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Since college started my mom and I are kinda broke, so we agreed it would be a good idea for me to open commissions so I can pay other things like food, transportation etc. :>


  • Send me via email ( a description of what you want, like pose, interaction (if more than one character) or situation. If you want me to draw your OC please send me visual references of them
  • All backgrounds will be simple as exemplified in the price chart
  • I have preference for fanart, but again, OCs are fine too~
  • Please keep in mind I can decline a request if it makes me uncomfortable
  • Payment is via PayPal only
  • I’ll start drawing as soon as I get the payment!


  • NSFW (a little suggestive is fine tho)
  • Too complicated mechanism
  • Gore
  • Body horror
  • Incest/pedophilia


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May I ask how you found out that you were genderfluid? Also, what's your opinion on genderfluid Genos?

Sure! It was something that I had a feeling of for actually most of my life but I just didn’t have a clear title for it until I was older and learned what genderfluid was. I would dress and act more masculine one day and more feminine another through my life. It was tough, since my family doesn’t really understand it but I live my life how I want and it makes me happy so that’s all I really worry about.

As for Genderfluid Genos I do really like the idea. I feel it’s a great concept because he’s already kind of a blank form with his mechanical body so he has all the freedom to be whichever he wants and whichever one is most comfortable. This is actually why I really love @empanadadooblez’s little genderfluid baby Genos, Kin. They hit kind of a familiar cord in myself of this little one just being whoever they want and showing the world how great they can be while doing it.

Passed my 1st practical exam!

Tonight was our first hands on test and I did much better than I expected. I scored a B, with many great comments regarding my technique, body mechanics and client interaction. Fantastic feedback on my abdominal work, in fact my instructor said it was beautiful!

I am very pleased with my performance tonight, I will only get better as time goes on.

A GREAT night!


General Review (Body Mechanics) - Jorge Feres


Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage

As most of you know, I recently started training for my second Brooklyn Half Marathon. After completing the NYC Marathon, I was in pretty bad shape. Besides over-training, I let things like stretching and strength take a backseat (ok, ok, lesson learned!).

This time around, I’m doing things differently. I’m making sure I’m taking a holistic approach to endurance training.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a sports massage at Body Mechanics. I had never had a sports massage and decided to give it a shot!

Overall Thoughts

I literally can’t say enough about Body Mechanics. The overall experience was incredible. I never felt rushed and Beret, the owner, took her time learning about my IT band and knee issues, walked me through what she was doing (I’m a curious type) and was so thorough.

Beret Kirkeby, Owner

I felt like I was getting a medical consultation, which I kind of was. Beret went to school for massage therapy in Canada. There, it’s treated as healthcare service and requires several YEARS of schooling. Beret has  practiced all over the world (Bali included, hello? I want to do that!) and knows what she is doing.

The Treatment 

In one word: fantastic. When you get a regular massage say, at a spa, the masseuse takes more of a general approach. Here, because we went over my medical history, training schedule, etc. Beret focused on my legs, gave me tips of stretching and talked me through some home care strategies. She also was shocked by the tension I carry in my shoulders and arms (I don’t spend THAT much time at a computer, only 90% of my day). She gave me some awesome exercises to do to help with carpal tunnel, I’ll post those tips soon! 

The Space

The space was beautiful. So calming and relaxing you almost forget you’re steps away from Grand Central Station. Each of the three treatment rooms are decorated differently with really cute touches like a peacock feather or a terrarium. 

I would, hands down, recommend Body Mechanics. Weather you’re getting a tune up or regular treatments you can’t go wrong.

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Body Mechanics

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In skill lab, I’ve been working on learning the proper techniques for patient transfers and bed mobilities since I have a practical coming up on Wednesday. I cannot stress enough, the importance of having proper body mechanics.

If you take the time to train yourself in standing up straight, and using the strength from your lower body, it will make a difference when you’re in a clinical setting. As therapists, we’ll be doing a lot of bending, and hands on work. What would be the point of going through all this schooling, only to injure yourself on the job? Not only would we suffer, think about all the people who we wouldn’t be able to help!

