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*poof* This is the only way I really take selfies…with a snapchat filter. I think that’s going to change. I’ll start showing my scars. Start showing the acne and hives and marks and blemishes. I’m so hard on myself and always looking for validation. All of the stressing doesn’t help. I keep myself from meeting new people because I can’t face the thought of them not liking me. I was always reduced to a joke and made fun of growing up in school. I had thick glasses since I’m almost legally blind. Pepperoni face…like the commercials you see for proactiv where they like to boast the most terrible cases can be cured… I’m unable to take accutane so watching everyone like me in school become clear and bloom into social butterflies made me want to kill myself all the time. I haven’t changed since then. I can’t accept myself. That has to change. I’m becoming violent. I’m acting out against myself. I want peace. I need love. And I can’t be worried about wanting people to like how I look. It is so hard.

Shades of Blue

For @azure-mirror, just because. Kind of based off of @marchingspace‘s Synesthesia AU (found here). Everything I know about Synesthesia comes from books and wikipedia. Put under a cut to save space. 

Colors. There were too many colors. His lion was red, always red, but today she was a softer red, like she knew, like she was trying to calm him down, like she could sense the pounding sensation in his forehead. Maybe she could. Keith didn’t know how the lions worked, not really. Maybe they could read their thoughts, knew their emotions, could adjust to help their paladins. That would be nice.

Pidge was bright, too bright sometimes, their voice sliding between octaves of lime and emerald and forest that made Keith’s headache worse. They didn’t mean to, he knew that.

Hunk was warmer, easier to be around unless he got excited. His autumn color switched then, from the fall yellow of maple leaves to the brightness of the sun. It hurt Keith’s eyes. It made him wonder if Hunk had always been yellow, or if he only was because of his lion.

If all of them were because of their lions.

But they weren’t, because Shiro was brown when he spoke. He was cinnamon when he commanded them, chocolate when he was scared. Sometimes it was almost black, but brown wasn’t usually too vibrant for Keith. He liked being around Shiro because he was calm, because he was brown.

Coran was good too, unless he was excited. He was an orange that made Keith think of leaf piles and pumpkins, but if he got too ecstatic over something he became the ugly orange of a traffic cone. Allura was a mixture of pinks and purples and reds, her voice like honeysuckle flowers and warmth. But she was too many colors for Keith, constantly fluctuating.

And Lance…


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Summary: Loosely inspired by the song “Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast. Bucky had it all planned out. He spent days planning the perfect proposal - the perfect proposal for the perfect girl, but things don’t always go according to plan. 

Word Count: 1,731

Warnings: Angst

Originally posted by trevanterhodes

Bucky fidgeted with the velvet jewelry box nervously, pausing every now and then to glance back at the door to his apartment. Any moment, Y/N would come walking through, her warm smile lighting up the apartment. Hers was the smile that somehow managed to steal into his melancholy heart, the smile that melted the layers of frost and gave way to spring, the one that nurtured the tiny, fragile seeds of love little by little until they blossomed.

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Rare Roman Glass Flask with Handles, 3rd-4th Century AD

With footed base ring, with four applied handles in blue, three of them connecting the lower neck to the body, and one connecting the rim to the body. The flaring rim decorated with blue trail underneath the lip.

Of exceptional quality and very rare: This is the only known example having one of the handles connecting the body and the rim.

(re)read Spectre: 76 by @allofthisnonsenseplease​ and couldn’t help myself but draw something inspired by it 

(…) Jack running through a training simulation, teeth bared in a death’s head snarl, eyes glowing ice blue around their pinpoint pupils, the substance of his body breaking up to flare out behind him like misty wings.

Hello, this is such a wonderful fic with amazing descriptions of what Jack would look like and if I could I would’ve drawn the quoted scene (and more) hahghgsgh I just really love the concept ;;

Besides Spectre Jack kicking ass it also has fantastic smut and ends with fluff.  👌 👌 👌


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Hi hi scenario where jimin is your boss and likes you since you starded working for him. He gets jealous and angry when he sees his worker flirt with you and take his anger at you. (You think he hates you but sometimes he is really nice to you the sweet side him makes you like him) at late night work you two fight it drives you to quit but he doesnt want to let you go and things leds you to sex (kinky, heated and with a lot of dirty talk) later he confesses to you... LOL sorry to detailed

Office Wars:

With an indignant growled your hands balled up at your desk seeing the large file that was just dropped down by your boss’s assistant. You clicked your tongue nodding your head, slowly trying to get your anger down and under your belt. But Jimin always did something that would seem to piss you off whenever you came into work. It made no sense it was like he fucked with you on purpose because he knew that he could get under your skin and cause a reaction out of you.  You pressed your feet into the ground one into the other your hands drumming against your leg as you made your way towards his office. Knocking harshly on the door, listening to his receptionist shout “he’s busy” well too fucking bad! Storming in you saw Jimin there his hands pressed down on the desk in a general meeting. All his fellow company heads sitting down looking at you, and their looks were anything less than intrigued. You had on a simple dress that was skin tight and curved up your body but the ends flared out in a wave motion, the dark soft blue dress bringing out your eyes. Your heels were thigh high boots that you just had to wear on this cold day (and you knew that Jimin would be looking) but seeing him right now you regretted all of it.

