Lovely customer shot of our Séance planchette ear weights in oxidized brass with 14k gold-filled hand linked chain. Also available in sterling silver. Gemstone pictured here is white moonstone. Labradorite and other gemstones also available.


Lots of beautiful new jewelry in my Etsy store. These are my favorite right now. Available in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Silver colors.

Rose Gold Angel Aura Glass Captive Bead Ring

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Marshall Marshall Marshall! We would like to introduce you to the first-of-its-kind, fully custom, just downright amazing threaded end that our wonderful friend and client commissioned from Body Vision Los Angeles: The Insignia.

This beauty is a solid 14k White Gold, handmade 16 x 8 x 18mm rhombus shape housing one 5 x 3mm genuine AA oval cut White Opal, one 1mm genuine AA Sapphire, one 1mm genuine AA Ruby, and fifty four (54!) pave set 1mm cubic zirconias.

We had so much fun taking Marshall’s original idea, inspired by planes and pilot wing pins, and getting to work with the fantastic folks at BVLA to put this all together. Needless to say we were all very excited to finally get to see this in person, and it exceeded our expectations in every way!

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Hey my Punk Witches

Or any witches who have their ears stretched. I discovered a cool ass shop online that has plugs and tunnels made from natural carved stones. Think of all the witchcraft. Charming your plugs and tunnels to boost the stones natural effects. Rose quartz for when you’re having a bad day and wanna feel the love. Aventurine when you need a little creativity boost, or a couple extra bucks. Bloodstone for when your tempers just a little bit to short. THERE’S SO MUCH! As of 11/1/15, all of the stone plugs and tunnels Artic Buffalo has to offer is:


Amethyst (crackled)

Aqua Cat Eye


Black Cat Eye


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Spot Jasper

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Dalmatian Jasper




Leopard Skin Jasper

Moss Agate



Pink Cat Eye

Purple Cat Eye

Quartz (crackled)

Rainbow Fluorite

Red Tiger’s Eye

Rose Quartz

Silver Cat Eye

Snake Skin Jasper

Snowflake Obsidian



Yellow Tiger’s Eye

They also sell natural wood plugs and tunnels as well!


Coconut Wood


Areng Wood

Batik Wood


Crocodile Wood

Black Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood

Teak Wood




Saba Wood

The best part about all of this, most of these are super affordable. I loathe having to spend an arm and a leg for a pair of tunnels just made of glass or acrylic, let alone the prices I’d have to pay for natural stone. The shipping cost isn’t too bad either, and it only took a few days for my set to come in. I’m on mobile, so I can’t insert the link, so I’ll just leave the url. Good luck my punk ass witches ♡


These little Brass and Fluorite weights from Diablo Organics are so adorable and understated, perfect for adding a little touch of fun color to any outfit. 

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