ok honestly bless fat guys. bless boys with pudgy stomachs and bless boys with chubby cheeks. bless boys with thick thighs. bless curvy boys and bless soft boys. bless big boys who were never good at pe. bless the fat boys who were made fun of in school. if you’re a chubby boy then guess what: you look great today and i love you. your body is wonderful and so are you 🍑🌟❣️✨❤️💫💌

I’m a strong cis woman, who is also a little curvy, or as I say chubby. I have been insecure about being built bigger than many women I see represented for as long as I can remember. This week my cis boyfriend was laying on the couch and asked if I could carry him to bed, so I squat down, pick him up princess style and walk him to the bedroom and lay him down, no problem. We went out to eat yesterday and arm wrestled while waiting as a joke because we both know who wins every time. Then tonight, we buy groceries and plan to walk back to my place and we have like 7 bags of stuff (canned beans and the heavy works included) and I’m carrying 5 of the bags (including the heaviest one) and walking no problem. I do not lift regularly. I eat a vegan diet. I am a viking goddess with the curves to prove it. Please love your body, it has purpose.

hey guys! SMILE 😁😁😁 so, the other day i went for an assessment for therapy and the therapist asked me what one of my coping mechanisms are, and i explained about my body positivity blog. i said about how i try to help people feel positive about themselves and that helps me in turn, and i told her about the people that i follow who are also positive so that helps me to stay positive, and we are just all spreading positivity. she thought that was so cool, and i just wanted to say thank you ALL OF YOU. thank you for spreading positivity, even though i know it’s hard to sometimes to keep it up when you don’t feel like it, but i always see you all being positive, and staying strong, and i honestly follow the best bunch of people. thank you for helping me to love myself, just by again spreading that positivity, but also i see all your beautiful bodies and beautiful personalities, and how much you want to love yourselves, and it makes me happy to love myself. i don’t know how to explain, but i’m trying my best. i just want to let you all know that you help me so much, with your words, your pictures, your stories. and, i honestly LOVE every single one of you. you are all amazing people, and i’m glad to have found this life changing website, and start my blog with all your lovely support. let’s spread the love!!! 💗


For some of the boys out there who are feeling insecure about their bodies, I want you to look at some Olympic athletes:

Mo Farah, 10000m gold medal winner. He’s quite small and doesn’t have huge muscles. But he’s still a champion

Lasha Talakhadze, weightlifting gold medal winner. He’s not skinny; he clearly has body fat and a rounded face. But he’s still a champion 

Kōhei Uchimura, gymnastics gold medal winner. He’s muscular, but is only 1.61m tall (5ft 3″). But he’s still a champion 

So what I’m trying to say is that men and boys are often given expectations to be muscular, thin and tall - the diversity in male Olympics athletes shows that you absolutely do not need to be all/any of those things to be valid. You and your body are valid no matter what.