body image facts

women do not have to
  • be thin
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • be feminine 
  • be graceful
  • have sex with you
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • listen to your bullshit

Part 2 of the Cryptid-Style Pokemon, Chikorita! AKA: A really, really strange bird that smells nice.

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BTS Reacting To You Being Too Self Conscious Of Your Body To Go Past Third Base


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Taehyung would be a bit confused and surprised that you are self-conscious about your body, especially with how beautiful he thinks you are. He’d be completely respectful of your boundaries, even though he thinks it’s a bit silly because he loves everything about you anyway. “Jagiya, you are beautiful to me.”


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Namjoon would probably compliment you often to try and make you feel more comfortable with showing your body more around him, even coming up and hugging you tightly while you are getting changed to press kisses against areas that bother you. He’d honestly find you absolutely gorgeous and would make sure you know it. “You are literally the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen jagiya.”


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Jungkook would be a bit awkward with that sort of thing, considering that he himself is a bit inexperienced in the romantic department. He would definitely let you know how attractive you are to him, inside and out, and would most likely do it in subtle ways or end up blurting out the things he likes about you in the most cringeworthy way he possibly could. “You, um, have pretty thighs. And I like your face.”


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Hobi would definitely make sure you knew how beautiful he thinks you are, almost always greeting you with a compliment and a tight hug. He’d be a bit sad that you aren’t confident in your own beauty as a person but would be incredibly supportive and caring towards you. “Now, now jagiya, you are absolutely beautiful and I’m lucky to have you in my life.”


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Jimin would definitely understand your struggles with body image, considering the fact that he himself went through something incredibly similar when he was younger. He’d be completely patient with you, making sure to encourage and compliment you whenever you make a comment that is self-depricating in nature. “Well I like you just the way you are.”


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Jin would sit you down, grab your hand and look you in the eyes as he tells you how beautiful you are to him and how lucky he is to have you. He’d list all of the things he admires about you, all of the things he likes about you the most and would then proceed to press soft kisses to your face while telling you how much he cares about you. “Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to get you as my partner.”


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Suga would immediately pull you into a tight embrace, burying his face in your hair as he holds you close to him. He’d simply hold you, waiting for you to relax in his grip before telling you how beautiful you are to him as a person and appearance wise. He wouldn’t let you go until you reassure him that you understand what he’s trying to tell you and would press kisses to your face and lips when the two of you cuddle afterwards.

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hey could you do the thing "facts about the female body" for the male body too? sorry I don't wanna sound like a menimist or smth but I thought that itd be nice since a lot of males suffer w body image too

Facts About The Male Body

  1. It’s okay to not have six-pack abs.
  2. Your hair may thin out and bald, but that doesn’t make you any less handsome.
  3. Being shorter doesn’t lower your value or make you any less attractive.
  4. You are allowed to wear make-up if you’d like, because fuck gender norms :)
  5. Growing hair in places like your back and on the tops of your feet doesn’t make you a slob or disgusting, just more fur for when it gets cold out!
  6. Men - like women - should not be confined to what they are “supposed to be”. Live, love and exist as you are. The world is better as an honest place.
i mistook myself for desert. told my body to hush
when it begged for water. ignored the wailing jaws
that burst open on the soles of my feet every time
i walked across the concrete in the middle of july.
i know the battle hymn the inside of my thighs sing
better than anyone else. i look in the mirror
and see a gaunt brushfire. every day is not a day—
it is a feast. i live off both everything and nothing.
i see myself as both unstoppable and terrifyingly temporary.
such is the contradiction of desert girls with small hands
and growing bellies. here i am: choking on the dust
of myself, knowing everything that was once strong
is now alkali. o, how beautifully i sing lies to myself
at night. how clumsy my teeth are while trying to consume
the truth: that the desert will be beautiful no matter what,
but something must be done about the drought.
—  desert girl, Lydia Havens 

The year of 2016 shall in many peoples memories, be a year of complete and total shit. A year that saw the rise and fall of many great things. From Donald Trump to Harambe memes and everything in between, 2016 was a year of transition.

And so too was it for me a year of transition. A year where I said goodbye to a great many things yet at the same time ushering in a new chapter in the book of Destery. Which is not a real book because if it was, it would be full of poop jokes and terrible humor.