“Miss Y/N.” Jimin said sternly after getting over his shock of seeing you and of course you looked breathtaking like always but today you had gone overboard with him always bursting through his doors as if you owned the place, it was time to put you in line.

“I’m.. Sorry I can come back.” You muttered quietly as you tried to back up.

“No. You wanted to come in and interrupt us. Please tell me what was so important that you would interrupt a director board meeting.” The way Jimin said those words made your skin crawl. And looking at him, the black suit and white shirt with a black tie looking good on him. His light brown locks falling into his eyes and a golden earing shined from where he stood. He was so sexy, his thighs looking firm and taut in those slacks. Swallowing you sighed not wanting to do this in front of all his friends, all the fire in your system down and dead now. Hesitantly you opened your mouth holding up your file.

“This is too much work on top of everything else, I can’t finish this tonight.” You were going to keep going but one of the men started laughing, looking up at you he tilted his head.

“Did you really come interrupt the head of your company to tell him you couldn’t do his work? Didn’t know you let your workers run so.. Wild here Jimin.” The male with dark brown hair stated, a goofy deep laugh from his throat as he watched Jimin whose ears flared up.

“Excuse me?” You asked steadying your feet because that was over the line. “Wild?! Did you call me wild?”

“I said all of his employees and I certainly didn’t stutter but it warms my heart to know you can hear. Now if you will excuse us grown men are talking.” He called himself dismissing you, and your eyes opened wide a few dry laughs from your throat as you took a step forward the heat from your anger radiating off your body.

“Grown man?? You sound like a fucking child who just lost minutes at recess. How about you watch your mouth and don’t tell me what to do because you’re not my fucking boss and even if you were which you would never be I would never-“

“Y/N!” Jimin shouted your name harshly. The fire in his eyes told you that it would be in your best interest to keep quiet. “Right now, you are acting like a child and I am very disappointed in you, either do the work or pack up and don’t come back.” Jimin warned causing you to slowly back away from him and storm off in a heat of emotions. And ever since that day a week ago, you had never stepped foot in his office again or even bothered to say shit when you were tired and overworked.

“Don’t feel to stressed Y/N I have to do the same work that you do and I know together we will get through it.” A cute nerdy co-worker told you, his hand on your shoulder as he tried to comfort you and soon he was hugging you close around the waist, his hands tightly gripping onto your hips. Jimin saw all of this and he became more upset at you and the guy touching you, to the point where he had his assistant drop a massive stack of files onto your desk. Seeing the stack, your mind went blank. You couldn’t go into his office and demand he talk it out with you, it would only end in you possibly getting embarrassed by someone again. Sighing softly, you leaned back in your chair waiting for the day to end.

Chuckling lightly with your feet propped on your desk you made sure that you were not doing a fucking thing during work. Playing on your cellphone watching the images pop up on your screen as you dashed the little cookies across the flat surface sighing in contentment. Once the last person from the job packed up their shit and was leaving, you grabbed the files and shut down everything at your desk walking towards Jimin’s office because you knew he stayed late on the weekdays so he could go party on the weekends. Meaning his assistant was gone as well. Hearing slight grunts and groans you pushed open the door of his office seeing Jimin hunched over his paper work, annoyance in his rigid position. He had taken off his suit jacket leaving him in just a white shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his tie loosened a bit, and from what you could see it looked as if he had on gray pants and a belt.

“Unless you’re here to say you have finished my work I told you that you could go home Ms. Jieun.” He called his office assistant name making you smile as you slammed the door and walked up to his desk, slamming the large files on it. Some papers scattered everywhere and Jimin’s facial expression was priceless. Eyes raised behind his clear oval glasses, and mouth hanging open at the fact that the papers were getting disorganized.

“I’m not Jieun, but I am quitting so have a nice night and you know fuck you.” You smiled sweetly turning on your heels walking towards the door.

“Such a spoiled brat.” Jimin spat through clenched teeth, his eyes roaming over your curved figure, eyes going to your ass waiting for you to halt in your tracks and when you did he kept going. “What can’t get your co-worker to drool over you and do your work so now you quit you little baby girl?” He asked in a teasing small voice mocking you. Turning around on your heels you felt your anger rise more with that man.

