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I’m having one of my down days where I’m not comfortable in my own skin again, and that’s okay. It happens. But if any of you are having that sorta day too, I want you to all know that you’re beautiful even when you can’t see it yourself. You’re all worthy of love and self care. You deserve happiness💖

Learning to love myself

Sometimes I wonder why society tells us only thin figures are beautiful. Why can’t everyone be beautiful. I scroll through my Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and all I see is girls who’s bones are the most noticeable thing about them. And for years and years I have tried my hardest to look like them. I starved myself and threw up when I ate and I punished myself for wanting food. But why? I’m healthy. I have little chubby bits but that makes me me and I am so tired of being held to the standard that thin is the only beauty in this world. I have been ashamed to even leave my house at times solely because of my weight. I have been shamed by boys and men for not being so skinny that my bones are showing. On my senior prom night I was told by a group of boys that I should not go to prom because I would not fit in my prom dress. I am not obese. I am 160 pounds and I am healthy. I know I am not the only person who has been shamed based on their appearance and I for one am so fed up with society. It is sickening to me that people are okay with saying such hurtful things to young girls who already are suffering to find their identity in this world. I want to let all of you know, no matter your size, you are beautiful. Curves are beautiful just like thin figures. We all have our things but that makes us who we are. Please don’t let people bring down your spirit. I know I am so far from being happy with my body, but little by little I’m learning to love myself ♥️

anonymous asked:

Hey! Love your hc's!! I was wondering how you'd think snape would react to walking in on his SO at her worst, standing in front of a mirror in her underwear, silently crying because of how much she hates her body and just everything abt herself?

He’d kiss her whole body and focus on the bits of her she’s extra self-conscious about and tell her that even if she doesn’t love it, he does, and hopefully, that counts for something.

You don’t have to love yourself to be loved, anon.  Making peace with yourself takes time.  In the meantime, what harm will it do to allow others to love you?


Body Positivity, day 27:
Today, I’m thankful for my ability to dance. I mean, I totally don’t do it well, but it’s so much fun. And so maybe I looked like a drowned rat when I went to Walmart after dancing in the rain, but it made me so indescribably happy.

So, as always, here’s to my very unique form of dancing. It keeps me young and makes me so, so happy.