body shop

Anita Roddick (1947-2007) was the founder of the cosmetics company The Body Shop, one of the first companies to promote ethical consumerism by banning product testing on animals and encouraging fairtrade with ingredients sourced from third-world countries. She was also a devoted human rights and environmental activist.

She started The Body Shop in 1976, and the company has grown to have two thousand stores all over the world. In 1990 she founded the organization Children on the Edge with the purpose of helping children affected by poverty, conflicts or disabilities.

The Body Shop opposite where I work(ed) have put this poster up in their front window this week as part of their new marketing campaign. They are the closest shop to the main entrance of the shopping mall, and they have angled it so that it points straight at the door, so everyone who comes into the mall will see it. I fully appreciate the poster and its positioning and it cheered me up greatly for my final 2 days of work.


So I got my cancer check and everything came up clean so I figured I’d celebrate by starting my custom respirator (my first ever respirator after 11 years of breathing in lead and other chems). It still needs a lot of work to be finished but its a start for a half ass late night project lol. Its gonna get painted a cute fashionable pink or something just stupidly over the top like a candy black lilac, buffed and polished to a mirror shine.