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a very self indulgent sketch to celebrate hitting my first thousand followers on this blog _(:3」∠)_

I took examples from my own experiences to do this, so sorry if the scenarios look iffy, or even a teensy bit angsty to some :P

I am so sorry that 707′s is huge! I got carried away with it :P ~Admin Bloo



  • Most of the times, it doesn’t even pop up as often.
  • Pizza nights, game nights and go out for movies. It’s like the perfect college love life.
  • But one day, Yoosung was meeting up with a bunch of friends, and he wanted to bring you along.
  • You had already met them through webcam, so why were you suddenly so anxious to see them in real life?
  • The day before the meeting, you suddenly pull out.
  • This poor boy is so confused.
  • Why won’t you meet them? You’ve talked to them before? Are they not nice? Did they say something to you?
  • It was very difficult to calm him down, but you finally tell him that you were insecure about how fat you were.
  • He’s super quick to correct you that he doesn’t even let you finish.
  • “You’re so soft, both inside and out. It’s just who you are, and there is nothing to be ashamed of about that.”
  • This prompts the both of you to share your insecurities with each other.
  • By the end of the day, you both feel like you know each other better.
  • “No matter what you look like, it’s you as a person I love.”


  • The insecurities got worse when you started dating him
  • Every time you’re in public, you can practically feel everyone judging you from every angle.
  • You start going out on dates less frequently, and this irritates Zen to no end
  • Especially since you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him about what’s been on your mind.
  • One day, you tell him you want to go to the gym with him
  • He’s ecstatic (since this is the first time you wanted to go somewhere in weeks) but confused as well.
  • Then he sees how hard you’re trying to work out, but tire so much quicker than him that you start sulking.
  • When he stops what he’s doing, and asks you what’s wrong, it all comes pouring out.
  • About how he’s so perfect, and you’re not, and you don’t deserve to be with him
  • *cue dramatic gasp*
  • “Sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve such a kind and pure person like YOU, and here you are worried about what you look like?”
  • “I fell for you because of how you supported me through tough times, not because you looked a certain way.”


  • She’s already super busy, yet she still looks so pretty and slim.
  • It gave you an inferiority complex on so many levels.
  • Overtime, she notices that you want to go out less; preferring to stay at home and relax.
  • Which she doesn’t argue over; it is nice to have room to breathe once in a while.
  • Your clothes are always loose and free flowing; She admires your style a lot.
  • Overtime, you have lessened your food portions to the point where now it is half of your usual.
  • Get ready lads, shit is about to hit the fan now.
  • Suddenly your behavior, your clothes, and your patterns.  Everything makes sense.
  • She forcefully serves you how much you should be eating, despite your protests.
  • “There is absolutely no reason to adopt unhealthy practices simply because you have all these misconceptions about yourself.”
  • Before you can defend your “misconceptions”, she heaves a big sigh and apologizes for snapping at you.
  • “Your beauty shines through every little action you do; your body has very little to do with it. So please, don’t worry and be happy.”


  • This man thinks the entire world revolves around you; and sets his standards according to you.
  • This leads you to try to match the standards of everything a corporate heir’s significant other should be like.
  • One day, he had decided to take you shopping, just to shower some love on you.
  • One day, while you two were out window shopping, he had found a shimmering black dress that he absolutely wants you to try on.
  • When you tell him that it is a few sizes too small, he immediately calls in the manager of the store to ask for a size more suitable for.
  • The manager looks at you very piercingly and then states that the store does not cater to plus sizes.
  • It tore you apart to hear the words that had been toiling around your mind the entire day. His world doesn’t provide for plus sizes
  • Jumin very easily sensed your mood rolling downhill and threatened the poor manager to rid him of his job by the end of the day.
  • Before Jumin could ruin anymore livelihoods, you drag him out of the store.
  • He doesn’t understand why you let that manager and other people talk to you like that.
  • He is rambling and ranting as you two continue walking around the area.
  • “You are still leading a better life than all those women who starve themselves to death just for the sake of something as shallow as appearances.”
  • It’s almost funny how much offense he is taking on your behalf.
  • You pull him to kiss him on the cheek, and he stopped immediately.
  • He takes this as a nice way to shut him up and takes you to your favorite café


