body parts

Body Parts in French

Corps - body (m)
Les cheveux - hair (pl)
Tête - head (f)
Visage - face (m)
Oeil - eye (m)
Yeux - eyes (pl)
Nez - nose (m)
Joue - cheek (f)
Bouche - mouth (f)
Lèvre - lip (f)
Dent - tooth (f)
Oreille - ear (f)
Cou - neck (m)
Poitrine - chest (f)
Estomac - stomach (m)
Bras - arm (m)
Épaule - shoulder (f)
Coude - elbow (m)
Poignet - wrist (m)
Main - hand (f)
Doigt - finger (m)
Ongle - fingernail (m)
Pouce - thumb (m)
Dos - back (m)
Jambe - leg (f)
Cheville - ankle (f)
Pied - foot (m)
Orteil - toe (m)

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Even though Jin is known for his broad shoulders. His eyes are very dreamy. If you think you won’t fall hard, you’re wrong. Add in his eyebrows always being on point and you might find him wrecking your bias.

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His best body part are his hands. He’s known for destroying things, misplacing them, and stealing his members things (nothing serious). BUT no one talks about how gentle he his. Or how he puts in a lot of effort for whatever he does. His hand are his best quality, because even though sometimes he might break things he still has a gentle touch. (this was hard, because he’s my bias and i think everything about him is amazing)

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LLLLLLLEEEEEEGGGGGSSSSSSSS. Have you seen Suga’s legs? Have you fucking seen them? He could wear booty shorts every single day and NO ONE IN THE WORLD WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM. His legs could cure morning breath. 

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To be honest J-Hope has so many parts that are just lovable. But his secret dimples are the best quality about him. Why are they called secret dimples? Because they only come out when he makes the nom nom face. You will be put in a trance with just a glace at the nom nom face. Those dimples could kill. (also can we talk about suga in the fuckin’ background being me at any social event…)

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We all know what his best feature is. His butt (and bonus his thighs). Its not a surprise that Jimin has the best butt in BTS. Their are videos dedicated to showing his butt. Honestly his butt could have its own fan signing. We all wanna grab it at least once, just to say we touched the sacred butt.

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Closest thing to touching clouds would be touching V’s lips. Secretly we all know V knows how to make us quiver by just licking his lips or gently grazing them. You can’t deny that when that deep, strong voice pushes pass those lip you want to remove all of your clothes and have him draw you like one of his french girls.

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If you’re a fan of veins then you’ll agree. Jungkook’s best body part are his arms. His arms are big and veiny. You just want him to scoop you up in his arms and never let you go. We all need a Jungkook in our lives, someone who can just pick you up and whisk you away like Superman.

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The Signs Body Part Association and Ruling Characteristics
  • Aries: The Face and Head (first/top) -
  • Functions best when they act on first impulse; rules being first, leading by aggressive self assertion and action without forethought.
  • Taurus: Neck and Voice (stabilizes the head) -
  • Functions best through concentration and stubborn adherence to a preconceived plan; rules practicality, dependency and productivity through methodical patience.
  • Gemini: The Hands (restless)-
  • Functions best when doing two or more things at once; rules duality through superficial communication and restless learning, feels two emotions at once.
  • Cancer: Lungs, Breasts, and Stomach (nourishment) -
  • Functions best when they feel secure; rules our roots(feelings, intuition, nurturing, caution, security) through emotional attachment to home and family.
  • Leo: The Heart and the Lower Back(holds them erectly proud, bends to no one) -
  • Functions best when they are proud of their actions and are respected for it; rules 'ruling' itself through prideful pleasures and splendor.
  • Virgo: The Intestines (ability to digest a situation) -
  • Functions best when their intelligence for criticism is used constructively; rules analyzation and health in consequence of worry for efficiency and sacrifice for productivity.
  • Libra: The Kidneys and Diaphragm (center of body) -
  • Functions best when in pursuit of balance and harmony; rules relationships, diplomacy, beauty, and art by virtue of refined unity and intellectual social values.
  • Scorpio: The Genitals (resurrection) -
  • Functions best they can use their power to get to the core of a matter without regard of diplomacy; rules intensity by the indulgence of sex, power, change, and mystery.
  • Sagittarius: The Thighs (mobility) -
  • Functions best when they are learning and teaching; rules travel that expands their philosophies through exploration of foreign knowledge.
  • Capricorn: Bones, Teeth, Skin, Nails, (solid structures that keep us together) and the Knees (rigid to hold us erect) -
  • Functions best when they can apply a dedicated, focused approach to achieve a goal that is recognized by society; rules the conservative, disciplined climb to the top through a permanent foundation.
  • Aquarius: The Ankles and Wrists(most unrestricted joints) -
  • Functions best when obtaining an outlet for their yearning to change the world and improve it for the welfare of humanity; rules innovative ideas and freedom for humanity by detached emotions and rebellion.
  • Pisces: The Feet (helps stay grounded; connects human to earth) -
  • Functions best when they are serving and connected to the entirety of existence in this world and the next; rules negation of individual ego through positive means(self
  • sacrifice, philanthropy, faith in divinity) and negative means(escapism, drugs, and alcohol). Also rules connection; touch the ocean and link to all lands the ocean touches.
Body parts in Georgian

სახე (saxe) - face
თვალი (tvali) - eye
ცხვირი (cxviri) - nose
პირი (p’iri) - mouth
ტუჩი (t’uchi) - lip
კბილი (k’bili) - tootth
ენა (ena) - tongue
ყური (quri) - ear
მკერდი (mk’erdi) - chest, breast
მკლავი (mk’lavi) - arm
ხელი (xeli) - hand
თითი (titi) - finger
მაჯა (maja) - wrist
იდაყვი (idaqvi) - elbow 
გული (guli) - heart
მუცელი (muceli) - belly
კუჭი (k’uch’i) - stomach
ფეხი (pexi) - leg
ტერფი (t’erpi) - foot
მუხლი (muxli) - knee
კოჭი (k’och’i) - ankle


“Having identified as a gay man most of my adult life, the last few years I have realized that both my sexuality and gender are fluid. This has been so liberating for me because I never fit into the binary of man/woman or gay/straight anyway.

I feel more comfortable existing in the grey area and I encourage anyone who feels like the status quo doesn’t represent them to join me. You may feel broken or separate but when you look through a kaleidoscope, suddenly all of those broken bits and pieces create a beautiful image.”