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Your body hair positivity movement had better include women of color and trans women and not just white vegan hipster girls with terf bangs who dye their armpit hair neon green or else it’s utterly pointless lmao

To me, resilience is the capacity to recover quickly and return to one’s original state of being after experiencing adversity and/or confinement.
It is the ability to overcome obstacles and break barriers whether they’re personal, social or cultural in nature.
In our society, the standards of beauty are old, exhausted and restricting. Female body hair is so out of the norm in our society that we forget shaving is actually a choice.
Moss, like body hair, pops up just about everywhere. And they’re comparable in that if we try to remove them, they’ll quickly grow right back.
So why resist nature?

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If you're a "body positivity advocate" then why did you change your body?

Well first of all if we’re talking just on a medical level, the excess skin was a hazard to my health. It got irritated often and induced rashes. It made it impossible to do most cardio workouts or physical activities for extended periods of time without risk of overheating.

But let’s ignore all that for a moment.

You’re operating under the false assumption that the body positivity movement is about telling people they’re perfect and should never change. Changing your body is making an aesthetic change, more involved but no different than making changes to your style or your hair.

The body positivity movement is about telling people that they have value the way they are, that their body types are valid and don’t make them ugly, and that growth is a good thing when do for the right reasons: because YOU want to.

The body positivity movement is about understanding that change and growth are natural parts of life, and that as long as those changes are rooted in a place of love and kindness to yourself, as long as those changes are something you want to do to continue growing as a person, then those changes are good.

I got the procedure done because I fucking wanted to. I didn’t feel like a monster anymore because of my body, but the next step in my development was to have the skin removed so I could learn my body separate from the remnants of the weight I lived with for so much of my young life, and I wasn’t going to not get it to appease some closed minded view of what the movement I fight for is about.

If you want surgery, if you want bigger breasts or to remove excess skin or a nose job, as long as you understand that you are still beautiful and important now and that decision is about improving yourself rather than “fixing a problem,” it’s a body positive move. You have my support.