  • Boi has military training to back him up on his unhealthy obsession with junk food
  • You scold him every. Single. Time. And all he does is take another packet and eat it in front of you as you’re yelling at him.
  • Even you don’t understand why you yell at him so much, it’s an uncontrollable reflex at this point.
  • One day you were enjoying a family sized packet of Doritos by yourself in the kitchen.
  • Seven strolls in, whistling as he grabs a packet of HBC.
  • Then he notices your packet of Doritos
  • Both of you narrow your eyes at each other playfully.
  • You thought it was going to be another match of Doritos vs. Honey Buddha Chips
  • You bring out your usual point that HBC has a lot more fats in it than Doritos.
  • But then he points out that you’re the one who is fatter than him, so you were just projecting your problems against HBC
  • You look down in silence, suddenly extra aware of the fact that you are wearing shorts.
  • He’s slapped his mouth shut and is raining apologies upon you, but you just get up and leave; leaving behind the packet you were munching on as well.
  • Over the next few weeks, he’s doing everything he can to apologize
  • Grabbing onto your leg, bowing and begging, bringing your favorite food.
  • But you just wouldn’t budge.
  • What finally wins you over is the presentation he made of Doritos being better than HBC while wearing a sumo fatsuit that puts regular sumos to shame.
  • “You’re still my wonderful and bootyful MC; maybe the Doritos have some kind of power to give you such beauty and grace.”


  • He had invited you as his date/honored guest to his latest photo exhibition
  • You were so happy about the level of success this particular collection had achieved, you had bought a dress just for the occasion.
  • He had headed out to the gallery before you to check on some things, so he gave you a peck before saying goodbye
  • It’s a good luck kiss, don’t I deserve one?
  • You hurriedly go and change into the beautiful dress- looking forward to V’s reaction when he sees you
  • But when you put it on, suddenly it doesn’t look as good as it did before?
  • Was it always this short and tight?
  • Were your arms always so… bulbous?
  • You sat there in front of the mirror and tears started pouring out of frustration
  • You were planning out how were you going to cancel on him, until suddenly he burst into your shared bedroom and grabs his camera from the bedside table.
  • He then looks at you and jumps at the sight. You get even shyer aww
  • “You are so stunning in that dress! But why are you crying…?”
  • You hug him and mumble something about not deserving to be standing next to someone so acclaimed as him.
  • “Do you know why you are my muse for most of my photos? It’s because no matter how many different ways I click the camera, I’m never able to capture your perfect essence.”


  • It was never an issue that stayed at the forefront of your thoughts. Back of your mind, sure.
  • Saeran was never particular about how you looked, and you knew that.
  • One day, you had finally coaxed him into going out on a date.
  • But then surprise surprise, all your nice clothes are waiting in the laundry pile
  • Both of you are just too lazy to do chores and now it’s just biting you in the butt
  • Now all you have is the lacy camisole you had bought last week, which could go with some capris.
  • You weren’t sure why you bought it; it just looked pretty at the time.
  • You refuse to wear it, and try to find something else to wear but it’s just. not. right.
  • Saeran literally doesn’t give two shits about your problem.
  • “Why don’t you just wear what you’re already wearing?” No I just wanted to wear something special
  • He holds up the camisole “What’s wrong with this then?”
  • You stammer out that it doesn’t compliment your figure and it shows off your flabby torso.
  • You could practically see the irritation on his face and just give up and wear it to prove that its not good enough.
  • But when you show it to him, he suddenly can’t look at you in the eye.
  • See, I told you this looked bad.
  • He then looks up in alarm and grabs your shoulders.
  • You’re probably just saying that so that we can get going.
  • No matter how much he is refusing, you try to change out of it, but he doesn’t let you.
  • Instead he’s practically forcing you out the door.
  • “For Christ’s sake, MC. The one time I agree to go out so that I can show everyone that you’re mine and you want to just sit there because your tee shirt is too small”
  • You want to correct him that it’s a camisole, but you let him go as you both make you way to the mall.

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Hi! If requests are still open, could I get some Bakugou texting headcanons? Thank you!

These were so cute to write. I’m crying :’))

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Bakugou is an abrupt texter. He only says what he has to and there’s almost ZERO emojis from him.
  • If he’s pissed at whoever he’s texting (which isn’t all that uncommon) he will put caplocks on and they will not go off for a loooooong time. He’s as intense over text as he is in real life.
  • Lots of exclamation marks!!!
  • He’d either reply straight away or not at all. He’s weird like that.
  • He’d change all his contacts on his phone to his insults nicknames that he’s given them in real life. For example, Kirishima is Shitty Hair, Izuku is DEKU and Todoroki is Icy-Hot, etc.
  • When he’s texting his s/o, he still likes to act tough but inevitably his soft side (which *gasp* he does have) will show through. May not text them a lot but will always send a good morning/ good night text cause hey, the boy has a few manners.
  • Once lost his phone so, being the extra lil shit he is, ran all the way to his s/o’s dorm room to tell them good morning. 
  • Accidentally letting his soft side for his s/o show through on group chats with the rest of Class 1A and the next thing they see is: “King of Explodo Kills has left the group chat”.