“Fuck you, besides it’s not my fault he’s a real man.” You tried to hit below the belt.

“Baby anyone can be a real man to a spoiled brat like you. Your problem is you don’t know your place. And you aren’t quitting you’re going to come clean up these fucking papers and finish your work. Either right now or early in the morning.” Jimin stated with a shrug of his shoulders. Feeling extra smart with him, your hands crossed behind your back as you walked forward towards him. Leaning over his desk with a crooked smile you looked him in his eyes.

“Make me.” You said teasingly. In a flash your head was being brought down to the stack of papers on the male’s desk. Jimin smirked getting up as he held you in place walking around you slowly and keeping you there he leaned over you pulling your head back by your hair, his hand going down to slap your ass through your thin tight pink skirt, His hand gripped at the hems pushing it up over your plump ass.

“Gladly.” He stated as he positioned himself behind you, his eyes taking in your body greedily from head to toe.

“Y-you can’t do this!” You shouted to him and he started slapping your ass again causing you to wince and squirm under him.

“Aww does it hurt?” He tsked softly ripping at your panties pulling them from your body. He spread your legs wider looking down at your pussy his hand moving to grip and pull your ass cheek apart from the other groaning as he saw your body exposed to him. “I can do whatever the fuck I want because I’m the boss here and you’re the girl who is going to learn her place, and how to stop walking around acting as if you own the business and not me.”

You were going to retort, but Jimin even pulled away from you loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, if you wanted to leave you would’ve did so then, you didn’t know if he would have caught you or let you go but you choose to stay here and take this from him. And he couldn’t help but feel the pride swell up in his body. Jimin let his shirt hang open, taking off his belt he sat it beside your head pushing your body to rest against the files. “Be a good girl and I won’t have to use that.” He said to you leaning down to lick a stipe up your ass cheek. He reached his hands around your body, gripping at the front of your button up shirt he ripped it open letting the buttons pop from the places that they were intact landing in different areas of his room. He leaned down to lick down your neck slowly burying his face in your neck, he slowly rocked his hips against yours moaning against your skin.

“You don’t know how long, I have waited to feel your body under mine. And I know you do this to me on purpose, swaying your hips and interrupting me because you know I’ll look at this body and want to devour everything including this cute little pussy.” Jimin reached a hand down to slap at your pussy causing your hips to jolt, a groan passing through your lips as he pulled back to look at you. Gripping at his tie he kissed your lips, his mouth moving against yours to distract you as he got the tie around your neck, pulling it back he made your body arch as he got on his knees, he pulled the tie down hard enough to bit into your skin and cut off your breathing slowly. He got between your legs his face pressing against your plump ass cheeks as his tongue made quick work of coating your pussy lips with his spit. He licked up and down slowly playing with your slit until he was pushing his tongue on the inside licking against your clit slowly, moaning at how good you seemed to taste already. He stopped seeing your hands reach for the tie, you were trying to fight it a bit, especially since he was trying to tame you. Jimin with a frown pushed himself back up, grabbing at his belt he grabbed at your hands pressing them against your lower back and tightening his belt around your wrist even looping it in ways you didn’t know possible. He tried again, lifting your body back while each hand held an end of the tie and smiling proudly he went back to his work licking up and down your folds diving his tongue in to tease at your entrance.

“Well look at whose excited.” He snickered at how wet you were, spreading your legs wider, he pushed his tongue inside of your pussy moaning as he thrust it in and out slowly, his tongue swirling and coating your pink insides with his salvia. He moaned as he let his face press against your ass, his tongue pushing as deep as it could, thrusting and twisting so that he could find your spot. He curved it after sometime, not giving you more until he felt a slow push of your hips backwards. Looking up at you and focusing on your body he could see how your head was rolling back your mouth dropping open as strangled cries left your parted lips. He wanted more, curving his tongue and speeding it up making it vibrate on the inside of your pussy. He could feel your essence start to trail down his chin and drop onto his pants but he didn’t care he enjoyed the sound of your wet pussy as he tongue fucked you, how your breast hardened up inside of your black lace bra begging for his attention.

You were embarrassed by the fact that you were turned on already, how it felt to have him pressing his pink muscle inside of your tight pussy. Your hips were too busy following their own accord pushing back against his face, you could feel yourself become a little light headed but it only added to your excitement, your hands clasping together as you tried not to use much strength, his tongue seemed to find your spot giving a particular sharp jerk of your hips. Your body betraying you but your mind reminding you how he was your boss and this was against company policy. Damn that right now, you didn’t care you just wanted Jimin.

