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jake peralta #17

17. Scars

So besides the scar that he’s going to have from Amy shooting him in the leg, he’s only got a few others. There’s one behind his ear, a long thin line, from the time Gina was practicing with the straightener and got a bit too overzealous. He has one on his knee from the time he was trying to learn how to skateboard and wiped out on the sidewalk outside his house. And then he has a small one on his shoulder that he tells people he got in a car accident. Really, it’s from when he tried to slide across the hood of his Mustang three days after he bought it, slipped off the edge, and landed in a pile of broken glass. Rosa was watching and had to pull the shard out of his shoulder. She can commonly be seen rolling her eyes in the background when Jake tells people it’s from a car accident.

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Words: 740
Summary: When the killing is over and all that remains is to pick up the pieces, Munakata finds an object that Sakakura left behind.
Note: Warnings for body horror.

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In the aftermath, he finds it.

His body feels like it could give out at any moment—aching everywhere in one breath and yet totally numb the next, Munakata limps past tired bricks and crumbling rubble when he sees it—and comes to a sudden halt.

It is small, out of the way and by no means does it block his path—indeed, his vision is thin enough now that he could have easily missed it—yet the air grows heavy and constricting around him, and a wave of rock-solid nausea comes over him as his single eye looks down upon a devotion he does not deserve.

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