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ryan hawley is a gift.

if you want someone to cry, call danny miller. i don’t need ryan crying. that’s not robert sugden. i need ryan to keep doing what he’s doing; hit me in the solar plexus with the subtle, heartbreaking teary eyes and crushed expressions. with his protective body gestures and his inability to look anyone in the eye.

why do we need tears when we already have a robert who looks and acts like someone pushed to breaking point?

ryan hawley is magic with what he’s being given (which, admittedly, isn’t the best material at all) and he’s making me believe this at the end of your rope robert sugden, who has no idea what the hell he’s doing or where he’s going. take one look at robert and you know he’s fighting guilt and pressure.

remember those scenes where he wasn’t sleeping and he looked it? remember the scenes pre-aaron drug reveal? the scenes after? ryan hawley doesn’t need to cry to make me buy his emotional decline.

i will fight you on that

Deceiving Looks

Soulless!Sam x Reader

Summary: Although Sam looks exactly the same after returning from the pit, there’s something that’s not quite right. (Set in around Season 6).

Warnings: Angst, mentions of fighting/blood, brief cursing. 

A/N: Well, the votes are in, and Soulless!Sam won by a long shot. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion :) Enjoy some Sammy angst! (P.S. Let me know if there should be a part 2 focusing on Sam’s feelings after getting his soul back!)

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Looks can be deceiving.

He had Sam’s mussy, long locks, his hazel eyes, and his over six foot stature, but he wasn’t your Sam.

Of course, you thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s toner body, but dreadfully, something was missing. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes, he wouldn’t wrap his body protectively around yours, and hell, he wouldn’t even kiss you anymore.

And when you started to reject his rough, unloving touches, you could only watch helplessly as he drifted away from you to countless other willing women. Years of friendship and intimate love flooded down the drain.

Nevertheless, you continued to hunt with Samuel and the others. You didn’t have the heart to reach out to Dean, who was living his cherry pie life elsewhere. Lucky bastard, you think bitterly to yourself.

A loud shriek brings you back to the present. You grip your machete tighter as your booted feet move along the dusty warehouse floor. It’s not long until your group finds the three young brothers who disappeared a week ago. Tied and gagged, the kids, only eight or nine, lay behind bars. 

“Cover me”, you command, sheathing your weapon. You go to the oldest brother first and remove his gag. “We’re going to get you out of here”, you promise, cutting the ropes tying his hands together. 

The second son is freed when you hear the door break down. You hear Samuel mutter a curse before him and most of the group go to attack the vamps flooding in the door. Gwen takes the two boys and runs to safety, while you try to help the youngest escape. 

The ropes won’t seem to cut this time. The loud sound of bloody screams and heads thumping to the ground fills your ears, slightly distracting you. When the ropes finally cut, you realize he’s wounded. His wrist and ankles are bent at sickening angles, the bruises already forming.

“We have to go. Leave him.” Sam’s cold voice sends a shiver down your spine.

You gape in disbelief before reassuring the terrified child. “Sam, no. I’m not leaving him behind.”

He glances over at the feud that your group is obviously losing. Sam shrugs, his angry gaze piercing through you. “Have it your way.”

He and several other hunters flee, leaving you in the dust. You can hear your fast heartbeat through your ears as you decide what to do. 

“Here, get on my back.” You help the boy crawl on your back weakly as you take off into a sprint. You take out a few vamps along the way, but you don’t see the leader in the corner of your eye. He knocks you to the side, the boy crying out in pain as he hits the ground. 

The vamp pins you down, baring his ugly teeth with a waft of stale breath. Your machete is out of reach, and your arms can’t hold him away for longer.

Suddenly, the vamp’s head comes off with a sickening thump, his body slumping on top of you. Your savior, a new hunter in the group named John (ironically), helps you and the boy up. “Hurry, I’ll hold them off.”

You silently thank him, taking off towards the exit again. You sigh in relief when you smell the night air, the scent of freshly fallen rain in the air.

Samuel and the other hunters lead you to the vans parked nearby, where you leave the hell warehouse with the sound of squealing tires.

You and Gwen take the three boys to the hospital, explaining that you had found them in someone’s basement.

All the boys, but especially the youngest, look at you with admiration. That, you decide, is what makes your job worth it.

Your elated feeling dissipates the minute you return to base. The second you get out of the van, a strong arm throws you into the mud. You grunt as you hit the ground, your eyes wide in fear when your see Sam’s once loving eyes turn emotionless. 

“You slow us down”, is all he says before brandishing a small pistol and aiming it at your head. You try to focus on his eyes, hoping it’ll bring some comfort. Although the color is exactly the same, they’re missing the life that’s always blooming in them. Instead, you close your eyes and wait for the nothingness, but it never comes. Samuel had luckily been fast enough to knock the gun out of Sam’s hand.

“Enough. Cool off, Sam”, he orders, pushing him away.

Your heart’s still thumping, even after you stand up and walk away, the mud sticking to your body.

Ah, yes. Looks can be deceiving. 

Part 2?

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Jamie and Claire having loud sexy times at lallybroch when they return. Set before The Watch appears.

