body rock gif

Good morning stims :)

Image description:
{There is a white, trans masculine person standing up. They are wearing a blue sweatshirt with a yellow rain jacket and playing with a tangle toy in their hands. They have short, straight black hair and have black circle frame glasses. They are stimming by rocking, swaying and bouncing, they are smiling as well.}

Awkward flapping and rocking from an awkward boy

Gif description:
{There is a white trans boy with short black hair and a black beanie on, he is wearing large black circle glasses and a bat chewy necklace, a grey sweatshirt with unreadable navy blue text on it and a navy blue with green plaid button up. He is standing and rocking side to side and flapping is hands with his arms pulled up to his chest.}

Yall im a bit anxious to post some body stim gifs but i hope u like it? :o

I think this is just an idle stim, usually if im feelin extra cozy in my spot

[White autistic person wrapped up in blanket, sitting in bed, rocking back and forth with head tucked]