So much like the years before me, in addition to listing my accomplishments throughout this year, I’ll follow it up with what I’d like to see achieved in 2017 and hopefully at the end of it, I can look back and say “man this year didn’t suck, thats amazing! How new!”

1. YouTube
2016 was one of the most eye opening and easily the most financially lucrative years on YouTube I’ve ever had. this year alone I gained almost 250,000 subscribers, almost doubling what I gained last year, And finally hitting that magical One million subscriber mark that people have been long anticipating. And while numbers don’t truly mean that much to me, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely proud of how far I’ve come. That said, this year also was a huge year of transition on YouTube for me. I ceased making WTF NEWS on Shane’s channel and started up WTF FIVE, a show that was definitely out of my comfort zone when I first started it; but I’m glad I took the risk as it’s taught me a lot about myself in the process of the show’s growth, now reaching almost 1 Million people per video.
WTF NEWS was moved to my Capndesdes, which has quickly became the #1 most viewed show on my channel. In addition, i stopped doing the Recap vlogs and brought back the Destery watch vlogs which I believe feels a lot more personal and allows me to have sort of a conversation with people rather than just talk about my life that really isn’t all that exciting anyways. I stopped doing the Monthly favorite videos, I stopped doing Real Ass Talk videos, I stopped streaming on twitch, I closed down my MineCraft server, and I haven’t posted a QNA in over a year, but regardless, true fans and viewers have still stuck by my side, eager for whatever random shit I dish out next.
In the next year I hope to continue posting my WTF NEWS videos, Destery Watch vlogs, random skits, as well as bring back the Capndesdes QNA videos as I greatly enjoyed doing them.

With all the phasing out of older video series, many people began wondering: what the hell is destery doing with his time anyways? And while YouTube will always be a main passion and income source for me, 2016 proved to be the first year where I tried expanding my reach in more than just the digital world. So in order to cut back even more on the amount of time I spend per week doing YouTube, I hired two editors this last year who have been a tremendous help to me in allowing myself more time to focus on more pressing concerns than spending 5 fucking hours editing a video. And With the free time gained from the help of my editors, I was able to focus on something I’ve always wanted to do: make a board game.
And Though the game is still very much in it’s alpha phase, I’ve recently also hired two artists who are already taking the game from just an idea into a magnificent work of art that has inspired me even more to have it released.
I can’t wait for you guys to play it and remark on just how fucking nerdy I am that one of my dreams in life was to make a board game.

So one of my resolutions for last year was to travel. To see more than just the worlds and places I see on TV and to actually venture into the scary unknown abyss known as “outside”. Well this year I’m happy to report that I travelled a metric fuck ton. Starting with going to Tennessee last January; then to Las Vegas in March, then exploring cool new places here in Portland, visiting my mom and Nathan in Idaho twice on a long and terrible car ride, Then to The land which I promised I would never return in Orlando Florida, then to a weekend in Seattle, and then again to Tennessee. This year was by far the most I’ve ever travelled and I’m extremely proud that I was able to leave my comfort zone which is really just my apartment filled with cats and video games, to embark on a quest to see more of the world.

SO fun fact - I’ve never really thought very highly of myself. Even if I have all of these accomplishments and useless to mediocre talents like making transformer sounds with my mouth, I still have a hard time with my own self worth and image. So this last year I vowed to test myself. To push myself harder than I ever have before both mentally and physically. And though I still look like a sad sack of uncooked chicken, My increasing desire to work out, eat healthy, and ice skate rigorously has only been briefly halted this year by my own doubts and the evil addicting nature of Taco Bell. I know that this year I can prove to myself even more that I am a Warrior and I will not give in to doubt or 2 dollar chicken burritos.

So those were my accomplishments I felt were worth noting this year, And as I venture forth into the next year, I have but one resolution.
STOP BEING LAZY. The largest hurdle between me and greatness is the limitations I set in my own mind And the inability to act on opportunity simply because it requires work. Nothing is simply achieved. Everything requires work - and my goal this year to be someone who constantly strives to work their hardest. Not only for my fans and people who look up to me, but to myself as well. When you’re sad and feeling helpless, many times, it’s hard to dig yourself out of the hole you’ve made. But inaction is greater a crime than trying and failing. Inaction leads to settling. Settling leads to regret, and regret leads to a mundane life. And if theres one thing I know, I will never settle for the mundane. Because the weird - The strange. The people who try something they’ve never done, or attempt something that frightens them - Those are the people who change the world.