“Please.” You choked out hoarsely not entirely sure he heard you but he must have known you wanted something, because soon you were being slammed down on the desk, two of his fingers plunging inside of you as he loosened the tie a little bit looking down at you.

“What was that my good girl?” He teased brushing his fingers against your bundle of nerves, your pussy tightened around his fingers as you let out a cry of pleasure, his eyes searching yours as his long digits pushed and pulled in and out of you.

“Please fuck me!” You cried out, wanting to touch him, your bound hands gripping at the hems of his shirt.

“Hmm, I don’t know you haven’t been a good girl.” Jimin admitted with a frown pulling his fingers back and sucking on them.

“JIMIN PLEASE.” You growled out watching him make lewd sloppy slurping actions as he cleaned off his fingers, his eyes seemed to glow with mischief as the tips of his bangs fell into them.

“Get on your knees and prove you can be a good girl then I will.” He stated. Rolling your eyes, you almost didn’t do it until you saw him move to get his stuff. Scurrying to your feet you moved to get on your knees and you crawled over to him slowly, the carpet biting into your knees, as your boots rolled down your legs. Jimin walked the rest of the way, watching you and petting your head, he moved back to unzip his pants slowly, biting his lips as he undid his button letting his slacks drop and then his boxers. “I’ve waited on your tongue so long. I can’t wait to see those pretty lips stretched around my cock.” Jimin pulled down his boxers, his shaft lightly hitting you in the face. Your mouth watered as you saw the size and you couldn’t lie it made you a bit wetter seeing how big he was. Your tongue darted out after you took a moment to yourself, licking up the bottom of his shaft towards the tip. Jimin groaned lowly already throwing his head back, and despite hating him sometimes him letting you know he did feel you after fighting you so long made you want to do more and please him, your way of apologizing for being the brat that you sometimes were. Your tongue rolled against the tip of his shaft, your teeth nibbling on the mushroom feeling his cock twitch and the precum paint your lips. Licking it up your mouth parted as you sunk your mouth forward onto his shaft. He groaned gripping at the strands of your hair but he let you control it. Your eyes watered slowly as you forced yourself to take all of him in, pulling back to breathe and get your mouth wet you sunk back forward burying him into your wet canvas, your tongue rolling and licking side to side on the underside of his cock. Finding his veins your let your tongue play with them and trace the little paths while your mouth stretched around him, Jimin was a trembling mess trying to not rut his hips forward. But what did it for him, was when you grazed your teeth ever so gently across his shaft. A tremble pulled from his body that became littered with goosebumps. He tightened his grip on your hair, holding your head in place he started to slam his cock into your mouth making sure that he could feel the back of your throat brushing against his tip as he face fucked you. His balls slapped against your chin gathering the spit that formed there and dripped onto the floor, your eyes were becoming blurred with wetness, the outline of him not becoming apparent until you blinked away some of the wetness. Your eyes stare at him wanting to burn the image in your brain of how good he looked with his head down back and stomach tightening those define muscles popping out and the lines of his abs hardening with every clench of his stomach. How he called out your name in a husked voice dripping with lust wasn’t anything less than arousing and your pussy was creating a puddle on the floor itself. You were choking for him, the burn became more as you gagged a bit but willed yourself to hold it down, the sounds only adding to Jimin’s throbbing erection. He felt close, too close. Pulling back from you he slapped your face twice on the left cheek, gripping at your cheeks to squish them together causing you to moan.

“You dirty fucking girl do you see what you do to me? You got to fix this now, I’m too hard. And I’m needy for you. But at least it will be the real thing and not my hand getting me off. “Jimin admitted picking you up by your hair. He moved to quickly push you to the desk on your stomach first. His hands spreading your legs wide.

“A-aren’t you going to move the papers?!” You asked him as he ground his hips against yours his shaft becoming extra coated by your juices as your hips impatiently pushed back against his.

“No.” He said simply looking you in the eyes. “You get to clean it up after I fuck you.” Grinning in victory he slammed himself inside of you, his hands undoing the belt he grabbed at your hips steadying himself to bury himself balls deep inside of your walls. He made sure you took every inch, the warm wet walls causing a loud groan of pleasure to ripple from his parted lips. How his face twisted in pleasure as he slammed into you. Some of the paper files started to slide off the desk, in the manila folder and falling on the floor scattering faintly. Jimin didn’t care it made him fuck you harder to see how many files he could ruin while he ruined you in the process. His hand came up starting to slap at each of your ass cheeks, watching as your hips rolled from the slaps and took him deeper it seemed the slick smooth walls wrapping around him. He gripped your hips tighter, holding onto the skirt so that he could slam into your harder the smacking sound of your hips colliding bouncing off the walls and his hands pulled the fabric up some, watching your ass bounce against his shaft. Jimin grabbed at one of your hands spreading your ass cheeks wide with his free hand he pressed your middle finger against your asshole. “Fuck your pretty little asshole, I can’t double penetrate you properly so I want you to do it for me.” He commanded.

