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The Signs Body Part Association and Ruling Characteristics
  • Aries: The Face and Head (first/top) -
  • Functions best when they act on first impulse; rules being first, leading by aggressive self assertion and action without forethought.
  • Taurus: Neck and Voice (stabilizes the head) -
  • Functions best through concentration and stubborn adherence to a preconceived plan; rules practicality, dependency and productivity through methodical patience.
  • Gemini: The Hands (restless)-
  • Functions best when doing two or more things at once; rules duality through superficial communication and restless learning, feels two emotions at once.
  • Cancer: Lungs, Breasts, and Stomach (nourishment) -
  • Functions best when they feel secure; rules our roots(feelings, intuition, nurturing, caution, security) through emotional attachment to home and family.
  • Leo: The Heart and the Lower Back(holds them erectly proud, bends to no one) -
  • Functions best when they are proud of their actions and are respected for it; rules 'ruling' itself through prideful pleasures and splendor.
  • Virgo: The Intestines (ability to digest a situation) -
  • Functions best when their intelligence for criticism is used constructively; rules analyzation and health in consequence of worry for efficiency and sacrifice for productivity.
  • Libra: The Kidneys and Diaphragm (center of body) -
  • Functions best when in pursuit of balance and harmony; rules relationships, diplomacy, beauty, and art by virtue of refined unity and intellectual social values.
  • Scorpio: The Genitals (resurrection) -
  • Functions best they can use their power to get to the core of a matter without regard of diplomacy; rules intensity by the indulgence of sex, power, change, and mystery.
  • Sagittarius: The Thighs (mobility) -
  • Functions best when they are learning and teaching; rules travel that expands their philosophies through exploration of foreign knowledge.
  • Capricorn: Bones, Teeth, Skin, Nails, (solid structures that keep us together) and the Knees (rigid to hold us erect) -
  • Functions best when they can apply a dedicated, focused approach to achieve a goal that is recognized by society; rules the conservative, disciplined climb to the top through a permanent foundation.
  • Aquarius: The Ankles and Wrists(most unrestricted joints) -
  • Functions best when obtaining an outlet for their yearning to change the world and improve it for the welfare of humanity; rules innovative ideas and freedom for humanity by detached emotions and rebellion.
  • Pisces: The Feet (helps stay grounded; connects human to earth) -
  • Functions best when they are serving and connected to the entirety of existence in this world and the next; rules negation of individual ego through positive means(self
  • sacrifice, philanthropy, faith in divinity) and negative means(escapism, drugs, and alcohol). Also rules connection; touch the ocean and link to all lands the ocean touches.

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Inktober 11: Run

“Coming to you live – haha! just kidding, coming to you undead! – at the 147th annual Necromancer’s Body Part Run.

“And they are OFF and its Disembodied Hand that takes an early lead to the surprise of Ghost and Foot – who was a surefire shoe in!

“Disembodied Hand is closing in! Disembodied Hand is almost there and Hand is gonna win by a fing– WHAT IS THIS?!




astrology of the human body

aries: head, eyes, cerebrum, face | prone to migraines, eye problems, fevers

taurus: neck, cerebellum, throat | prone to neck/throat issues, loss of voice

gemini: arms, lungs, hands | prone to asthma, nerve diseases, anemia 

cancer: chest, diaphragm, stomach | prone to digestive problems

leo: heart, spinal cord | prone to heart problems, high or low blood pressure

virgo: intestines, solar plexus, abdomen | prone to intestinal disoders, anxiety

libra: kidneys, loins, lumbar vertebrae, back | prone to spine and kidney trouble

scorpio: bladder, genitals | prone to problems w/sex organs, hidden ailments

sagittarius: thighs, hips, liver | prone to sciatica, inflammatory issues

capricorn: hair, skin, teeth, joints | prone to dental/skin problems, arthritis

aquarius: ankles, circulation, calves | prone to muscle spasms, poor circulation

pisces: toes, feet, thalamus | prone to lethargy, infections, addiction


“Having identified as a gay man most of my adult life, the last few years I have realized that both my sexuality and gender are fluid. This has been so liberating for me because I never fit into the binary of man/woman or gay/straight anyway.

I feel more comfortable existing in the grey area and I encourage anyone who feels like the status quo doesn’t represent them to join me. You may feel broken or separate but when you look through a kaleidoscope, suddenly all of those broken bits and pieces create a beautiful image.”

So, here is my first german vocab post, as promised! Let’s get started with a classic: body parts! 

  • die Menschen - people 
  • der Mann - male
  • die Frau - female
  • der Hals - neck
  • der Kopf - head 
  • die Brust - breast/chest
  • der Bauch - abdomen
  • die Taille - waist 
  • der Nabel - navel
  • der Unterarm - forearm
  • die Hüfte - hip
  • die Geschlechtsteile - genitals
  • die Leiste - groin
  • das Bein - leg 
  • der Oberschenkel - thigh
  • das Knie - knee
  • das Schienbein - shin
  • der Fuß - foot
  • der Arm - arm
  • der Nacken - nape of neck
  • der Rücken - back
  • die Achselhöhle - armpit
  • das Kreuz - small of back 
  • der Ellbogen - elbow 
  • das Handgelenk - wrist 
  • die Schulter - shoulder 
  • die Hand - hand
  • der Mittelfinger - middle finger
  • der Ringfinger - ring finger
  • der Zeigefinger - index finger
  • der kleine Finger - little finger
  • der Daumen - thumb
  • der Fingernagel - finger nail
  • die Nagelhaut - cuticle
  • die Faust - fist
  • der Handknöchel - knuckle
  • der Zeh - toe
  • der Ballen - foot ball
  • die Fußsohle = foot sole
  • das Gewölbe = foot arch
  • der Spann = foot instep
  • der große Zeh = big toe
  • der Zehennagel = toenail
  • der kleine Zeh = little toe
  • der Fußrücken = foot bridge
  • die Hinterbacke - buttock
  • die Wade - calf
  • die Ferse - heel
  • der Knöchel - ankle

You can find the face vocab here 

Body parts in Georgian

სახე (saxe) - face
თვალი (tvali) - eye
ცხვირი (cxviri) - nose
პირი (p’iri) - mouth
ტუჩი (t’uchi) - lip
კბილი (k’bili) - tootth
ენა (ena) - tongue
ყური (quri) - ear
მკერდი (mk’erdi) - chest, breast
მკლავი (mk’lavi) - arm
ხელი (xeli) - hand
თითი (titi) - finger
მაჯა (maja) - wrist
იდაყვი (idaqvi) - elbow 
გული (guli) - heart
მუცელი (muceli) - belly
კუჭი (k’uch’i) - stomach
ფეხი (pexi) - leg
ტერფი (t’erpi) - foot
მუხლი (muxli) - knee
კოჭი (k’och’i) - ankle