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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any cologne that is subtle yet... not? does that make sense?

Devon says:

My sister wears “men’s” old spice deodorant and you can smell it but it’s not immediately obvious that it’s “men’s” deodorant.

One of my friends wears old spice cologne and I can smell it when I hug him or am sitting close next to him, but not otherwise.

This post has some masculine / neutral perfume suggestions.

I’d say that you could probably use any cologne and just use a small amount of it and it will be subtle.

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 12.18.15

bath and body finds by mulleinandsparrow

this etsy shop has awesome product photography — it entices me to want to try their beauty products!! this rose hydrosol spray hydrates, tones, and freshens. the mint coffee-and-shea butter body exfoliant looks like a great way to relax. i’d love to try both!