Before you could enter your finger inside of you he brought your hand up to his mouth sucking on two of your fingers coating them with his spit and keeping his eye contact with you before letting them go. Your skin burned slightly from becoming flustered by you found your puckered star pressing your slim middle finger inside of your tight asshole. Groaning slightly, you pushed it as deep as you could, moving it in and out slowly as he grabbed at both of your ass cheeks spreading them wide to watch you. “Look at how greedy that whole is too. How you just take my cock so well and your finger? You’re such a little slut that just likes to get filled, aren’t you?” When you didn’t answer Jimin slowed down moving agonizingly slow. “I asked a question.” He commanded wanting you to answer.

“Yes- yes Jimin! I’m a dirty slut alright now fuck me like it!” That was all he needed to hear. Pulling out of you he turned you onto your back, slamming you down to scatter more papers. You gave him a dark look and for the first time that day you saw a sheepish smile appear on his lips as he spread your legs back wide wrapping them around his chest. He leaned over you latching your mouth on his as he pushed back into you rocking his hips forward. Slowly fucking you until he built up speed, he continued to abuse your pussy winding his hips forward and making sure that his hips didn’t disconnect from yours too long. His tongue slipped into your mouth drinking up your cries of pleasure as your tongues tangled together. Your free hand moved to grip at his locks pulling them as you desperately tried to control the kiss which you had to submit too as he switched his hips to swirl and slam against your spot using that against you. It was like he was trying to shove his tongue down your throat, tracing it over every inch in your mouth until spit seemed to drip from your lips again he pulled back going for your breast. He pulled your bra down with one hand freeing your hardened nipples his mouth latched onto the skin taking his time sucking each one of them with his tongue lapping at the skin flicking up and down. He bit harshly on your nipples causing your head to roll back as his hand went down to your clit. He started a process of rubbing your clit in a fast circle with his index finger, only to stop and tap against the throbbing bud. Your hips pushed back against his and Jimin loving the fight you gave picked you up off the desk.

He moved you pulling out of you so that he could sit down and situate himself. Your hand moved from your tight asshole and you pouted slightly at the loss. He gripped at your hips once he was ready helping you slide down onto his stiff cock that penetrated you even deeper from this angle. You tried to push from him. Planting your hands on his lower stomach so that you could move and ride him but Jimin wasn’t having that knocking your hands from under you Jimin made sure that you were laying back against him. His hand reached around to rub at your clit as his hips snapped up. You cried out, body shaking on top of him. “Look at me.” Jimin urged biting on the inside of your arm.

You did as told, your hands gripping onto his hair. Your eyes searched him as he rubbed your clit harder with two fingers this time his hips slamming up against yours to press against your spot.

“Hnng~ ah-ah Jimin! Fuck Jimin!” Your voice and words were falling you, a mix of made up words leaving your lips until you couldn’t do anything else but moan for him. Trying to signal you were close but your head kept rolling back. Jimin smirked speeding up his ministrations on your body drinking in the sight of you now loosing yourself on top of him. As your orgasm got closer he paused his dick inside of you just rubbing your clit. Sure enough your hips raised off of him your orgasm sweeping through you and cum sliding from your body as he worked on your clit. He moaned seeing your essence shoot from your pussy slamming upwards to enter you again he made quick shallow thrusts into you, he could feel his own cock throbbing but he sought to get you off again, feeling the familiar clench of your walls around his cock. He had you cumming again in no time, almost breaking the chair as he let out a growl. He pushed you forward back on the desk gripping your hips to keep abusing your sweet spot the overstimulation had you grabbing back at him but he only gripped at your hand to hold it with his.

“In or out?” He asked short of breath his eyes rolling as he throbbed inside.

“In! In please Jimin give me your cum. I want your cum. I’m your dirty little slut I want to feel all of you just like in my fantasies!” You blurted out in the heat of the moment. Jimin gasped the news was too much for him and he came spilling his seed deep inside of your pussy. His hips jerked forward bruising your ass until he felt his cum leaving his system, slowing down his hips he leaned over you kissing up your arm slowly until he was kissing your temple, your sweaty baby hairs resting against your head as you gave him a lazy look.

Jimin scooped you up gently sitting back down with you in his lap, his fingertips rubbing at your sides as he gave a goof crooked smile.

“So.. You think about me. Like a lot lot right?” Hearing the boyish giggle from his lips had you rolling your eyes as you pushed at his shoulders, feeling the blissful silence be ruined.

“Go away you fucked up a perfect moment!” You complained but you were secretly happy to see this side of him once again, the side you loved so much.

