*pretty people DO eat*

Hello everyone!!! My heart is so full after seeing that so many other people were on board with the idea of revamping/reclaiming the google search images for ‘pretty girls eat.’ If you didn’t read the post, you can do so here.

Sorry I’ve been hella busy these past couple of weeks, but I’m finally free and incredibly excited to do this!!! For the sake of organization, I will explain how this will work in bullet points.

• first and foremost, i would LOVE for this to be gender inclusive! this is open to absolutely everyone, regardless of gender identity 

• so on saturday, june 27 post your cutest & prettiest selfies of you enjoying food! mark your calendars and find some good selfie lighting!

• make sure to caption and tag your selfies with #PrettyGirlsEat, #PrettyBoysEat, or however you identify

• all day, reblog other selfies and spread this all over the internet!! don’t confine this to only tumblr! i’ll be tracking the tags on here, instagram, and twitter

please signal boost this!! my blog is fairly new and does not have many followers, so I really do need your help in getting this message across.

• lastly, thank you to everyone who participates!

• PS: i’ll make a reminder post closer to the day of the event


“thighs” by Desireé Dallagiacomo

“my thighs hope your thighs have a great day”

It doesn’t matter who you are, it feels like everyone has something to say about your appearance. It’s strange because on one hand I am shocked and on the other it doesn’t surprise me one bit. We’re conditioned our entire lives to think that there is a type of body that is good. A body that is acceptable. It’s thin but has curves. It’s slender but muscular. It’s not too short or too tall. It has smooth skin and is free of imperfections. It’s completely hairless except for where it counts. It’s perfectly proportionate. If it’s not perfectly proportionate we can fix that with surgery, invasive painful procedures, drugs or starvation diets.

See no one tells you that whatever your body is, right now, is good. All we have is right now. We don’t have time to bank on waiting until next summer to be beautiful. When you get there I promise you it will feel no different. If you’ve been feeding your body fuel and treating it with care you might feel healthier. But self love can be learned at any stage and I’m living proof. At the highest weight I have ever been I started really living my life. That alone speaks volumes.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is this. If someone is so shallow that they pass judgement on your appearance you do not need them in your life. Plain and simple. Be you and truly love yourself enough to treat your mind and body with kindness and I swear things will fall into place.


TOP 5 SHYB Frequently Asked Questions:

5) What can I wear to conceal trouble areas/flatter my body?

I want to steer away from the idea that we should be hiding our insecurities and try to learn how to embrace them. There’s probably many spaces online that have that kind of advice on “what to wear” but personally I am making an effort to be body positive and wear anything I like shamelessly. I will be practicing being proud of the body I am in when I am in it. I will be proud of my love handles, I will be proud of my hips and thighs. 

My body is not a mistake or inappropriate. My body is just that, mine. It doesn’t have to please you nor do you have to like it but you will acknowledge it. I refuse to lay low or fade into the background because it makes you “uncomfortable.” Don’t let anyone take your shine or make you feel like you don’t have a right to exist just because you are fat. You are worthy.


so I’ve only had this account holytolido for about a month almost and I have loved every bit of owning my body. you guys are all so tremendous and I thank you all so much! here are some shots where I remain in profile!
to extend on myself, I am very adventurous and I love to go on hikes and explorations and I love to read and I love to cook and bake and there’s so much more I can’t wait to share with you all!

I never understood men’s obsessions with certain female body types. There is a benefit to literally every conceivable body option. 

Big Boobs: Wonderful, amazing pillows of fun
Medium Boobs: Fit perfectly in your hands
Small Boobs: Her chest is not WRECKING HER SPINE
Long Hair: Flows in the wind like a glorious mane, also really easy to grab a handful and tug on
Short Hair: Less time washing, can also be cute or fierce
Flat Stomach: You can get closer to each other
Tummy: Soft and fun to kiss and cuddle
Narrow Hips: You can sit closer on the couch and watch a movie
Wide Hips: A little something extra to hold on to

I can keep going but this is going to get really long. There is not a natural aspect of the human body you can not find some wonderful benefit of.