body image facts

women do not have to
  • be thin
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • be feminine 
  • be graceful
  • have sex with you
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • listen to your bullshit

Part 2 of the Cryptid-Style Pokemon, Chikorita! AKA: A really, really strange bird that smells nice.

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hey could you do the thing "facts about the female body" for the male body too? sorry I don't wanna sound like a menimist or smth but I thought that itd be nice since a lot of males suffer w body image too

Facts About The Male Body

  1. It’s okay to not have six-pack abs.
  2. Your hair may thin out and bald, but that doesn’t make you any less handsome.
  3. Being shorter doesn’t lower your value or make you any less attractive.
  4. You are allowed to wear make-up if you’d like, because fuck gender norms :)
  5. Growing hair in places like your back and on the tops of your feet doesn’t make you a slob or disgusting, just more fur for when it gets cold out!
  6. Men - like women - should not be confined to what they are “supposed to be”. Live, love and exist as you are. The world is better as an honest place.

“my insides are copper; i’d kill to make them gold” 

couldn’t really make this work, sensitive pop-punk shirtless frat boy is a difficult aesthetic to wrangle with on any day 

The Chair - Alfie Solomons

Could you do something about Alfie finding out that people have been badmouthing his girlfriend/wife and how he reacts?

I see you take a lot of unusual requests so I thought I would send this in: Alfie trying to find a way to help ease his wife’s mind about her body image problems and the fact that she’s always been chubby and how it might affect their relationship??? Sorry I have no idea how to request stuff

The Chair - Alfie Solomons

It didn’t bother you. Not usually, at least. It was just a regular fact of life. Like having blonde hair instead of brown or being tall instead of short. You were just larger. Your stomach hung over some, with rolls and marks from stretched skin and your hips were wider. Your thighs touched all the time and your arms were soft and squishy. Infact you were mostly all soft. And that didn’t bother you. And it certainly didn’t bother Alfie in the slightest. In fact, you’d never had a more hands-on lover.

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BTS Reacting To You Being Too Self Conscious Of Your Body To Go Past Third Base


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Taehyung would be a bit confused and surprised that you are self-conscious about your body, especially with how beautiful he thinks you are. He’d be completely respectful of your boundaries, even though he thinks it’s a bit silly because he loves everything about you anyway. “Jagiya, you are beautiful to me.”


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Namjoon would probably compliment you often to try and make you feel more comfortable with showing your body more around him, even coming up and hugging you tightly while you are getting changed to press kisses against areas that bother you. He’d honestly find you absolutely gorgeous and would make sure you know it. “You are literally the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen jagiya.”


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Jungkook would be a bit awkward with that sort of thing, considering that he himself is a bit inexperienced in the romantic department. He would definitely let you know how attractive you are to him, inside and out, and would most likely do it in subtle ways or end up blurting out the things he likes about you in the most cringeworthy way he possibly could. “You, um, have pretty thighs. And I like your face.”


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Hobi would definitely make sure you knew how beautiful he thinks you are, almost always greeting you with a compliment and a tight hug. He’d be a bit sad that you aren’t confident in your own beauty as a person but would be incredibly supportive and caring towards you. “Now, now jagiya, you are absolutely beautiful and I’m lucky to have you in my life.”


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Jimin would definitely understand your struggles with body image, considering the fact that he himself went through something incredibly similar when he was younger. He’d be completely patient with you, making sure to encourage and compliment you whenever you make a comment that is self-depricating in nature. “Well I like you just the way you are.”


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Jin would sit you down, grab your hand and look you in the eyes as he tells you how beautiful you are to him and how lucky he is to have you. He’d list all of the things he admires about you, all of the things he likes about you the most and would then proceed to press soft kisses to your face while telling you how much he cares about you. “Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to get you as my partner.”


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Suga would immediately pull you into a tight embrace, burying his face in your hair as he holds you close to him. He’d simply hold you, waiting for you to relax in his grip before telling you how beautiful you are to him as a person and appearance wise. He wouldn’t let you go until you reassure him that you understand what he’s trying to tell you and would press kisses to your face and lips when the two of you cuddle afterwards.

I really hope you like this post guys! ^_^ So sorry I didn’t post it sooner, was catching up on some assignments. 

