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I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier the other day. It was a cool costume.

This was both my first time using my new Mehron paints (which I LOVE) and my first ever attempt at body painting. Turns out painting your own arm is REALLY hard.

Mehron Paradise paints

EDIT: have been getting questions about the clothes - they’re paint, not a costume :)


The approach of Halloween is the perfect time to check out some of the latest awesome optical illusions created by Japanese art student Hikaru Cho, aka Chooo-San (previously featured here). Chooo-San uses nothing but acrylic paint to transform herself and others into impossibly altered people, including cyborgs, animal/human hybrids, human dolls, and people who look like dreams come to life, with flowers faces or bodies disintegrating into a swam of butterflies.

Chooo-San’s analog creations are a response to the overuse of technology in artwork. “I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers,” she told Daily Mail, “and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop.”

Follow Chooo-San right here on Tumblr at @hikaruchoofficial to check out more of her outstanding artwork.

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Artist Lara Hawker lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she’s taught herself how to paint faces and bodies with awesome results that range from delightful to outright terrifying. That cute little kitty clearly isn’t a fan of Attack on Titan. Hawker recently participated in the Body Art Rocks Convention in Wellington, NZ where she won the Advanced Face Art category with this amazing animorph piece.

Head over to Lara’s DeviantART page or follow her here on Tumblr larahawker to check out more of her fantastic body painting.

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Photographer Captures the Cosmic Effect UV Light Has on Glowing Makeup

In a “Neon Dream,” photographer Adriano Rodrigues captures the cosmic beauty of special makeup effect’s reaction to UV light. A 7-hour effort, he teamed up with Breeanna Nichols and model Sarah Luke, he portrays the alien-like and iridescent beauty, which is both ethereal and chilling.


The Department of Astonishing Optical illusions can’t take their eyes off this latest creation by Italian fine-art-bodypainter Johannes Stötter (previously featured here). After a 4-hour-long design process, Stötter spent 6 hours painting two models to make them look like one vibrant and incredibly lifelike chameleon.

According to WB Productions: The models’ hair were covered in natural clay to make their heads appear bald. “The models were two sisters, friends of mine,” he said. “They were very happy to model for this motive. I am also very happy, it is kind of magic, especially the colors. Most people who already saw it say that the chameleon is even better than the frog and the parrot.”

(You can see the frog here and the parrot here.)

Our favorite part of this illusion is how the models worked together to bring the chameleon to life, making it appear as though the colorful reptile is carefully crawling along a slender green branch. They even parted their fingers in such a way to make their hands appear just like the lizard’s distinctive zygodactylous feet.

To get an even better look, click here to watch a video of the sisters walking their chameleon and then breaking the illusion by getting up from the platform upon which they’d been resting.

Visit Johannes Stötter’s website to check out more of his sensational creations.

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The Department of Marvelous Makeup is here to provide some inspiration for those of you still pondering what to be for Halloween next week. Corie Willet is a professional hairstylist in Quad Cities, IL, but in her free time she’s an awesome amateur body painter. Willet began experimenting with Halloween makeup just a few years ago and has a real knack for transforming herself into all sorts of fantastic pop art zombies, ghastly ghouls, ferocious monsters, vibrant animals, and this nightmarish homage to Futurama in the form of gruesome zombie Leela:

To check out many more of her spooktacular transformations follow Corie Willet on Instagram or Facebook.

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