body image quotes

women do not have to
  • be thin
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • be feminine 
  • be graceful
  • have sex with you
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • listen to your bullshit

Let’s all work toward changing the cultural climate about dieting, eating, weight, and body image. There’s a lot you can do to make a difference.

Stop dieting. Stop using fat-shaming talk about your body – and anyone else’s body. Don’t tell or laugh at  “fat jokes.” Stop referring to food as “good” and “bad” as if it were a moral issue.

Instead, enjoy your own relationship with food by reconnecting to your signals for hunger and fullness. Learn how to eat a wide variety of foods that nourish your own unique body. Engage in behaviors that improve health and well-being without focusing on weight. Respect the natural phenomenon of weight diversity. Challenge your internalized ideas about beauty and body size.

I want to see every single woman know her value and truth. I want women to connect with themselves and start to live conscious lives. I want to see women move from a beige existence of always wanting something that only exists in the future - skinny, happy, acceptance, love - and love their journey today.
—  Alice Nicholls