S/O: Goodnight Katsuki! <3

Bakugou: Whatever…..

Bakugou: …Sweet dreams x 

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lips and arms for gaara plz 💗


How do they kiss?

  • Gaara’s kisses are gentle and hesitant
  • The kisses are also quick unless his S/O initiates them

What sort of sweet nothings do they whisper?

  • “You are so beautiful”
  • “How did I come to deserve you?”
  • “Stay with me forever”

What do they like to talk about?

  • He avoids talking about his past whenever he can, but every once in awhile when his inner struggles get too much, he will let his S/O hear about them
  • He likes to talk about anything that pertains to his S/O. He couldn’t think of a better way to spend his time than learning more about them
  • His dreams and ambitions

Can they sing?

  • Gaara isn’t bad, but he certainly not great at it


What kind of hugger are they?

  • He likes hugging his S/O from behind (That way they don’t see him blushing)

How do they carry their s/o to bed?

  • Short answer, he doesn’t. He is too embarrassed by the thought of even sharing a bed with a S/O, let alone carry them there


So i just finished Mr Student Body President and. It’s really funny and good. It has Jeremy Shada (Finn and Lance’s VA!!!) playing the main character. And i have a few headcannons sooo.
Spoiler warning!!!!

-Tyler doesn’t have many friends. He was probably bullied when he was younger and has like, social anxiety. So he doesn’t really know how to make friends.
-Hadley has a really big family. Really big.
-That time when Tyler was left alone at winter break? Yeah. Alone for two weeks. Hadley probably sent him a rec list of movies to watch. (He watched like two of them. But the thought was nice.)
-Hadley doesn’t use the built in emoji’s because she has a Samsung phone and most people have Apple. So she just uses stuff like :) , >:( and :\ (although mainly :| )
-Tyler probably has like 5 tshirts. He totaly dresses like a nerd out of school. Like. Shirt+Jumper combo.
-When he’s not interning for Tyler, or doing school stuff, Rory is a masive comicbook fan. His faves are The Flash ones.
-Tyler lacks the co-ordinance to play dodgeball but he’s a good swimmer. He just doesn’t.
-Hadley plays guitar. She just started and her older sibling is teaching her.
-Rory has a collection of gameboys. It’s just that. They break. So easily. And are kinda easy to find. Soooo.
-Tyler is like a musical prodigy. He’s very good but insists that no-one can know.

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Do you think Mycroft knows how to ride a bike and if so do you think he also does those biking tours?

With a booty like that and legs I have no doubt that Mycroft does indeed bike from time to time but not as often as he would like.

Not a fancy bike mind you but its enough to trek around his house and beyond to the outer edges of his property to survey the land.

Mycroft definitely does not have time for those biking tournaments that they have over in Europe however, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for him to be interested once he retires.

migraines suck, don’t they…? or is that just the demon trying to snatch your body…?

MYSME Headcannon: The RFA + Unknown ‘Body Insecurities’

A/N: So I’ve been bouncing this idea around in my head for a couple weeks & I finally decided to sit down & write out some headcannons for it. After all, everyone has some form of body insecurities.

(slight spoilers in 707′s & Unknown’s headcannons.)

Yoosung Kim:

  • If we’re being honest here, this boy actually has quite a few insecurities. He doesn’t like it when people perceive him as a child, understandably b/c he’s a grown-ass man. So Yoosung’s body insecurities revolve around the traits that he feels makes him seem younger.
  • He’s too short.
  • He has a baby face.
  • He’s neither toned nor athletic.
  • His eyes are too big. They make him look like a starry-eyed kid.
  • Part of the reason Yoosung dyed his hair was b/c he thought blond would make him seem older. But in reality, it just made Saeyoung call him goldilocks. (He absolutely hates that nickname.)
  • ~ “But I like your blond hair. And your smooth skin. And how you’re not that much taller than me…”~
  • MC would proceed to go on a 10 min long tangent on the 101 things she loved about Yoosung whenever he would start to voice these negative thoughts out loud. Which admittedly made him blush and also a little smug that she thought he was more attractive than Zen.

