onto the bed and closed your eyes. Hands running down your sides to try and chill your own nerves and to push down the rising goosebumps. You cupped your breasts and squeezed them in hopes to arouse yourself, remembering that he was there watching you every move. 

 "I said touch yourself,” Namjoon’s order sparked a sharp response from your lips, but you choked it back. He was already planning something devious and you really didn’t want to make it worse. Your legs fell open for you as you softly prided your fingers against your own hot center. You were already so wet just from his looks, the way he seemed so calm. You wasted no time in coating your fingers in your own juices before rubbing little circles into your clit earning a tiny whimper from your throat. It had been awhile since you last touched yourself, Namjoon did not like it unless he told you to do so. So the feeling of your own hands felt almost foreign, but you pushed on. Rubbing faster and Reader before pushing two slender fingers into yourself at a slow steady pace. Your back arched slightly with a little gasp from your lips, but you knew it wasn’t enough. He was the one would could tear you apart and put you back together and he was what you wanted. 

 "Daddy please, I want you,“ You whined, propping yourself up onto one elbow to pout at him. The sight left you speechless though. Namjoon had removed his clothing and sat, legs spread, with his cock in hand stroking himself steadily. 

"You’re not getting out of this that easily,” He chuckled, his hand still steadily pumping around his aching member. You had stopped all movement, transfixed on the sight of his hand and every downward thrust. Namjoon abruptly halted his actions and stood, towering over you, he snatched your hand away from yourself and brought your fingers to his mouth. You watched with greedy eyes as his closed while he sucked and licked the juices from your digits before releasing them with a loud pop and letting your hand fall away. 

“Get up there,” His head motions towards the headboard, you scrambled backwards at once watching him as he grabbed the handcuffs and followed you up. He made sure the secure you to the bed before grabbing your ankles and dragging you down to lay flat, spread out for him. His quick fingers then took up the blindfold, securing it to cover you eyes and leave you sightless for the time being. You half expected him to just start teasing you, but instead he was adding yet another restraint to the mix in the form of a collar. He latched it around your throat and tightened it till your breath hitches slightly. You could breath, but every swallow and inhale reminded you that it would be with limited oxygen intake.

“Are you ready? I plan to have you soaking and begging for my cock by the end of this. For you to be on your knees and apologizing,” His teeth nipped at your ear while he spoke, body how wrong over your own, his voice range sharp in the silent room. Namjoon normally spoke dirty things to you, but tonight he was holding out for suspense. Your body shivered when one of his hands trailed along the contour of our side before roughly gripping your breast and tweaking a nipple till you let out a small whimper. Soon his lips were trailing down your throat, biting and sucking on the skin harshly surly leaving his mark as he made his way down to your chest to suck and nip at your other breast and nipple. Your back arched into him, wanting to keep him mouth where it was. Instead though you were met with him pulling away and slithering hot kisses down your body. 

 He paused for a moment, head rating against your knee as his fingers strummed along your abdomen and stroked your inner thigh. He wasn’t thinking, just watching you, waiting for the tell-take whine or snide comment that was always present when being with you. He got exactly what he wanted too. 

 "Fuck please just touch me!“ You finally groaned, arching into his soft touches and trying to coax him into giving in. Of course it never worked and he just chuckled at your attempt. His lips meeting his fingers at your inner thigh while two strong hands pushed your legs apart. You shook when you felt his hot breath on your driving core, but he didn’t move once more which had you wiggling and bucking. 

 "Stop moving,” He growled, not sound of amusement in his voice this time. Instead of listening like a good girl though, you began to struggle harder till a sharp slap to the outside of your thigh had you yelping in surprise. 

 "I said stop fucking moving,“ Namjoon hissed, his voice breathing over your quivering center, he was so close. 