Claire had noticed Jamie’s need to be physically close to her, lightly touching her, throughout the day. She felt a slight buzzing at the point of contact before it traveled to coil in her belly. The warmth already at the point of overwhelming her but it was hours before they could be together to remedy the situation. She would have to focus on more serious concerns - preparing Lallybroch and its families for the famine that would be at their door all too soon.

Jamie had listened to Ian and Jenny attest to the dastardly things the Redcoats had done to the surrounding estates and their tenants, especially the women. At their wedding, he had sworn an oath of his body to protect Claire and he would carry that out against the Crown if need be. His desire for, and need to be with her, was becoming too powerful to deny.  He quickly apologized and pardoned himself from their tactical planning.

After searching for what felt like an eternity they finally located each other by the grain mill. She had been speaking to the miller about tactics to keep vermin away from his grain. He didn’t have a concern for why she was there but how promptly he could undo the belt that held his plaid to free it from his body.

Claire saw to the offending piece of leather and metal with ease as the woolen fabric fell to the ground. Just as effortlessly, Jamie undid her stays to throw them aside with some flourish.

“You weren’t here,” she said in between ardent kisses. “I needed you. I still do need you. I need you inside me now!”

He lay her down on their clothing as he rucked up her shift. She scrambled to tug at his shirt and position him between her legs. Jamie buried himself inside her with delicate reverence, his body responding to her own eagerness.

They both cried out as they soon hit a fevered pitch of pleasurable pain.

“I do love you so James Fraser!” she panted.

“And I, you mo nighean donn.”

  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold

i love the third years

The Fire Signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Split open by light

In the beginning, there was Fire. First we have Aries - the big bang. The eruption of light, emulsion and stardust into something beautiful, surging and gorgeously primitive. Then we had the Sun. We had Leo. The warmth of God’s unconditional love, the nourishment of soul and body, the protective force, and the bedazzling energy rays. And finally, Sagittarius bursts with conscious intuition, the broad spectrum of understanding and knowledge, the spindle of enlightenment, the pinnacle of free will and cosmic vision. The Fire signs are the beacons of flame throwing and extroverted creativity. They have the Earth knowledge of nature particles and the energy to manifest earthly magic. They have the Air mental power, fresh curiosity, and ability to float above the emotional bed of tears. And they have the Watery divine instincts, the action that follows intuitive impulse, the loss of body as the soul takes flight.

Aries is the brand new cosmic breath that replays the baby’s first giggle. This is the moment of first breath when the astrological imprints entangle in our psyche. Then we have the battle for individuality and self worth in Leo - and this process creates group consciousness. In Sagittarius, the ego has died, repeatedly in Scorpio and finally risen with his spiritual third eye spinning in imaginative and esoteric dance. In archetype, we have Cardinal Aries - a pioneering dragon who breathes heavenly fire to dissolve the boundaries and push the limits further. With the sunlight leaking from his bones, Fixed Leo emits the global solar power and navigates his way into the spotlight, encouraging focus into the creative talents of man, the supple beauty of the body and the artistic, theatrical exquisiteness that springs from the human hand. Mutable Sagittarius is the rainbow chameleon, the dream weaver that spends his days in the stars, dreaming and dreaming from today until tomorrow, quivering his bow and arrow into the clouds as he paves the way for the manifestation of fantasy in the Midheaven.

The Fire signs represent the moment of initiation, when we start breathing (Aries), when we start exhibiting and loving (Leo), and when we start understanding (Sagittarius). With Fire, we are specifically speaking of intuition, and the strokes of divine purpose. The Aries newborn still stitched in the protective arms of God. Leo, who thinks he is a God in human form. And Sagittarius, who aggressively seeks an intimacy with God that leads him on a trail through philosophy, psychology, astrology, and religious history. The Fire individual rarely looks for a deity or a spirit guide to dictate him purpose and direction. He expresses, explodes from his own, pure emanating source, the guru that sits and waits within

art: Vladimir Volegov *

What DID is and isn't

Dissociative identity disorder (and another catch-all dissociative disorder) are the only disorders that create systems/alters. Personality disorders/psychosis do not create systems/alters. “Multiple personality disorder” is incorrect and many will find it offensive, it’s not used anymore.

PTSD (more specifically, CPTSD) is required for DID. Everyone with DID has experienced repeated severe trauma before the age of about 8. Dissociation is a core component of DID. To be diagnosed with DID, two or more separate personality states (or alters) must periodically front (or be “in control”). These alters are formed through severe trauma and are generally made to protect the body in some way. Some of these alters are child alters, who are stuck in a state of severe childhood trauma- this is never acceptable to make fun of. The majority of people with DID will attempt suicide, largely due to poor education and help for the disorder. People with DID are no more likely to commit crimes than anyone else.

Actually, you have likely met people with DID before and not noticed. Dissociation is the primary symptom, not switching alters, and typically switches are done without great distinction and few signs.

Sybil is not good representation. Split is not good representation. If you have questions about DID, you are welcome to direct them here.

Split is offensive and is capitalizing off of child abuse and resorting to awful, outdated tropes to horrify an audience at the expense of an entire community. This is not okay. Do not support Split.

Taako and Merle warning Magnus about the risks of taking his body back is just so raw and perfect. The boys got lost in their characters and I was completely enveloped in the story.

Like my boy Trav deserves a metal for consistently making my cry during this campaign.

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P