• Aries:I am the head. I am your sense of smell, taste, sight, and sound. Life wouldn’t be so fun without me.
  • Taurus:Well, I’m the neck. You can’t do much with a broken neck.
  • Gemini:And I am the arms, your hands, your fingers. Without me, there would be no writing, painting, music, or loving.
  • Cancer:I am the breasts and stomach. It’s hard to conceive and care for a child without me, so there goes the entire human race.
  • Leo:I am the spine and heart. You can exist as spineless or heartless, but everyone will hate you for it.
  • Virgo:So? I am the kidneys, liver, and stomach. I keep your body from becoming a toxic wasteland.
  • Libra:I am the hips. I keep things balanced, but I break easily because I’m fragile and difficult to replace.
  • Scorpio:I am the genitals. Need I say more?
  • Sagittarius:I am the thighs. I’ll get you to where you’re going, and I’ll jiggle every step of the way.
  • Capricorn:I am the knees. I am constantly in pain
  • Aquarius:I am the ankles. Fragile but everyone insists putting the weight of the world on me.
  • Pisces:I am the feet. Without me, there would be one less weird fetish in the world. Also I occasionally smell bad

“Having identified as a gay man most of my adult life, the last few years I have realized that both my sexuality and gender are fluid. This has been so liberating for me because I never fit into the binary of man/woman or gay/straight anyway.

I feel more comfortable existing in the grey area and I encourage anyone who feels like the status quo doesn’t represent them to join me. You may feel broken or separate but when you look through a kaleidoscope, suddenly all of those broken bits and pieces create a beautiful image.”

The Signs' Ruling Body Parts
  • Aries:Head, Face, Brain
  • Taurus:Neck, Throat, Larynx, Tonsils, Jugular Veins
  • Gemini:Shoulders, Arms, Fingers, Lungs, Upper Ribs
  • Cancer:Stomach, Diaphragm, Breasts, Lymph System
  • Leo:Heart, Aorta, Back, Spinal Cord
  • Virgo:Large and Small Intestines, Pancreas
  • Libra:Kidneys, Equilibrium, Balance
  • Scorpio:Nose, Genitals, Colon, Blood, Urethra
  • Sagittarius:Hips, Thighs, Liver, Veins, Femur Bones, Sacral Region
  • Capricorn:Teeth, Bones, Kneecaps, Skin
  • Aquarius:Lower Legs, Ankles, Varicose Veins, Circulatory System
  • Pisces:Feet, Toes

thru Apr 25:

From the Vow Made
 Janine Antoni

Luhring Augustine Gallery, 531 W24th St., NYC

Janine Antoni’s solo exhibition includes a collection of seven sculptural works and a video collaboration with choreographer Stephen Petronio. These new works emerge from her study of milagros, sculptural votive offerings used in latin cultures. Ranging from body parts to domestic objects, milagros are often hung in churches as symbols of things in life requiring prayer, healing and protection. Antoni’s milagros are prayers for embodiment.

The Signs' Favorite Body Part Of Their Partner
  • Aries:Their butt
  • Taurus:Their boobs/chest
  • Gemini:Their vagina/penis
  • Cancer:Their smile
  • Leo:Their hair
  • Virgo:Their muscles
  • Libra:Their nose
  • Scorpio:Their eyes
  • Sagittarius:Their neck/throat
  • Capricorn:Their hips/pelvis
  • Aquarius:Their feet
  • Pisces:Their hands

If you’re in the health science field and haven’t already, eventually you will have to know how to give injections. This is a very common practice and there are plenty of people that cant stand the thought of needles especially inserting it into a person. Its very important you get it right or else it could lead to damages. Here are some tips on inserting needles the right way.