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People really hate you for loving yourself 🤔The #bodypositive movement has been mocked by so many and I’ve felt almost embarrassed by it and never thought I’d make a post explaining my journey to self love and positivity.

Ofcourse as a fat darkskin women I’ve heard my fair share of hate and ridicule in my everday life, but never online. I’ve learned to surround myself with like minded people who understand media manipulation and marketing targeted at women to make them hate themselves for corporate greed. 💅

A few days ago I was getting dressed to go to the park with my five year old neice and she asked me “why are you so fat?” Ofcourse my first reaction was to laugh because it was hilarious! Why am I so fat!? But then she processed to say “you used to look normal and know you’re so big”.

Normal. I was never “normal”. I’ve been fat my entire life except for two years in high school when I spent half the time starving myself and the other half purging my food. It was the word normal that triggered such an intense emotion. I tried to figure out a away to explain to this little five year old girl that fat is normal. It’s my normal and it’s ok. Because in just her five years on earth she’s already been taught that it isn’t. And all of my life I have been taught that it isn’t until I switched my narrative and realized that for me it is.

Screw all the “but your health” creeps. No one gave a damn about my health when I went days without eating and had a ‘healthy" bmi. No one cares until you choose to live your life without the “rules” that have been engraved in us like stone. So yea I think my fat stomach, stretch marks and flabby arms are beautiful and you know what you can kiss if you don’t!🍑

What Happened Today in Chem. Lab.
  • Friend 1:I really like this bathing suit but I'm not comfortable with my body. (This friend has the perfect hour glass figure)
  • Friend 2:That bathing suit looks really good. You should get it. You would look perfect in it. I wish I could wear bathing suits like you can but I'm fat. (This friend is skinny as a twig.)
  • The conversation continued with them talking about bathing suits they liked but were uncomfortable wearing. I was silent but finally I decided I had had enough.
  • Me:Be glad y'all can wear a bathing suit and not look crooked as a C.
  • Friend 1:What do you mean?
  • Friend 2:She has scoliosis.
  • Me:My spine is curved and so I look extrenely crooked. So when I wear bathing suits I wear a baggy T-shirt. Be lucky you don't look like that.
  • They both shut up and had the decency to look ashamed. And I know I shouldn't be angry at them but I would kill for their body types and they were being ungrateful to be perfect. I know everyone has body image issues but you can fix most body issues without surgery, I can't though and neither can countless others.

What it’s like to be on your period:
• When you feel your hormones changing, but don’t know what’s causing it.
•Being shocked when your period changes dates because you’re around different girls.
•Having to change bathrooms to finish cleaning yourself up/getting more supplies, because the first bathroom you were in doesn’t have any pads or tampons.
•having to stuff a lot of toilet paper into your underwear because you’re out or at a friend/S.O.’s place.
•Crying when your S.O.’s face gets scratched by a cat and you can’t control your tears.
•Unimaginable pain in almost every core part of your body.
•Being horny af.
•not wanting sex, before/after being horny af.

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jisoo, our pretty, beautiful noodle, has great arms

oh hell yeah he does….

he freakin does …………….. 

I really want to cosplay Ryuko’s battle outfit from kill la kill…problem is I’m not comfortable with my body My belly and thighs are too big ..and I know I’m just gunna keep getting fatter since I work at McDonald’s and college food..I rode my bike to get lunch at McDonald’s and I was just so beat like I never want to do it again so desperate times call for desperate measures I tried throwing up..but all I was getting was spit. I seriously don’t know what to do :(

stretch marks are normal

stretch marks are normal

stretch marks are normal

Really. It doesn’t even require gaining/losing a lot of weight, I’ve always been underweight and I have them too. I know the media would never want to admit that they’re totally common and probably at least half, if not more, of us have them because then they couldn’t sell us a product that doesn’t work, in the hopes we’ll keep buying it because we’re told we’re not good enough, and maybe one day the product will actually work. Nobody “beautiful” has stretch marks, ew! You’re weird, you should get rid of those. Buy this and you’ll look and feel better.

But that’s not true. I got tired of hiding them, wearing swimming shorts instead of bikinis, concealing them when cosplaying, throwing money at products in a fruitless attempt to minimize them, and being afraid to admit I have them to others. But, I’ve met more people that have them than those that don’t. It’s an incredibly average and normal thing to have. Like, as probably as average as visible body hair, but much harder to get rid of! I just gave in and accepted it’s who I am, as permanent on me as my birthmarks, freckles, and moles, and not really worth worrying about or even hiding! If I want to wear that bikini, the only thing stopping me is me.

I just want you to know that it’s okay to rock yours too. In fact, the more of us that do bare them, the more we’ll come to see it as perfectly normal… ;3