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In my opinion, when One Direction (usually Liam) have spoken about control, they aren’t talking about public actions, promotional strategies, and publicity. They are speaking about artistic control and the creative process—songwriting, production—their sound. Did they have more and more writing and involvement with each of their albums? Yes. And it’s extremely important to them. They didn’t get to choose their singles, though. (Consider, too, did they choose their merch? Were they eager to release yet anotherwas it the fourth??—perfume? Or a 1D make-up line? No.)

30 October 2012

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1. Feel sexy underneath.
You don’t need a significant other to wear fancy underwear for. Throw on a matching set of a bra and panties. Wear as much lace as you want. You’re seeing it. Feel sexy for you.
2. Remember to moisturize.
You are the one living in that skin. You have a beautiful soul to keep warm, so take care of your skin.
3. Shave or don’t shave.
Do whatever makes you feel the sexiest. If you like your leg hair wild and free, then do it. Let yourself be as you once were before you knew what society made a razor do to young women. Love your skin. If you like your legs shaved, then baby take your sweet time as you do it. Feel every inch of your luscious legs and smile as you appreciate the feeling of your body.
4. Take millions of selfies.
Worship your body, your face, your everything. Your soul leaks through these photos. Each selfie is a shrine built to worship your own unique beauty. Do not be ashamed of it. Share these photos with the world or keep them hidden, but do not fear them. Embrace the power and freedom that comes from loving yourself enough to take a selfie.
5. Nourish yourself.
Eat cake or eat carrots, eat what makes your body and soul feel good. Exercise whenever you want to. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to: do it because your body screams for the endorphins. Don’t deny yourself food out of fear. Only do it when you really, truly, deep in your soul, do not desire it. You are a wildfire and you are allowed to eat up the world, as much of it as you choose. If you want something, consume it. If not, burn on, wildfire.
6. Get lost in nature.
Take a buddy to the mountains or simply lie down in your front lawn, just allow yourself to be consumed by the world around you. You were once a part of the earth, so remember to embrace every bit of it. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of peace a day in nature. It will leave you feeling more grounded than ever before.
7. Say no.
I cannot stress this enough. Your ability to say no defines you. You are a strong, empowered individual, and if you disagree with something or don’t want something, do not be afraid to say no. That is your RIGHT. No one has the right to coerce you into doing something you do not want to do. Do not let the concern of hurting their feelings injure you in the long run. Say no and I promise you, you’ll be better for it.
8. Be independent.
Being single leads to a type of freedom that some people are unaccustomed to. When you are single, you are truly independent. Make decisions for you. Be selfish, in a way. Don’t let others stand in the way of your burning soul, your true wildfire. This is your life and you must live it for you. Do not allow others to dictate how you should or should not live. Let those people go. Be free of those restrictions and burn on.
—  a few things i learned after being single for almost a year (

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Thoughts on the penalty rate cuts made to hospitality, retail and level one fast food workers?

Well it’s a great way for our hella rich Prime Minister to demonstrate just how much he cares more for businesses than actual people like students who spend their weekdays studying at university and rely on penalty rates just to pay rent/buy food. No surprises there whatsoever but you know it’s great to have some definitive proof how little Liberals give a shit about the little guy.

EDIT: Woops. The Fair Work Commission is actually an independent body that sets the rates without the government but Turnbull has stated previously he’s in favour of cutting penalty rates.

not all pro-lifers are the same

it has been coming to my attention with the recent women’s march and march for life that a certain blanket has been put around us pro-lifers and I’d really like to say my thoughts on the pro-life vs pro-choice debate coming from a somewhat unconventional pro-lifer.

one thing that has been brought to my attention a lot is that a lot of pro-choice advocates have been making the assumption that pro-lifers are somewhat anti-women or anti-womens’ rights. I am in fact a woman, and I am telling you that I could not be more against this statement. I believe firmly that abortion is not something that somehow gives women more rights that they already have. what a lot of pro-choice advocates miss out is that abortion actually HURTS women. women who have abortions are 81% more likely to develop mental health disorders such as depression and 3x more likely to commit suicide than those of childbearing age. what do you think, women are just going to have abortions and walk away, get over it within a week whilst watching funny movies and eating chocolate (as teen vogue recently suggested)? no. about 45% of women report suicidal feelings immediately after having this type of procedure. having your baby removed from your body (i’m not talking about the morning after pill, i’m talking about the 12 week window in which women usually notice that they are pregnant) is something ridiculously life changing and horrifying for any woman, no matter how strong, to comprehend. and besides, why is it considered a human ‘right’ to kill a baby, and if not a baby, a potential life?

another assumption that is made is that all pro-lifers are religious uber-Christians who hate anything remotely LGBTQ, black, Asian or ethnic minority. again, not true. I don’t see colour when I look at a foetus inside a womb. I see a life.

this also applies to the idea that pro-lifers supposedly believe that birth control is evil and should be banned, along with sex education. again, I am the complete opposite, I believe in mandatory sex education with thorough coverage of different contraception options in order to stop life being formed when it is not wanted and therefore at risk of being killed. I am also for the idea of free contraception being given out to young people who are sexually active.