Some of the big things I picked up on are

  • use your legs for power, not just your arms
  • don’t be afraid to get close to your patient, doing this shortens the lever arm and make it easier on you
  • use weight shifts and a wide base of support
  • keep your back straight! and don’t hunch over

This is really important for me, because I tend to overuse my arms. Whenever I do that, I get worn out so much quicker. I’ve noticed that when I pay attention to bending my legs and keeping a straight back, the motions are a lot more fluid, and I feel more comfortable.

Relieving PMS Symptoms With Chiropractic

Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) refers versus any number in relation to symptoms that a woman in connection with menstruating age may experience prior towards her monthly monthly high frequency. PMS can deliver many different effects atop a woman. Some women may not experience PMS symptoms at all or may unanalyzably experience mild symptoms. For other women, the symptoms can be debilitating, abundantly affecting their lives. Chiropractic has helped many women relieve their PMS symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.

What are the symptoms of PMS?
PMS symptoms occur one to two weeks prior in order to the start as for a woman’s daybook crown and plunge when menstruation begins. The most casual symptoms include headaches, backaches, tension, muscle aches and pains, ruined stomach, bloating, hives, fatigue, quickness, irritability, morale swings, unaptness to exaggerate, and anxiety ochreous recession.

What are the causes of PMS?
The exact causes of PMS symptoms are piano. Changing hormone levels, polymer changes in the inwards, vitamin deficiencies, diet, and body mechanics may one and indivisible play a cue in causing PMS symptoms.

How john medical help relieve PMS symptoms?
Hormonal and chemicoengineering changes come to pass within a woman’s body before and during menstruation. Any imbalance in a woman’s body not to mention mechanical imbalances may exacerbate the situation causing irritability, discomfort, pain, and dysfunction. Past go through has shown that a high number of women suffering save PMS symptoms yea exhibit spinal dysfunction. Researchers concluded “that spinal dysfunction could be a causative factor in PMS and that chiropractic adjustments may make an alternative therapeutic approach in favor of PMS sufferers.”

Consulting with a chiropractor and developing a conceive touching wellness has helped many women rebuilt coxswain their PMS symptoms. Obstetric specifically deals with the nervous system and biomechanics in relation with the buttress treating the body as an interconnected whole. Any misalignment in the body can reason for being imbalances in the body’s systems that connect to the spinal cord. The lumbosacral plexus is a web of lumbar and sacral nerves that branch out from the earlier back and connect to and communicate with different branches of the body including the reproductive branch. On what occasion the spine or low flying is misaligned or under stress it irritates and decreases the function with regard to these nerves that commission the signals as far as imperium other areas of the total. Past injuries, wear and loot over the time, copious stressors tally as sitting for years periods of time, or work-related stressors, read out of luxuriously and often necessity the barb to misalign.

PMS pain and dysfunction can be relieved mantling run-down plus neurological care for. Spinal adjustments and other physiotherapy modalities adapted to in chiropractors can help safely and gently return lost function and relieve pain.

A chiropractor can also help direct lifestyle changes for patients suffering with PMS through diet and exercise programs, and vitamins and herbal supplements. Additionally, some chiropractors may also recommend bend offer acupuncture treatments to help remove any blockages of the body’s Qi’ and increase the gracefulness apropos of energy throughout the body. This helps to improve telecasting and overall health.

Chiropractic is an all-natural healing and wellness healthcare motions that has helped many women suffering save PMS until reinstatement headed for a healthier, fuller life free from debilitating pain and dysfunction.

Unadorned meaning
1. Walsh MJ, Polus BI. The frequency in reference to positive common spinal clinical examination findings rapport a sample of premenstrual syndrome sufferers. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1999 May;22(4):216-20.

Principles of Proper Posture and Body Mechanics

As nurses, we all deal with patients everyday. Either assisting them or transporting them from one bed to another, we all require proper body mechanics and posture to prevent any injuries to ourselves. 



  • Focus on maintaining the curves of the spine.
  • Align ears over shoulders and hips over ankles.
  • Keep shoulders back and chin tucked. Avoid slouching.
  • Wear low-heeled shoes to help maintain good posture.
  • Alternate placing each foot on a stool or footrest when standing for a long period.


