body like a volcano

Trees like veins
stretching across cloudy skies
pumping life from one corner to another
Veins like trees
reaching around shoulders
down fingers like branches
to and from the heart at the same time

Freckles like stars
peppering cheeks and noses and chests
decorating skin like snow
or glitter
tracing constellations
down the curves of a spine
Stars like freckles
a dash of light
across the deep dark face of our universe
telling stories of loves lost
and homes found

Caves like mouths
echos on rocks like a voice born in a throat
chanting songs of long nights
lit by a single eternal window to the world
Mouths like caves
full of shadows
and stalagmites
no one knows
what monsters lurk in those depths
itching to roar
to shove away
anyone foolish enough
to camp at the entrance
the creatures roam through rows and rows
of glittering jewels
diamonds plucked from rock
at just the right moment
to induce fireworks and butterflies
in another human being

Bodies like planets
turning, glowing, unstoppable
harsh and powerful, volcanoes erupting
at every shift in the soul
speckled in craggy mountain tops
places never to be touched
always cold and liked that way
caverns too deep even for worms
because nobody needs to know
what lies in the puddles at the bottom
Planets like bodies
living, nurturing, loving
there is no end to the beauty in this
dirt soft and pliable like a mind
vulnerable if it’s touched just right
dead much too easy

Look at the way everything echos
isn’t it glorious?

—  A.O.A.M. || People Like Universes
au natural

she is dying

the words she wants to use are the words she’s not supposed to use

cannot use

she digs her nails into her face

into her skin

clawing out a mouth where

only her lips had been

double coated with mac

she carves her teeth into fangs

this time, she wants to bite back

she should have known there was trouble

the moment she was referred to as ‘her’

she was fine being ambiguous, being male

not a female, she begs

as they scratch at her body

upon this discovery

doctors walk up with scalpels

they use her body like a canvas

dig in,

she bleeds

and volcanoes erupt

but that doesn’t deter them for long

the lady from the hair salon

razes her eyelashes

and waxes off her hair

in a desperate attempt

to reach modern beauty standards

no hair, all smooth

trees are plucked out of her pores 

by their roots

(that way, less grow next time, the lady tries to reassure her)

tattoos spiral over her skin

over and about

over and around

they slather on foundation

ten shades too light

coat it, rubbing against her skin

rough motions, they rub in circles

concrete hard and cracked over the dirt

there is beauty in being dark,

she wants to say

darling, don’t make me what i’m not

she stumbles, begs, she has no mouth

she loves too much and loves too hard

to fling their slimy fingers away from her jaw

they touch her under her clothes,

fingers digging into her curves

oh god, will they ever let go

pinching bruising

they leer

there is more to me than-

she stops

and her oceans of tears continue flowing

she’s spinning, spinning, spinning

a look at her daughters

get me out

they look back

under thick lashes

she points at their bruises,

i have them too, she wants to yell

they turn their heads

and pretend to have seen nothing

pimples are

razed to the ground and they travel over the flat terrains in motor cars and trains

they place a cigarette at her lips

and tell her to smoke

its in fashion, my dear, they explain

they take one good last look

and the doctors pronounce her a lost cause

they throw her out onto the street

cheekbones are sharp against her eyes

and she smokes in a desperate attempt to make them


a w a y


a   w   a   y


as if the filmy grey in the air could detract eyes from

that facial restructuring

a broken chin

as pangaea and nena are shattered

into dozens of pieces of bone

that jut out at an angle

imperfections too pronounced under those bar lights

that sting her skin

the bartender leans over the bar

and she wants to say

don’t touch-


there’s no use telling anyone to keep their hands away

she curses the heavens

looks towards the stars

and begs venus

for advice

revenge, she’s told

asphyxiate them all under your fumes

there are different ways to go au natural

‘make them pay for ever unwanted touch,’

venus sighs

and licks her lips

‘the only way to forge a path is to burn your way through it’

the earth’ll teach them what is the punishment for taking advantage of a woman

she’ll let them burn,

turning up the heat degree by degree

until they melt into a puddle of flesh and plastic and metal

screaming for mercy

she washes off her mac lipstick

and coats her lips with blood instead

their dirty hands are still roaming,

but well,

she’ll take this one step at a time.

