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Do not come for fat girls, because I will come for you :) Have fun trying to find the scratches I didn’t make 💋💋💋

PS I ate a blueberry bagel and drank a Venti Iced PSL with extra whipped cream while I watched him find the note and frantically look over his car. How’s that for fat girl revenge?


Not only is “Kiss” one of my all time favorite songs, and it has been since I was like 7 years old … but every time I listen to it, and I do mean EVERY TIME… I picture the scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts is singing it in the bathtub 🛀🎶


WESTWORLD | 1.09 | Bernard & Maeve

System, locate Dr. Ford for me. Send him a message, highest priority-

When people asked me what/who Prince was to me, I boldface said:

“My everything.”

He was my introduction to music, artistry and self acceptance.

He was the closest being I ever had to a father because he guided me, musically, through the unimaginable and insurmountable.

I thought I would have the honor of bringing my children to one of his concerts. And I never had the audacity to say it out loud; but I foolishly dreamed as a little girl that someday, he’d hear my music.

I send a genuine and heartfelt thank you to the lost brothers who allowed me to witness his greatness. We may no longer share the bond of music making but I will never forget that gesture.

I didn’t think for a second that God expected me to live in a world where the Purple one no longer existed. But I thank Him for introducing me to the life changing experience that is Prince.

I promise to be a truer me. To be worthy of his musical legacy and be a fearless musician & take risks every day. 

Dearly Beloved,
Rest In Love, Power & Funk.

Photo Description: Hours after his passing I drew and got his Love Symbol tatted by the amazingly insightful, beautiful soul, fellow Purple daughter & Revolutionary WOC: J.. Please check out her work on IG: @thepeoplesink