I seriously object to the idea that wanting to be beautiful/wearing make up/struggling with self image/caring what people think of your appearance makes you a bad feminist. 

Being a feminist does not mean: “I am entirely unaffected by the patriarchal society we live in!” 

It means: “I am aware of the patriarchal society we live in, have grown up in it and have absorbed a lot of its toxic ideas about gender and women, but I want to change it!

It can also mean: “Now I am aware of certain aspects of this patriarchal society, I am in a super difficult and confusing position because I do not quite know how many of my choices are actually choices and how many are a response to conditioning and subtle yet constant societal pressures. I am trying to strike a difficult balance in forging my own identity and being confident in myself regardless of what I look like without denying myself things I enjoy like pretty clothes and make up tutorials because feminism should be about choice right? and I don’t want to feel forced to stop enjoying those things. That is the opposite of what I signed up for. But also I don’t want to reinforce the idea that women need to look attractive in order to be confident/valued and would love to be that woman that can be totally at ease with no make up whatsoever 24/7, but at the same time having grown up in a patriarchal society I do not personally feel 100% confident in dispensing with my beauty regime altogether, and I’m not sure if I even want to do that because it’s fun… am I a BAD feminist???” 

We are all on a journey. There is no such thing as a perfect feminist. So long as you aren’t harming anyone then you make the choices you feel are right and healthy for you. Unlearning this stuff is hard and may well take forever. Feel no guilt over the way you want to present yourself. 

You can be a feminist who likes to wear make up and wants to be beautiful. They stuck us in this mess, it’s up to us how we hold onto ourselves while we fight on through it. 


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You’re insecure (request).

You’re not feeling the best about yourself and your boyfriend takes notice.


He knew from the get go that something was wrong. Your body language indicated how uncomfortable you were throughout the entire event, and it really killed him to see you in such visible distress. The worst part about it was that he couldn’t even take the time to comfort you due to the amount of people he had to talk to. So when you got home he sat you down and you choked out how you hated seeing him surrounded by such beautiful women with such slim waists and perfect hair. That they all looked amazing standing next to him while you lingered by in the sidelines. He took your hand in his and just like the man he was, gave you a lecture on every single thing that he loved about you. He was willing to go all night until you pushed him onto the bed, silencing him with kisses.


“Do we have to do this? You know you’re perfect just like this.” Jeonghan whined as he tried to take a hold of your hand. The two of you were at a plastic surgery clinic and your boyfriend was less than thrilled to be there.

“I just want to talk! What’s the harm in that?” Jeonghan huffed and sat back down. It was hard for him to accept, but it was harder for you to live with. You’d always been really insecure about your nose and now that you were older and more financially stable, the least you could do was talk to a professional about it.

“Fine. But know that I love you and your nose and I’ll always love you and your nose. Just don’t come out looking like a troll.”


You walked into your house and slammed the door loudly as you threw the keys on the counter. Jisoo was in the kitchen when he saw you walk in. He smiled at you, but his expression immediately changed when he saw the look on your face.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as you slumped onto the seat next to him. He brushed his fingers against your cheeks.

“I didn’t get the job. This is the fourth rejection letter, too. I just…what’s wrong with me?” You asked as your eyes brimmed with tears. Finding a job with a degree in Journalism wasn’t the easiest task, and it was starting to take a toll. You felt incompetent.

Joshua looked at you with warm eyes. “You need to stop being so hard on yourself. You’re 21! Everything’s going to fall into place. Give it time.” He rubbed your back as you finished ranting. Nothing had changed, but he made you feel better.


Jun was always the better one. He was better looking, he was more talented, and he was more charismatic. People gravitated towards him more. And, it didn’t make you jealous, but it made you feel inferior. Like you weren’t enough for him. So sometimes, when he would be out and about, you

imagined what it would be like if you broke up with him. Just to prepare yourself if that day ever came. But it was too hard. Once he found out about how you felt, he lost it, because he couldn’t believe that you felt lesser than him. His calm demeanor melted off and he was really angry. But you made him understand, and after calming down, he made sure that you never felt that way again.