‘my body, my choice’ is probably one of the most disgusting things I hear on a regular basis when discussing these issues. it’s not YOUR body. that is an independent being who has a different DNA and in some cases, blood type than you. that foetus has its own heart, its own brain, with the heart starting to beat after three weeks. and even if it was ‘your body’ that is being used as a ‘vessel’ does that mean that people who are in comas strapped to wires and tubes are somehow less adequate and deserving of life because they need support and cannot survive by themselves?

if you think that babies are any less valuable than the humans that are alive right now, then i’m sorry but you are seriously misinformed.

I need to make an Esmeralda appreciation post because she’s a boss ass bitch and no one gives her nearly enough credit.

first of all her face isn’t what you normally see. She’s exotic looking. Dark skin, green eyes, big ass hair, large eyebrows, her lips aren’t huge. Yet she is still absolutely stunning.

Now her body. She is not stick thin. Not even close, she’s not overweight either, but unlike most disney princesses and other characters, she’s known for being incredibly fit and having a fuller frame, and that’s one of the main reasons she was considered one of the most beautiful and sexiest women of the land in the movie.

She also don’t take shit from no one. She worked hard to be where she was and she fought for what she believed in every step of the way. She never let Frollo take advantage of her and never even gave him the chance. She was strong and independent and I think everything a role model should be.And last but not least she defended herself when need be but knew how to laugh, have fun, and genuinely enjoy herself. She had a welcoming personality and didn’t hesitate to share what she believed in. She did what she thought was right no matter who was looking.

Esmeralda will forever be my favorite Disney character and my main role model. She is the character I want my kids to look up to.

Woman up.

Autumn 2011 to Autumn 2016

•Graduate college
•Establish comfortable career
•Obtain Registered Veterinary Technician license
•Maintain same bland, mundane relationship
•Turn 21
•Add alcohol & constant partying
•Become engaged to bland, mundane human
•Add long distance running
•Establish clean eating habits
•Subtract alcohol & partying
•Lose close to 100lbs
•End engagement
•Subtract bland, mundane human
•Find self
•Add CrossFit
•Subtract long distance running
•Add amazingly strong & perfect man human
•Surgically subtract 7.5lbs of loose skin
A beautifully positive and radiant woman happy in her own skin with those around her & the life she has made for herself.

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Question 1: My vet is still telling my parents that dry food cleans a cat's teeth. That was definitely disproven, right? She's also said feeding all wet food is bad. Question 2: Do the dental chew toys for cats that are squishy and have a webbing around them work?

Some dry food will help clean cat’s teeth. It’s not quite as good as daily crushing, but it is as least as good as bones.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council is an independent body that determines whether these foods or chews actually provide the benefit they claim to. If they do, they get the seal.

If they don’t have this seal, then they might be helpful, but nobody can or has proved that they are. Not all dry foods are helpful for oral health, but some of them are.

Feeding all wet food is likely to be not ideal for the cat’s teeth, but I can’t make a recommendation for your cat because I can’t examine it and don’t have a complete clinical picture.

Dental chew toys can be helpful, if the cat (or dog) will actually chew them. They can be a useful tool for animals with dietary sensitivities. Daily brushing with pet toothpaste is also a good option, if perhaps a little less practical for some pets.

The potential benefits of wet foods include:

  • Higher moisture content
  • Lower calories per mouthful
  • Increased palatability
  • May improve constipation
  • May be helpful for urinary tract issues

The potential benefits of dry food includes:

  • Higher fiber content
  • Higher calories per mouthful
  • Higher protein per mouthful
  • May improve diarrhea
  • Some are helpful for dental health
  • Often cheaper to feed with good shelf life
  • Can be packed into treat balls and other enrichment devices easily

So what you use, or what ratio you use, will depend on what’s right for your cat.

i wish somebody
took pictures of me
in low light.
kissed me full on the mouth
during unforgettable moments
where we are suspended-
two independent bodies
so intertwined, intermingled.
swirling, in the emerald green
bottle of time.
betting everything on luck and love.

i want somebody to
savour me.

me and my quirks.

Like how I love a cold pillow.
How I like to fold my blanket in a certain way.
How I use two scents in a combination.
How I buy myself a fancy pen to write an assignment.
How fierce and protective I am about my people and puppies.
My books. My music. My journals, I scribble like a dedicated scribe in.
My chipped teeth. My windshield-esqe glasses.
My bones and joints aching on humid days.
My dark circled eyes heavy with baggage.
My big laugh that couldn’t be silenced.
My TV shows references.
My ability to dive into a subject, and give it my all.
My endless love for the infinite sky.
My capacity to shamelessly ogle hot boys.
My day dreams. My fantasies. My goals.
My heartache.
My good days and bad.

i want somebody to
savour me. not
devour me.