 "Yes Daddy,” was your immediate response. Namjoon rewarded you with a hot kiss to your wet lower lips earning a strangled gasp from you. He let out a pleased hum and hurried his face deeper into the cervix of your thighs. His hum felt lovely and made you shake in anticipation. You wanted him to hurry, but he continued to lazily lap at your folds with the occasional suck and flick of his tongue on your clit. Either way you were withering in his grasp, hands tugging at your restrains as he buried his tongue as deep as he could into your tight walls. It was just enough to tease gasps and whimpers from your lips. He wanted to make you cum though and soon his fingers of one hand came up to push roughly into you. They were much larger than your own and you gasped desperately as he began to pump and curl the digits at a hasty pace. You were now moaning breathlessly, not able to catch a break as the collar restricted you from taking in enough air leaving your head clouded and stars began to dance behind your closed eyes. 

 "Come on baby girl, cum for Daddy,“ Namjoon groaned against your clit before nipping and sucking at the small bundle of nerves. You quivered and moaned loudly at the feel finally whimpering and shaking as you finished to the assault of his mouth and fingers which didn’t stop until you were shuddering in overstimulation. When he pulled away you thought that the punishment wasn’t so bad tonight. That is until the sound of vibrating filled the room. 

 "I’m feeling a bit parched, how about you?” Namjoon asked casually as he easily worked the vibrator into you. It was on a low setting and your body trembled into an intense overstimulation at the feel, but it only got worse. 

“Daddy please,” you wanted to beg him to just fuck you instead, but that wasn’t Namjoon’s style. Instead he chuckled in a sinful manner and turned the little device up to high causing your body to bend off the bed and a loud moan to rip from your lips. Namjoon was hovering over you and shushing you with a hasty kiss. 

 "Shh baby girl, Daddy’s going to go get a drink. Be a good girl and watch my toy while I’m gone. Don’t you dare cum,“ He was teasing you, but the last bit was a threat as he nipped at you bottom lip, sucking he flesh into his mouth and then he was off the bed leaving you to wither and gasp as the vibrator pleasured you all over again. It was too much, but felt so lovely at the same time. You wanted to curse at Namjoon as you distantly heard the sound of the tap turning on, he was actually getting a drink of water. You waited, body growing too hot and arousal coiling too tightly. Your breathless pants became high moans as you spiraled closer and closer to your end with the stupid object inside of you. You weren’t sure how long you could wait, your body shook from the effort. The way the vibrations ran up and down your thighs and stimulated your clit though was too much and you found yourself moaning and grasping desperately at the chains of your handcuffs while you tumbled off the cliff into a second orgasm. 

 Namjoon had heard it, in fact he had been in the room watching you while stroking himself. He knew you wouldn’t last, he wanted another excuse to punish you because he honestly believed you deserved every second. He groaned along with you, pumping quicker as you began to whither and shake from overstimulation, now it was too much. The vibrations from the little mechanism had you panting and soundless moans leaving our lips while it pulled yet another orgasm out of you and you were practically in tears from all the stimulation. 

 You let out a sigh of relief when the little devil device was turned off and removed. Namjoon’s hands sliding up your sides and caressing you sweetly before his lips found your own. The kiss was deep and passionate, his tongue invading and dominate you. Teeth tugging at your lower lip and sucking the swollen flesh. 

 "You didn’t listen,” He grumbled, he almost sounded playful. You wondered if he had planned it all, it wouldn’t surprise you. Namjoon was notorious for planning your sexual activities out in his head before ever starting. They usually always went according to his plan. 

 "I didn’t think you would finish twice though,“ This one he did chuckle and you snarled at him earning a light tap against the cheek for making such an angry expression at him. "Turn over, Daddy wants to spank you now,” Namjoon’s voice was back to a serious tone, hands coaxing you to roll over onto your tummy. You obliged, not having much choice, and anticipated what was to come. Spanking as your favorite, but he wasn’t there just yet. 

 Namjoon grabbed your collar and attached the leash tugging experimentally and loving the way you gasped and moaned in response. Then his hands were uncuffing you only to re-cuff your hands behind your back. You grumbled under your breath, but the protest was hushed when he pulled his leash and cut off your windpipe temporarily. Namjoon never held up on it for too long, but always used it to keep you from being a smart-ass while having sex. 