Hoshi never liked to see you struggle with your body image. In fact, whenever the topic came up, he always found ways to avoid it. Not that he didn’t care, because God, he hated seeing you look down on yourself. He just did everything in his power to make sure you were always distracted. He knew that if you sulked around for too long you’d end up hating yourself to the point of self harm. His energetic personality gave him the ability to stay distracted for long periods of time. And even though you still battled it all internally, you were grateful to have someone who cared enough to spend all of his time making sure you were having fun. It meant a lot.


He found you sitting on the floor of your closet with your arms wrapped around your knees. He knew what happened, the dress Pledis sent over for the show that night didn’t fit quite right and as time was running out you began to panic. Wonwoo stood by the doorframe awkwardly. He wasn’t used to seeing you so hell-bent over a stupid dress. He wasn’t used to seeing you so caught up with your insecurities. He always saw how confident you were, how you led the way with everything effortlessly, so he didn’t know how to react.

“Just give me a minute. I’ll be ready in 2.” You said giving him a small smile. It was then when he left the door and took the clothing from your hand, helping you out of your pajamas and into the dress for the night.


Jihoon wasn’t always subconsciously aware of what was going on around him. Sometimes, he’d be so deep in thought in his own world that he forgot to pay attention to the most important thing in his life: you. So when you came home quietly and barely talked during dinner, he didn’t notice a thing, instead going on about his day as if everything was just fine. When he finally realized that you were barely responding, he got irritated.

“What’s wrong with you?”

That was enough to set you off. You went at him for not realizing that you weren’t yourself and how you had a terrible day at work due to some really rude coworkers who mocked your paintings. Jihoon’s expression immediately softened as he realized how much of an ass he was being. He came over to you and engulfed you in a hug, because he knew how much your art meant to you. And he knew that he should have been more sensitive.


Whenever something was going on in your head, you had this distant look and tended to stay quiet. He knew that didn’t happen often, so whenever you got really quiet around his female friends, he knew he had to step it up. DK repeatedly made sure you were more involved in the conversation and paid extra

attention to you. He knew how shy you got around big crowds of people. It was easy for him, he was loud and easy going, but harder for you, so he did all he could to make you feel included and comfortable. And that alone made your heart swell.


Oh, Kim Mingyu. He was the type to freak out over every single little issue you presented him with. Whenever you came to him with your insecurities, spilling to him how you hated this or you hated that about yourself, he went into semi-panic mode. He’d grab you and kiss you everywhere and keep ensuring that you were perfect. He was a tall, lean fellow, so he’d hold you tight and bury his face in your hair as he told you to stop worrying. He was a jokester and a free spirit at heart, but he always got serious whenever this topic came up. He hated seeing you so bent over flaws that weren’t even flaws in the first place.


Minghao really was the sweetest. There would be times where you felt uncomfortable with certain parts of your body, and just like the champ he was, he made sure you laughed about it. He was good about that, poking fun at your own insecurities to ease up the pain a little bit. He knew it would work because you knew everyone had issues, everyone had their own monster to deal with. His tactic just helped you laugh about it a little along the way.


Seungkwan was the life of every party. He was loud, charming, and downright funny. He made sure everyone around him was well entertained, even in the expense of himself. He hated seeing the people he cared about upset. Especially you. Whenever you’re down he’ll do his very best to make sure you’re okay. He’s a bit younger than you, so he’s not the most experienced, but all he knows is that he’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay in the end.


This boy. Being insecure around him was basically a death sentence. Not really, but he loved the hell out of you until you felt incredible about yourself. He’d do silly things. He’d write songs about you, rap about you, and draw you. He’d go out and buy you a dress he KNEW would make you look amazing. He’d sit in the bathroom and watch you put your makeup on and compliment every single thing you did. It drove you insane, but you understood why he did it. He wanted to show you how he saw you. He wanted to make sure you knew you were the best.

“Does this look okay?” You asked as you spun around in your white pantsuit. He stared at you before clearing his throat.

“You look…wow.” He blushed before finishing.

“Thanks, I know.” You laughed before placing a kiss on your boyfriend’s forehead.


He was the youngest and undoubtedly the shyest one. He was still going through a lot himself, so when you came to him with your problems, he’d sit down with you and talk it out. Then it was his turn to share his problems. That’s why it worked. The two of you made sure that you both had each other’s

back, always building each other up and being there for each other. You two were a team. So, whenever something was wrong, you knew he would be there to help you through it.