Dru isn't "fat", PLEASE DO NOT BEAT ME UP

A lot of people are aging Dru is “fat”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to body shame, I just think the word has a different meaning than the context it’s being used in. “Fat” to me implies body fat, the actual physical way the body stores extra calories. Someone who works out, more specifically the way Shadowhunters do because their job is so physically demanding, is not going to be “fat”. I know it was addressed in the book (I don’t remember this having sped through the book in a day and a half) that Dru considered herself fat despite the fact that she trains like a shadowhunter, but aren’t we only getting Dru’s perspective here? (Correct me if I’m wrong, please I’d truly love to know where someone else [besides effing Zara or one of her sleaze ball companies] besides Dru specifically calls her “fat”, not heavy or curvy but fat). Seeing that we are getting an insecure thirteen year old’s opinion of her body can we agree it’s not going to be “accurate”. We obviously know that since Dru already thinks herself fat and not proudly that she has low body image. In return that means of course she’s going to think she’s “fat”, that doesn’t mean she is. For instance, I feel awkward trying blouses on because I have no boobs. Does that mean the shirt I’m wearing actually looks bad on me because of the way I perceive it hanging horridly on my body from the lack of cleavage I have? No, in all honesty it looks fine and you can’t really even notice it. But when I look down I see where extra room for boobies was sewn into the shirt and I think it looks weird and obvious. Dru however thinks the exact opposite of her body, every curve stands out to her ten times more than it does. Plus not only is she naturally curvy, she’s physically mature for her age. At thirteen she’s in bigger gear than other girls her age. How can you expect her not to think she’s fat? As far as I’m concerned though no one else (of importance, meaning Zara or other mean thirteen year old shadowhunter girls) think Dru’s “fat”.

Dru’s Shadowhunters wiki page reads: “Dru has the Blackthorns’ signature dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. She is quite tall for her age—nearly the same height as Cristina, despite being five years younger than her. As a child, she was already compact, expected to grow to be curvy unlike her mostly lanky siblings. Her body has since already gone through puberty early, showing off her curves to the point where Dru, at thirteen, has been mistaken for seventeen or eighteen years old by mundane boys. This has made her very self-conscious about her body because unlike most Shadowhunters who are wiry or muscular, she is round-bodied and doesn’t fit into the gear designed for girls in her age group.”

Tell me that doesn’t sound like every other teenage girl with body image problems plus the fact that she’s different added on top of it. If you’ve actually made it this far into my post, hopefully you know bashing any sort of body image pride you’ve built up through this “Dru is fat” thing, because positive body image is hella important and you keep using Dru or whoever else as your inspiration or whatever else you’re using her as (as long as it’s good). I’m just saying, maybe you and I have a different understanding of the word “fat” and it just so happens that the way you’re using it is bothering me. Because maybe I think that Dru’s importance isn’t that she’s “fat” it’s that she realistically represents how low body image feels like and I think she’ll serve as a lesson that how you see yourself isn’t how everyone else sees you and you need to learn to love yourself. #Druisnotfatpleasedonotbeatmeup

i mistook myself for desert. told my body to hush
when it begged for water. ignored the wailing jaws
that burst open on the soles of my feet every time
i walked across the concrete in the middle of july.
i know the battle hymn the inside of my thighs sing
better than anyone else. i look in the mirror
and see a gaunt brushfire. every day is not a day—
it is a feast. i live off both everything and nothing.
i see myself as both unstoppable and terrifyingly temporary.
such is the contradiction of desert girls with small hands
and growing bellies. here i am: choking on the dust
of myself, knowing everything that was once strong
is now alkali. o, how beautifully i sing lies to myself
at night. how clumsy my teeth are while trying to consume
the truth: that the desert will be beautiful no matter what,
but something must be done about the drought.
—  desert girl, Lydia Havens 

I have 26 bruises on both knees
from the night it rained so heavy,
buses floated around the roundabouts like sailboats.

Neither one of us know how they got there.
But every day the sun wakes,
stretches her arms past the bends in my blinds,
I find more spots polka-dotting my skin
like the quilts my great grandmother gave to me
before she handed her heart to the sky.

I apologized for being so broken.
It’s not pretty to kiss a girl
above the summer sand
with busted legs her shorts
can’t crawl over to cover.

You said to me, sweetheart,
the branches from the old evergreen in the backyard
are broken,
the chains to swingsets on playrgrounds 2 blocks away
are broken,
and every spine of every book you’re ever read
are broken.
He smoothed his long fingers over the crook
in my elbow,
you are the hardest thing I’ve ever seen.

He said I’d never find miners out digging
in the caves to find me, because they know
they can’t break me down to smaller pieces.
He said I am the only shell the ocean’s sand
can’t smooth over,
that when I was born, the doctors were worried
I had bricks built into my bones
because I was so strong.

You are not broken, he said,
so please don’t tear yourself down.


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