“Well I don’t think we are getting anymore work done tonight, so how about I take you back home and you show me how I do it in your fantasies?” He asked kissing on your neck and you hummed smiling sweetly.

“They also include breakfast in bed and baths with Mr. Park.” You grinned kissing his lips.

“Always?” He asked in a shock tone peering at you through his bangs.

“Nope. That fantasy just started a few minutes ago.” You teased him shrugging your shoulders. Wrapping his arms tightly around you he stood up slowly sighing as he pulled out of you helping you get undressed.

“Like I said, spoiled princess but I would rather have you be mine… Are you?” He asked once again as you were walking to his door with him.

“I will agree to some terms and conditions.” You admitted smiling widely as you grabbed his hand leaning into his side.

“Well good because we don’t get to talk about these terms and conditions until your pretty ass is bent over picking up my papers and then maybe I’ll bend you over my desk, but all in due time little one. For right now I have a few of my own fantasies to live out including an elevator quickie.” He admitted picking you up and carrying you towards the elevator at the end of the hall, leaving the ruined office for someone else to deal with because he was not letting you leave his bed the next morning.

Diary of A Fat Girl

by reddit user kateshakes

Trigger warning: Eating Disorder

Dear Diary,

That’s how you’re meant to start these things right? I have never kept a journal before, nor do I want to, but the hospital said I have to as part of my ‘treatment plan’. Funny.

Let me back track a little.

I have always been overweight, from being a child. I went to a strict Christian school, and luckily because of this I was never bullied because of my size- but you always notice the other kids staring.

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Bruised and Battered Part 9

Dean Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: Being friends with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Warnings: Mentions of abuse and violence

Feeling as if someone was hammering inside your head, you came to, your vision still blurry. No doubt from the concussion your Mom had given you, making you pass out in the car. Taking deep, steadying breaths, you waited a couple of moments for your vision to clear before taking stock of where you were.

It was another faceless hotel, one that had seen much better days. It was even worse than the ones Sam and Dean usually frequented, or even the ones your parents used to stay at. The carpet was a deep, ugly brown, so many stains covering it they almost turned it black. The wallpaper was so grimy, you could hardly even make out the small flowers that used to cover it. The window had a crack, the blind’s hanging on by a thread. There was only one bed, it’s comforter a dingy gray, and you had a feeling it used to be white.

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What if the chocobros wife want to divorce from them?

OOOOOOOH ANGST! >:D I’m gonna write short scenarios! <3

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @nifwrites, @cupnoodle-queen, @lady-asuka, @alicemoonwonderland, @chocohoess, @ridingchocobros, @xnoctits, @neko-otaku13, @lupanaoflaminar and @wrathwritesthings <3


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Noctis: You and Noctis hadn’t been talking much lately. Things had gotten a little tense between the two of you over the years. At first, you thought it was just the two of you going through the regular motions that each couple went through. Truth be told, you thought that the relationship you had with the young King was healthy. You thought you could be happy. But then, small squabbles turned into massive arguments. Shouting led to tears, and tears led to irreparable heart break. You held your shoulders back, paperwork in your hand, as you walked with as much pride as you could muster as the current Queen of Lucis, towards the council room. When you arrived there, it was empty save for your husband- King Noctis Lucis Caelum. You stood by the door, breathing quietly as your eyes took in the regal, handsome features of the man you called your husband. Your breath hitched in your throat as Noctis suddenly turned his head towards you, his midnight blue eyes looking foreign as he glared at you- disturbed from his endless pile of paper work.

“I thought I told you not to disturb me here-.”

“I want a divorce.” You spoke quietly, but surely.

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Spoonie Problems: When you don’t feel good, but you can’t tell exactly what the problem is. You just don’t feel right. And then you tell someone and they ask, “What’s the problem?” and you’re like, “I just don’t feel good.” Because you don’t know what the problem is, you just don’t feel good. Ugh, I don’t feel good, you guys.

Omega Pt. 1

A/N: So…this is my first attempt at an A/B/O fic…let me know what you think. It’s also the first smut I’ve posted on Tumblr…so let me know how I did…

Warnings: A/B/O so non-con elements, smut. Lots of smut. Also a lactation kink in there cause I’m fucked up. And probably language somewhere too. Cause I’m a sailor’s sister. And some slash too. Cause Stucky is life. 

Oh, and @fvckingavengers, I totally named her after you. 

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They mated in the back of a quinjet. It had been a simple mission. Extract the hostage, and return to base. They’d sent only Steve and Bucky, knowing they’d be more than enough. The base wasn’t heavily guarded, Steve taking out the guards while Bucky went in after the hostage. Female. 20. Omega.

