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My First Yoo : Gong Yoo The Wonderful (Yoo Really Blow My Mind)

He leads me to K-world. Have faith in K-dramas by his acts in my fav, Coffee Prince (2007), then after Dogani a.k.a. Silenced movie; I love him as actor and human, exactly after this interview. Never fan-girling someone ‘till this man (and later there is one Yoo again HAHAHA).

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In my eyes, he is one of the best Korean actor after all. Even I still picky– I don’t love all of his projects. But ohmymy… He is so natural, his hotness is burning, his cuteness is killing, great looking but humble, care to the society as an actor (for his work in Silenced) aaand etc (how can I explain?). Because this man, Mr. Gong Yoo is just too wonderful. My only one Ahjusshi-feels-Oppa lmao (my age gaps with him is 16 years!)

After become uhm… So-so-YouTubers, I pour my obsessions for him, directly! ASAP! Lol can’t hold it.

This is my first fan made video, vol. 1, ‘Wonderful Gong Yoo’.

Btw I really didn’t expect that this video will be hit (in my pov, at least in Gong Yoo fan vid section), so thank you for views and love! Really happy to share with Gong Ji-chul lovers :D love the fact that the song (Casker - Wonderful) attracts people to listen to them too, a must check group!

And this is my second, while healing myself after Goblin withdrawal; ‘Gong Yoo Blow My Mind’.

Blow My Mind is fmv all about Gong Yoo compilation till early 2017. From Gong Yoo photoshoots, CFs to movies and dramas that not included before. This man, Gong Yoo continuously makes me blow my mind and thankfully as a fans could see his hard works so many in this period. So happy that Gong Yoo’s comeback drama (Goblin) is a huge success! And because am losing that doses (2 hours in my mini-screen per week, thank you so much), I’m suffering a great thirsty feeling of him lol. Before celebrating the new generation of his CFs and photo-shoots (after Goblin and his movies), let’s wrap it guys with ‘how this man blow our mind’ by far.

'Yoo’ are wonderful and please continue to blow our mind. I love you! \o/

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