Jaehee Kang:

  • Jaehee doesn’t really spend a whole lot of time nitpicking her body. She doesn’t have the time to spend. But if you were to sit down & ask her what her biggest insecurity was she would say it was her breast.
  • Yeah that’s right, her boobs.
  • But even then it’s less of an body insecurity and more of a pet peeve.
  • Jaehee was blessed/cursed w/ an ample bosom. But that meant that she was fairly top-heavy and trying to find work blouses that didn’t show too much cleavage was an absolute nightmare. And don’t even get her started about bra chaffing and boob sweat, especially in the summer… Ugh!
  • She really envies MC sometimes b/c in comparison she’s so flat-chested. She can even get away w/ not wearing a bra under some dresses. If Jaehee tried that she’d probably throw her back out from lack of support, not to mention people would notice.
  • ~ “If they bother you that much, Jaehee, I’ll fully support you if you decide to get a reduction.”~
  • MC really worries about her. She can only imagine how much strain lugging that extra weight around puts on her back. And to even think about running up the stairs…ouch.

Zen/Hyun Ryu:

  • It’s hard to believe than anyone as perfect as him has a body insecurity. Like really? How?
  • Zen is perfect. He’s got that almost symmetrical face, killer cheekbones, toned biceps and abs that Jaehee has been quoted of “wanting to eat ice cream off of”, while MC claims that “they’d make a good cheese grater for nachos…”
  • But everyone has body insecurities, even Zen. (Although it is very hard to believe.)
  • His insecurity was actually a surprise to MC. & it should’ve been considering how he went on & on about never getting pimples. 
  • That was a big fat lie. Everyone gets pimples, handsome musical actors not excluded. But Zen never got pimples on his face. Which meant that he got them other places.
  • As a teen, he had a case of horrible back acne which left numerous scars littered across his shoulder blades. The majority of them are faded now, barely noticeable to the naked eye. Thankfully w/ the help of acne skincare & taking better care of himself the problem cleared up.
  • But that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t get a few zits now & again.
  • ~ “I can pop them for you, Zen-Oppa.”~
  • Zen is convinced that MC is an angel b/c who in the world would offer to pop someone’s zit. He’s just glad that she chooses to love him, scars & all.

Jumin Han:

  • Jumin’s insecurity is fairly obvious if you know what to look for. Fortunately, most people have no idea what to look for & he seems like such a distant person that most wouldn’t know where to start.
  • Perhaps, his distance is brought on b/c he rarely ever smiles. Even MC was puzzled by it b/c while he smiled at her a lot, Jumin never truly smiled. Like a wide-grin-pearly-teeth kind of smile. & MC found out why after a mishap in the kitchen involving a bag of flour & Elizabeth III. 
  • (An accident where she tripped over the cat & a bag of flour poured out over her head after she landed on the floor.)
  • “MC are you alright?”
  • ~ “Oh I’m fine. I’m just doing my impression of Lucille Ball.”~
  • Jumin & MC had been watching the famous sitcom of I love Lucy that week & they had just seen the episode w/ the flour gag the day before & the comment struck Jumin as hilarious b/c he laughed. & not only did he laugh, but he smiled –a true-face-splitting-grin!
  • MC saw it immediately, the slightly crooked tooth. Jumin quickly realized his mistake & schooled his expression to neutral.
  • ~ “No. Don’t hide from me, Jumin. I love your smile…”~
  • MC leapt up from the floor & threw her flour covered arms around his neck.
  • ~ “You’re so handsome when you smile.”~
  • “MC, you’re getting flour all over the floor…”
  • ~ “Come on, Jumin-Oppa, let me see it again. Please…”~
  • Jumin would be unable to resist smiling at the sight of flour-covered MC giving him the puppy-dog eyes. & then the second he caved MC would beam up at him then pull him forward to plant a quick peck on his mouth. Thus resulting in flour streaks on his face & hair.
  • ~ “There. Now we both need showers.”~

707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi:

  • As you can imagine Saeyoung has quite a few scars from his work w/ the agency & growing up w/ an abusive drunk of a mom. But one scar in particular stands out among all the rest.
  • It’s a deep, jagged scar that runs along the top of his forehead by his hairline. It stands out vividly in his memory b/c it was the one time his mother had actually done the responsible thing, taking him to the hospital after lobbing an empty beer bottle at his head. There was so much blood at the time, but Saeyoung could only ever remember his brother’s horrified face & him wailing at the top of his lungs.
  • & years later after he left that place, that scar reminded him of his failure as an older brother to protect Saeran from that sight & his inability to take him w/ him when he left. He keeps it covered w/ his bangs so as not to see it when he looks in the mirror.
  • When MC learns of this scar she hugs him tightly & kisses his forehead.
  • ~ “I’m so glad you’re here.”~