Bucky had smelled it when he entered the small room they were keeping her in. The beta had been assaulted by distressing omega, the stench nearly choking him. There was another scent, a sweet undertaste, and he realized she was going into heat.

“Shit.” He breathed, running a hand through his hair, trying not to frighten the omega in the corner anymore than she already was. He looked down on her, squatting down so they were eye to eye. “We’re here to rescue you.” He said slowly, making sure to keep eye contact with her. He winced a little at how cheesy that sounded. “The Avengers sent us.” He tried, hoping that would at least calm her down a little.

She did relax, as much as she could, taking his outstretched hand, only to double over in pain when she stood. He could smell her heat coming on stronger.

‘Buck?’ Steve sounded in his ear.

“I got her. I’ll meet you back at the jet.” He said, lifting the omega into his arms. This was definitely going to be an interesting ride home.

Steve had spun so fast Bucky was worried he’d burned a hole in the quinjet floor. His eyes were on the omega in Bucky’s arms, nostrils flared, body tense.

“We have a bit of a complication.” Bucky said, standing at the base of the ramp. He was a little nervous to enter, not quite sure what Steve would do. “She went into heat.”

Said omega nuzzled Bucky’s neck, squirming a little, sensing the Alpha who was close. She was getting warmer and warmer by the second, her heat coming on fast.

“We need to get her back to the compound.” Steve said, trying to ignore the sweet smell of peaches and cream. Omega in heat. The slick starting to form between her legs.

He turned, sliding into the pilot’s seat as Bucky laid the omega in the back. He sat by her head, brushing her hair back as she squirmed, pulling at her clothes. Steve got them into the air, but Bucky could sense the tense energy in his Alpha. This was going to be an interesting ride.

The omega had stripped out of everything but her skivvies in a matter of minutes. She was in full heat now, the smell of peaches and cream and slick assaulting both males in the jet. Bucky kept to his senses more than Steve was, the beta better suited around the omega than his Alpha was. But the wet spots starting to form on the cups of her bra nearly had him coming undone.

He was sitting next to her on the floor, keeping cold packs against her skin, trying to keep her cool. He sighed, watching her move limply, the heat making her suffer.

“Stevie, I gotta do something.” Bucky said, watching her move painfully. “It’s bad. I don’t think she’ll make it if we wait.”

“Try to hold her off.” Steve said, his voice strained. He’d kept his composure this far. “Do what you have to.”

“Please.” Her voice was weak, strained. It was a plea that went straight between his legs.

Bucky stared down at her for a moment. “Oh fuck it.” He breathed, snapping her bra in half.

He leaned down, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking the sweet milk from her body. Her fingers ran through his hair, comforting him like she would a pup as he drank, taking in her sweet, creamy flavor.

He stripped his shirt off, his pants being yanked down over his ass before he sunk into her, guided by her slick. Her legs wrapped around him, holding him tight as he started to move, leaning down to drink more of her. He was addicted to the sweet taste on his tongue, and he knew he was in deep. And it was only a matter of time before Steve followed.

He came twice, and lost count of how many times she did, but it wasn’t helping her. She was still just as bad, if not worse. He was running his fingers up her spine where she laid on his chest, his back flat against the floor of the quinjet, when the quinjet dropped, the engines humming as they landed. They couldn’t be back at the compound already. But then he sensed the change in the air, the tense energy coming from his Alpha. The omega on his chest shifted in response, a small whine leaving her lips.

Steve was out of the pilot’s seat in a flash, already working his suit off. Bucky could see the bulge forming in his underwear, and he was glad he’d warmed the omega up a little. Taking Steve was no small victory. His ass had felt that more than it would have liked. But he’d never say that. He wanted to please his Alpha. And if his ass had to feel like it was getting ripped in half, then so be it.

Steve dropped to his knees between Bucky’s legs, the omega presenting for him, her knees straddling Bucky’s waist, her hands braced on either side of his chest. Apparently he was going to partake in this as well. He ran his hands up her arms, over her shoulders to her hair, carding his fingers through the damp strands as Steve teased her entrance with his head. Slick leaked from between her legs, dripping onto Bucky’s length, making him twitch in response.

“You want my knot, omega?” He asked, her hips rocking back.

“Please, Alpha.” She keened, turning her head to look back at him. “Please, I need it.”

He slowly worked himself inside her heat, stretching her to the point she was shaking above Bucky, her arms barely able to hold her up.

“Gonna knot you so good.” Steve growled, moving his hips slowly, the omega he was filling whining in pleasure. “Fill you full of my pups.”

