Their body jewelry is poorly cut and is known to have jagged edges that will hurt you. They are known for using poor quality metal, and often their metal alloys contain lead. Worst of all, their jewelry is not properly sanitized and is known to cause infections. 

A lot of professional piercers warn their clients against buying body jewelry from Hot Topic. This is a warning for everyone who was not told that. Please spread this. 


New listings! Chokers, necklaces, cartilage earrings, septum rings, nose rings, nipple rings, plugs, belly rings, and more. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BodyJewelryEnvy

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BUY or DIY: Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes or Pearl Body Jewelry.

Top Photos: BUY $250 Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes from the Etsy shop of MyLittleBride and Efrat Davidsohn Jewelry. The epaulettes clip on. Her other much more ornate necklaces, that cover the shoulders, are gorgeous and reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Bottom Photo: DIY by Panda Hall, using brooches to hold the “shoulder necklaces” in place. I rarely look at anything on Panda Hall without researching where the DIY actually came from. I found the original Etsy source for this DIY in the comment section.

Below is one of  Efrat Davidsohn’s beautiful Shoulder Necklaces. It’s $1,300 and you can find it here.

Now you can show your love of classic video games on your earlobes. This awesome Pac-Man ear piercing is the work of xChrisxPiercerx, who works at Precision Body Piercing in Marquette, MI. The tiny Pac-Man stud is made of 14k yellow gold and the ghost is solid white gold, perfect choices for both. We’re still trying to find out of little Pac-Man makes waka-waka-waka sounds.

[via GeekTyrant]

DIY Body Chain with a Gorgeous Back Tutorial from One O. This is a well thought tutorial with lots of photos of what chains go where. This is the first body chain I’ve seen with the drama in the back for summer dresses.  

For one of the best body armor and body chain archives including chain hair jewelry go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/body-armor

This is the only DIY for a thigh chain I’ve seen: DIY Thigh Chain Tutorial from This is What I Do.

This is one of my most repinned posts: 7 DIY Body Chains and Body Armor.

Opal Belly Rings: https://www.etsy.com/listing/218523761/double-fire-opal-belly-ring

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