«River felt like she was floating, she tried to move, say something or just open her eyes. She mildly thought about death and what it brought with it but decided to try focus on the only source of life she received, voices. She could hear them like from a broken radio, sometimes louder, sometimes just a whisper. She fought her hardest to open her eyes; first thing she saw was light streaming in her eyes, fortunately an artificial light, so those aliens caught her and even saved her, sort of. Every bone in her body pained like she was thrown into a giant volcano…Wait a minute! She was shot into volcano! How can she be alive? OK, she was the child of the TARDIS, but even the Doctor wouldn’t survive this kind of explosion. She heard quiet voices.

“Are you sure this is her? I mean she is supposed to be in another Universe!”-said a worried female voice

“Yes, I am sure, Rose, I’ve got an excellent memory” – a bit haughty male voice responded, the tone was vaguely familiar to River – “The question is, how she got here and even more important question how we bring her back”

“But Doctor, that’s impossible. She can never go back” – River’s eyes snapped open. Doctor? The Doctor?»

- The River of Roses, by #TheRoseInTheStorm (Chap.2)

Hero to the rescue

Pairing: Jikook
Length: 330 words
Rating: PG-13

Inspired by this 


In the instant that it takes to blink his eyes he felt jealousy creeping up from his spine to every part of his body within blood’s reach, boiling up inside like a volcano ready to explode. He was more than fine less than a minute ago and throughout the whole endeavor, so why seeing Hoseok being so playful and borderline intimate with Jimin, his Jimin, turned him into a territorial animal?

He sees them playing around with a piece of candy or some food, his mind couldn’t properly function on the nature of the treat, all he could focus was the beautiful smile on plump lips and petite delicate hands being touched by larger ones in a push and pull game of their own.

Jungkook gritted his teeth, standing up in a flash and feeling like Iron man equipped with his shinny bracelet – laser beam that could blind his enemy – for the rescue of his damsel in distress. No one is allowed to feed Jiminie, HIS, capital H, capital IS, Jiminie in such lover like manner other than himself!

J-Hobi, famous boyfriend stealer, terrorizer of domestic relationships will never win! And he must have sensed the threatening aura, because his hand automatically changed direction and turned to feed himself instead, but fear not my fair lady sir, I shall retrieve your delight and feed it to your very much kissable lips in no time.

Jungkook snatched the food from Hoseok’s hand and followed Jimin’s eyes as he lightly touched his arm and opened his mouth to receive the piece from him, munching on it happily and cutely like only his Jiminie could do. His mission was perfectly executed, peace returned to the land, his duty was off and he was more than content with his prize, a gorgeous smile and full tummy of Jiminie-side kick, slash boyfriend, slash love of his life.

That until Tae-grabby hands-hyung, was leaning way too close to Jimin and… Jungkook sighed, heroes never take a break!


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People are addicted to many things each more different than the next but what stays the same is the feeling of adrenaline that makes us feel alive whether it’s drugs,video games, sports,etc. What about love though? I was skeptical at first with the idea until I became addicted to someone else. Whenever I was around her I was on a constant meth high almost as if the theory of time was nothing more than an illusion. Her kisses were like heroin my blood would boil and rush throughout my body as if I was a volcano ready to erupt. However, Like many things in this world it didn’t last forever no matter how badly we want them to. My body needed her like a machine needs a operater to function properly. Without her I felt emptiness inside my heart like a wound was opened up and I couldn’t close it no matter how hard I tried. My body became numb not from the high but from the fact of me realizing she was gone and I was back to being the lonely nobody. She was my addiction and I was the raving addict who couldn’t live without her. (Addiction by Divergentwallflower)

In Need of Discipline | Liam+Derek

Liam wasn’t always this angry. He’d had control last week. He was fine and now… Now he felt anger bubble in the pit of his stomach, making his entire body heat up. It was like he was a volcano. And apparently he was only taking it out on the pack.

Scott wasn’t sure what was happening and told Liam to try and zen. To relax and take some down time but he couldn’t. He couldn’t settle or anything. And he was snapping at Stiles quite often, the humans usual banter making him feel like the Hulk when Nick Fury is around. It was like his skin was crawling and he just wanted it to stop but no one understood.

He knew they didn’t because Liam was suddenly being shoved into Derek Hale’s loft and told to sit like a good little beta. Liam frowned and wriggled around on the couch, growling every time Stiles gestured to him. If his neck was long enough Liam would have but him… Hard. And he was about to when his hand was paused only to growl/whine loudly when Derek moved Stiles hand from reach. When Stiles finally left, offended he was going to be a snack, Liam stared Derek down, growls vibrating in his chest. “Stop staring at me or I’ll….” He didn’t know what he’d do but he would do it.