Both Bucky and the omega keened at the mention of pups. Bucky was hard, his length standing at attention under the omega. Steve leaned down over her back, hitting a new angle within her that had her spasming around him, her fluids dripping out around him, and onto Bucky. Her legs were shaking, but she stayed where she was as Steve continued to fuck her mercilessly. Steve’s hands reached under her, playing with her breasts, milk dripping from her pink nipples, and onto Bucky’s chest. Bucky, one hand wrapped around his length, took his other hand, wiping up some of the milk, lifting his hand to Steve.

Steve took Bucky’s fingers into his mouth, tasting her on Bucky. He growled around Bucky’s fingers, picking up the pace, bracing one hand by Bucky’s head. Bucky watched the two of them, his hand working in time with Steve’s movements. It wasn’t long before the omega’s arms were giving out, her head on Bucky’s chest, being held up by nothing but Steve’s hands on her hips.

Bucky came at the same time that Steve’s knot started to swell. His Alpha growled, his grip tightening, hips jerking as he locked himself inside the omega, she came again around him as the knot swelled almost painfully inside her. Steve folded over her back, still moving inside her as much as he could, his eyes on Bucky. His hips jerked as he neared the edge, burying his nose in her neck, mouthing at her mating spot. She shook against them, hands on Bucky’s shoulders.

Steve met his eyes, and if he had been in his right mind, he would have said no, but none of them were in their right mind. Bucky went for the left side as Steve went for the right, both biting down at the same time. The omega screamed, her legs giving out as she came again, milking Steve’s orgasm from him. He filled her to the brim with his seed, knot swelling further as his length twitched, spurting inside her. Her nails dug into Bucky’s shoulders as she sobbed in pleasure, completely limp.

“I can’t.” She breathed, Bucky’s enhanced senses picking up on her words. “I can’t.” She sobbed again.

“Stevie, that’s enough. Our omega needs a break.” Bucky said, smoothing Steve’s hair as he licked at her neck, his hips moving slowly as he still pumped her full.

Bucky helped them roll over, adjusting Steve’s uniform so they could me more comfortable. He wiped himself clean using one of the emergency blankets, before cleaning their omega, and their Alpha as well. He grabbed a bottle of water after pulling his pants back on. He knelt down in front of their spent omega, Steve smoothing his hands over her skin, whispering sweet words to her.

“Here, doll. You gotta keep yourself hydrated.” He said, helping her drink a little. The comm link on the quinjet beeped, bringing Bucky back to Earth. “Steve, take care of her. I gotta get us back to the compound.”

Bucky pulled his shirt back on, moving to the pilot’s seat. The quinjet stank like sex and heat. He pressed the comm button as he got them back in the air, a very irate Natasha on the other end.

‘What the hell happened? Why were you grounded? Why didn’t you answer? I was about to send backup after you.’

“We had a small…complication.” Bucky said, looking back at the knotted pair still on the floor. “We’re back in the air now. We’ll be at the compound in less than an hour.” Hopefully Steve’s knot would deflate in time. He had enough he had to explain to Natasha.

They made it to the compound, Bucky managing to get Steve zipped back into his suit, and a shirt thrown over his omega’s head before the hatch opened. There was still slick all over the floor, stained blankets and the smell of sex and heat to explain.

Steve marched out of the quinjet, the beta workers giving him a wide berth, wide eyed in shock. Bucky followed, probably looking just as disheveled, and smelling like omega.

“Good luck.” He said, trying to give them a positive smile, but it didn’t work.

Natasha met him as soon as he got into the building, arms crossed, eyebrow raised. She’d already seen Steve carrying the omega, not stopping for anyone as he sought out the safety of their nest, leaving Bucky to do the talking.

“She was going into heat when we found her.” Bucky said, not even waiting for the question. “We tried to make it back to the compound, but it was getting bad. I did all I could, but it wasn’t enough, and Steve just couldn’t help himself.” He said, shrugging.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” Natasha asked, irate at the beta. “That omega is Lauren Stark. Tony Stark’s daughter.”

Bucky felt his stomach drop, his blood freezing. “What? Stark doesn’t have a kid.” He prayed Natasha was just pulling his chain, trying to make him suffer for what they’d done.

“He kept her hidden for this very reason.” She said, thrusting her file against his chest. Bucky looked down at the contents, the girl in the picture was definitely their omega. “Now you and Cap have gone and thrown it all to hell. Tony will be here in an hour. Good luck explaining that to him.” She turned, leaving Bucky to his thoughts. 

How the hell was he going to tell the man who hated his guts that he was mated to his secret daughter. That she had a new Alpha, and it was the man Tony hated second most in the world. Oh boy. First he had to keep Steve from knotting her again, and making everything more complicated.

s y n d r o m e s

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words : 3,637

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : I start this new series and put “Suga” on hiatus because I don’t know how to continue it. I apologize to those who like “Suga”.

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