body inspiration

i was originally 127 (i’m 5'2" btw) and i now weight 114. i found out a week ago that i lost 13 lbs. my older sister is a bio major and it’s also common sense that changing your diet is the easiest way to lose weight. beginning of last year i was eating carbs but about the size of my fist. it wasn’t until both of my sisters started a low carb diet. i don’t believe in fad diets so i researched how to lose weight and gain muscle. turns out a low carb diet is the way to go. i dropped all carbs, ate a lot greens and protein (portions is key)with the intake of 8 cups of water a day plus 2-3 times a week of cardio. i noticed my body slimmed down a lot because i have never seen my ribs since the age of 11. it’s honestly good to know i’m in healthy shape.