body redefinition

“On the Devil’s Path” - Kurt/Blaine

Kurt, a successful stage actor, was married to a wealthy businessman who had subtly taken control over every aspect of his life.  After Kurt’s husband pressured him into a life in the country, Blaine was hired to be his personal assistant/bodyguard.

Warnings for: violence, assault, injury, blood, infidelity, and minor character death.


It began like so many other fairy tale romances, with eye contact made across a room at a party. At first glance, Kurt knew his life was about change.  Remy Tarantin was well known in Broadway circles as both a wealthy patron and longstanding lover of the arts.  Being gay in such company was by no means a rarity, and Kurt was not surprised when eye contact led to Remy sliding a glass of champagne into his hand.  By the end of the evening they were in possession of each other’s phone numbers.

It was easy to become smitten with Remy, despite the fact that Kurt had no idea what he did for a living besides “business” and confidently throwing money at whatever hobby or cause struck his fancy.  Remy was the monogamous type, romantic to a fault, but also knew how to relax and have fun, which took the stress out of the getting-to-know-you dating phase.  His financial and social status were constants throughout, but never ostentatious; he was simply a successful business man who adored theater and was becoming invested in Kurt in more ways than one.  

They fell in love.  The sex was fantastic.  The networking opportunities were many.  In only a few short years, Kurt went from the chorus to leading roles.  He learned to ignore the accusations of nepotism, which were common—while it was true Remy was helping to pave the way for him, it was his talent and ambition that carried him along that path.  He was not going to allow jealous tittering to hinder the progress of his career.

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