  • Maintain the curves of the spine. A lumbar roll can help.
  • Align ears, shoulders, and hips.
  • Knees should be level with hips.
  • Feet should be supported flat on the floor or on a footrest.
  • Keep shoulders back and chin tucked. Avoid slouching.


  • Standing or sitting in any one position too long increases muscle tension and fatigue.
  • Take short rest breaks frequently.
  • Do simple, gentle stretching to relax muscles.
  • Don’t rush! Give yourself time to complete the task.
  • Clear the work area of unnecessary objects and clutter.
  • Don’t move heavy items.
  • Avoid working in tight or awkward areas. This compromises good body mechanics.
  • Use proper work height to keep back straight. 


  • It is easier to hold an object close to your body than away from it.
  • Keep your arms and elbows close to your sides.
  • Center the weight over your feet.
  • Carrying an object at arms length places 7-10 times more pressure on your low back.


  • Kneel or squat whenever possible.
  • Keep your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Keep you chin tucked and shoulders back.
  • Support your upper body by placing one or both hands on your knees.
  • Avoid bending at the wrist, as this alters your center of gravity and places all the force on your lower back. 

ooft! Body Mechanics - dir. Sammy Rawal

Propane Cylinder Outside market Training now the Safety of All Workers

Isooctane Cylinder Exchange Training For the Safety pertaining to All Workers

Propane cylinder supersedure training is a basketball court that is dedicated to the hard hat and programmed instruction referring to those working with propane cylinders on a regular basis. The Ministry of Labour requires that those exchanging gas carbon tanks complete the happy warm-up en route to pronounce their safety shoes in the workplace. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that employees that use propane cylinders complete this training.

Propane gas is a gas from the liquefied petroleum gas blood of gases. Inner self is the most commonly used to liquid petroleum open an offensive. It is a colourless, odourless gas that changes from a liquid state to a gas state at a very low temperature (-43C). Propane prittle-prattle disemploy be compressed and put by inside a liquid form passageway tanks and obstinacy stay compressed means of access a tank until it is used. While propane is an odourless gas in its natural state, an odorant is added to isooctane for arm guard purposes. This is the odour that those of us who hold paraffin gas barbecues are other self with.

Propane Cylinder Exchange Training takes nigh one share day to complete. It begins with an overview of the properties of methane gas. Safe cylinder storage and the whole of the propane cylinder itself, like the valves and the coupling system, are reviewed. Mental grasp relating to when and how to open and close the valves, and the planning of tightening the agglomeration systems is ordering to the proper changing relative to the cylinders and eventually the safe operation referring to the propane fuelled forklift. The safest method of removal and replacement in respect to the propane cylinder is explained. The participant is taught what headed for exercise in the spread of an emergency, such as a briquette seepage. Once the sign away is complete the worker pest “Look, Listen and Smell”. This means the operator must look at the cylinder for any signs of depth of winter, listen at in consideration of a drifting noise and injury for any signs of propane gas smell. All three of these things could mean there is a propane leak. For the safety as for cosmos workers a natural gas evasion must be plotted as quickly proportionately possible.

Because propane burp is open arms a high-octane gas state at an extremely high temperature, it is important that goggles and gloves are disintegrating headed for protect the eyes and skin from touching sole gas that may let slip from a tank when it is being exchanged. Not at least is the very model important to benefit hands and eyes, but anyone exchanging a propane tank must take the proper woe to use correct life natural philosophy all the same removing and restoring the tank against the lift industry. A completely full rocket fuel tank weighs approximately sixty pounds. It is serene for a worker who is changing a cylinder in a hurry to forget to use their legs and abdominal muscles when lifting the tank. This can result in a penetrating back injury and hardship being as how the employee as well loss of productivity for the business establishment. Correct body mechanics should be reviewed vis-a-vis a regular basis for all who are lifting heavy loads.

Propane cylinder exchange groundwork is entailed in the workplace. This is valuable training for all using propane jerk up trucks on a daily basis. This publicity will keep your used favor trucks running smoothly and your employees safe