 "On your knees baby girl,“ He coaxed you up, hands urging you into the right position while your face was pushed into the mattress. You would never tell him how much you loved this position because fuck if you would give him the power. God did you love this position though and so did he. You weren’t sure what exactly he was going to do with you though till his hard cock was brushing along your sensitive folds. You were so wet though that he would have no problem sliding in. Your breath stuttered at the thought of him finally filling you, your hips pushing back to meet his soft teasing. Namjoon’s grip on the leash tightened and his breath came out in a shuddered groan, his other hand smooth in up your back before coming down to grope the soft flesh of your ass.  

"Daddy please fuck me,” You finally spoke up, but instead of getting what you wanted as usual you received a sharp smack to the ass. The sting left you gasping and wriggling back into his throbbing member that was still steadily stroking between your soaking folds. 

 "Apologize baby girl,“ Namjoon growled bucking his hips and smacking your ass again. You mined, but didn’t give in. You weren’t about to take back your words when all you had been doing was joking. He wasn’t playing around though and soon Namjoon was yanking the leash till your back was aga isn’t his chest and one hand steady your shoulder. The lack of oxygen was dizzying, but so was the way he rocked against you and bit down on your shoulder. His teeth scraped up your neck before your earlobe was tugged into his mouth. 

 ” I said say sorry, and then I’ll fuck you so well baby. You want that don’t you?“ Namjoon cooed into your ear, there was a hint of demand under his soft, low voice. His chest vibrating against your back and cuffed hands as he spoke. You didn’t want to give in, but damn if you didn’t feel yourself growing hotter with each pass of his throbbing length between your folds and the way his hand pulled the leash tighter making it harder to breathe. Nodding your head you gave in and he let up, leading you back down to the bed in your original position. 

 "I’m sorry for insulting your lyric writing skills Daddy, you’re an amazing lyricists,” You began, feeling him move so his cock was positioned at your entrance, pushing in and out just barely. Coaxing more apologies to rumble from your lips. “I’m sorry for teasing you about your hair and saying it makes you look like pineapple,” You continued, gasping loudly and mining as he eased himself into your wet heat with a heavy groan. His hand came down after, slapping your ass and causing you to moan again. Surprised that this was how he planned to fuck you. 

 "I actually love your hair, you look sexy with any haircut and it’s such a pretty color…fuck…Daddy please,“ You choked on the end of your heartfelt compliment when Namjoon rocked out of you only to slam back in and meet your ass with another heavy smack causing you to bounce against him from impact. Your face would have been buried into the bed if he handle pulled back out and tugged the leash so you could speak more. 

 "You aren’t a noodle, you’re so strong and sexy ahhh,” You struggled to continue as Namjoon picked up his pace. His hips snapping into you while his hand continued to rain down hard slaps to your ass. “I love your style, you dress so well. I’m sorry Daddy, please,” You finished with a desperate whimper as his assault continued. Namjoon’s breath grew heavy as he abandoned spanning you in favor of yanking you up back to chest. Trapping your arms between your bodies and ducking up into you. One hand bed quick and harsh circles into your over sensitive clit while the other tugged on the leash till you were nearly gasping for air. Occasionally letting up just to hear your heavy moans. You loved the dizzy feeling, the pleasure he brought you win each amp of his hips and his heavy moans by your ear chasing you towards your end. 

“You’re such a good girl, now cum with Daddy.” Namjoon groaned, teeth biting into your shoulder as he thrust harder into you causing you to scream his name in pleasure. With a few more heavy thrusts you were both exploding into mind blowing orgasms. His hot liquid shooting into you as your walls clenched skeins him and had him biting harshly into your shoulder surely leaving a mark. You both panted heavily even when he laid you down and began to clean everything up. You hadn’t completely processed when he removed the handcuffs or collar. Not completely in your right state of mind until his hands were hoisting you up and the two of you were headed towards the bathroom to clean up before bed. 

 "You know I love you so much, but you are such a handful,“ He was smiling, lips kissing your temple sweetly and then your nose. Too tuckered out to respond you resorted to childishly sticking your tongue out and blowing a halfhearted raspberry at him. He chuckled again, loving you for your defiant nature, it kept things interesting. 


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