I’m so pissed that Netflix white washed Death Note. Death Note is the 4th anime Jake and I watched together years ago and it’s one of my favorites. Growing up Vietnamese I got teased quite a bit. Not as much as some other Asian Americans I’m sure because I’m only half and don’t look as asian I guess? In elementary/middle school kids would make fun of my last name shouting DING DONG then laughing if the teacher said dong instead of Duong which is my last name. I’ve never shared my last name on social media because when I started myspace way back I was ashamed of being Asian. I used Nessa Lalaine (my middle name) and it stuck with all my social media. Kids would make fun of my flatter wider nose and my smaller eyes and I used to feel so insecure about it (never told anyone but Jake this but I used to look up makeup to make your eyes bigger) which is ridiculous because my nose/eyes aren’t even bad! My WHITE ASS boyfriend introduced me to anime (this is also around the time I truly found myself), which I never watched growing up because I tried to be more Western and anime made me love and appreciate being Asian. When I was younger I got embarrassed whenever my parents spoke Vietnamese in public so I stopped speaking Vietnamese to my family, which is my only regret in life. So we all know what Kpop is but do you guys know there’s such thing as other Asian pop too? A while ago I wanted to see if there was Vietnamese pop for fun (I love the whole kpop thing they cute and stuff but I can’t listen to words that I don’t understand ha) and I found Sơn Tùng MTP. He’s so talented and fucking gorgeous and his music video for his song Lạc Trôi is the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing music video I’ve ever seen! But I can’t understand him fluently. And I should because I grew up speaking Vietnamese. I understand a lot of Vietnamese and can speak a tiny bit but I’ve decided after I’m done studying for the state board exams I’m going to have my parents reteach me Vietnamese. I don’t want to speak “broken Vietnamese” I want to be fluent! Gonna make up for all the lost time and relearn my culture. If you read this whole thing cool lol and love yourself ❤️

Just to clear up I don’t mean I got bullied, just light teasing that I brushed off but actually felt insecure about

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