body model


LOOK HOW I WENT FROM INSTA BADDIE TO INSTA “FATTIE” REAL QUICK. Same girl. Same time. Just Different poses. 👯👯👯👯 Notice how in 0.5 seconds I can go from having the worshipped hourglass figure that would probably label me as a more attractive, sexy, and make me more worshipped on social media. When in reality I had to suck my stomach in, sit in an awkward position and angle my camera so I looked as though my waist was skinnier. We are constantly comparing ourselves, making ourselves feel less desirable in comparison to other women. Stop believing everything you see online. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF to surgically enhanced bodies, stop comparing yourself to photoshopped bodies, stop comparing yourself to well angled selfies, stop comparing yourself to women who probably have insecurities of their own. Empower and uplift one another. No matter what body shape you posses. And remember “another woman’s beauty does not mean the absence of you own 🦋 ” To be beautiful means to be yourself. Not a replica of a Jenner or kardashian or your favourite celebrity.