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Stimming is good! Special Interests are good! Normalize autism and body stims~

just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  repost & tag away !


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01. despair.
02. disappointment.
03. inadequacy.
04. sadness.
05. frustration.


01. yellow.
02. black.
03. red.
04. grey.
05. white.


01. blood.
02. metal.
03. dust.
04. leather.
05. shampoo.


01. bracelets.
02. eyepatch.
03. leather half-finger gloves.
04. hand-wrappings.
05. cross.


01. Rocking back on his heels when laughing.
02. Arms crossed over his chest.
03. Squinting his single eye.
04. Flexing fingers.
05. Tense shoulders.


01. the moon.
02. black oceans.
03. bones.
04. churches.
05. the night.

It’s Time for Stimming Positivity!

If you rock by turning your body-

Or by shifting your weight from side to side-

If you flap your hands with stiff wrists-

Or with loose wrists-

You’re great! Body stims are amazing. Kinesthetic stims are a great way to regulate your senses, and they need to be recognized as a good thing. Just because they’re not “cute” stims like glitter or slime or frosting, that doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful and useful and good for you. You’re the only one who knows what kind of stims help you.

Yes, these are GIFS of me.

[Description: (First GIF) A person with glasses and a chewy necklace holds two stuffed animals, a teddy bear and a lamb, while turning quickly back and forth. They then move the head of the lamb stuffie and bury their face in it and rock slightly forward.

(Second GIF) The same person rocks slowly from one side to another with their knees pulled up to their chest and one arm wrapped around them. They drop their head onto the teddy bear and lamb while chewing on their necklace.

(Third Gif) The person flaps their hands for several seconds with stiff wrists, fingers curved slightly backwards. They then cover their mouth, which is still occupied by their chewy necklace, and their nose with their hands and turn quickly from side to side.

(Fourth Gif) The person leans forward to the camera, having dropped their chewy necklace immediately prior, and places it back in their mouth. They then lean back and flap their hands with loose wrists quickly.]

- Mod Ash


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