Unknown/Saeran Choi:

  • Like Saeyoung, Saeran also carries a lot of physical & emotional scars. But his body insecurity is tied more toward his emotional scars than it is to his physical ones.
  • He hates his tattoo.
  • It’s a reminder of every wrong action, every day he spent in Magenta following the Savior & hating his brother. Not to mention the things he tried to do to MC…
  • Really Saeran just tries not to think about it. & he keeps the ink hidden under long-sleeved shirts & sweaters. But there are times when he’s getting dressed that he just stops & stares at his shoulder for a good couple minutes.
  • It’s MC who suggests going to a tattoo parlor & getting it altered into something new.
  • ~ “That represents the old you, but you’re not him anymore. You’ve changed, Saeran. So let’s get it changed to reflect that.”~

V/Jihyun Kim:

  • Being blind alters your perspective on a lot of things. (Besides the obvious being blind part.)
  • Before he lost his vision, V had been self-conscious of a mole he had on his right butt cheek. But after losing his sight, he came to the realization that appearances were meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
  • That being said, he still gets embarrassed when MC playfully coos over how cute the little beauty mark is.
  • “M-MC, don’t kiss me there…”
  • ~ “Aww…Jihyun-Oppa you’re just too cute!”~

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Hi! Today I'm feeling really bad about my body and stuff. Could you please write some hc about rfa+minor trio reacting to MC how's feeling like shit bc her father keeps bodyshaming her? Pretty please

Hey, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling bad about your body. I hope these headcannons will make you feel a little better. I tried to keep this gender neutral and vary in body Imagine issues, because it’s not always about how big you are, I know some people are subconscious about how skinny they are, or if they don’t have an muscles. Also sorry these took so long, but I wanted to make each one as accurate as I could. 

Keep reading

Rescues can get scary, sure, there are always close moments out there; hanging over the cliff edge, stuck in space on low O2, trapped in a mine with no simple way out. Their job is never easy, but they don’t expect it to be and if anything, Alan likes the way “dangerous” rings in his throat. Still, he knows that no matter what, despite whatever odds are thrown their way, at the end of the day his four big brothers will always be there for him to lean on when he limps back home.

BoTW Link Headcannon- Scars

((Robbie mentions scars when he first sees Link. The truth is that they’re visible all over his body. The Gerudo don’t question them when he’s trying to disguise himself a vai, but some do talk to him about them, thinking that they’re battle scars and this seemingly small and fragile Hylian vai must be an amazing fighter. Some Gerudo have even offered to spar with him.

  Finding out he had so many scars disturbed Link at first, but as he regained his memories, he slowly remembered how he got all of them and eventually they just became part of his body. 

SidLink exclusive headcannon:

  When Sidon catches sight of Link’s scars for the first time, he’s fidgits nervously, wondering if maybe Sidon would be repulsed by the sheer number of them and how big some of them were, but after a short pause, Sidon says “My dear friend, those scars are nothing but proof that you’ve survived through so much. You should be proud to wear them. I would expect a Champion such as yourself to have a few.” and just like that, Sidon made him feel better about his scars.))

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Do you have body type headcanons??

Sam: Petite but athletic. Has very strong legs (from climbing/cycling). During summers her cheeks and shoulders are covered in freckles.

Beth: A little buffer than Sam (and the strongest Washington), very strong upper-body strength. Has stretch-mark scarring around arms.

Hannah: Pudgy, soft. (Trans!Hannah: After transitioning, her tubby belly fat redistributed around her thighs. The redistribution gave her some stretch marks)

Josh: Lanky, thin. Has moles all around his body. Some acne scars on cheeks, back and shoulders. Feint scars on his arms that no one asks about.

Chris: Chubby, especially around his cheeks and belly. Sun-burns easily. (Trans!Chris: has thick surgical scars from top surgery that he likes to show off)

Ashley: Small and fragile, had multiple knee surgeries as a kid and has surgical scars all down her legs so she’s a little self-conscious of her legs.

Emily: Has vitiligo (that doesn’t usually show up in pictures as she’s fairly light-skinned) covering her body. Quite a few moles and beauty marks on face.

Jessica: Pear-shaped. Wide and strong hips/legs from cheerleading practice. Has stretch marks around her hips that she loves showing off.

Matt: Has a lot of core body strength and thick waist. Muscly but not lean. Has light freckles on his face and dimples when he smiles.

Mike: Lean mean dorito shape. Has pectus excavatum, which he’s self-conscious of and is what’d driven him to working out & getting fit.