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Mass Answering #3

Hi! I love your blog and helped me a lot! I’m actualy block because I can’t describe well the places and the character voice, body and face expresions and I’d like be more descriptive with the clothes of my characters. - Anonymous

Hope these help! If you encounter any other issues make sure to narrow them down and I’ll get at them.

Hey, do you have any advice on how to name your book? I’m struggling to think of a title for my fantasy story at the moment. -Anonymous

Firstly, this blog has become my best friend. I’ve been writing for awhile, but this has really helped me improve my style and I thank you for that! Secondly, have you answered anything on how to write different accents? I’m trying to write a character from Scotland and I’m terribly unprepared for how to approach the accent. I’ve looked around your blog for some help but haven’t found much by way of accents so I thought I’d ask. Thank you for all your help! - itsarugsbust

I’ve talked on how to write accents. Most people agree with one thing though: you shouldn’t write them as they sound. 

I don’t know if you’ve been asked this before, but I’m having some trouble writing reactions to the death of a prominent character who was close to others in the story and was wondering if you could help? -Anonymous

Take into consideration the circumstances of the death, how it happened, and the relationships of those they were close to.

Do you have any advice for writing an organized serial killer? - Anonymous

What do you mean by that exactly? In any case, we have a tag on serial killers.


This time I raised my prices so I can help at home now because my dad isnt working anymore.

 What i wont draw:

  • Offensive stuff 
  • NSFW 
  • Mechas 
  • Realistic things 
  • Extreme violence 

Payment Method:

  • Paypal (USD) (Invoice)


-I can draw other things besides Pokemon, just ask ,
About human characters, Im still practicing their anatomy but you can ask me for a human/chibi human character if you want ^^

-You can ask for process screenshots of your commission when it is finished. No extra charge^^

-if you want to commission me you can send me a message in this format:

-type of commission (and description)-references of your characters–drawing style

things you can also tell me:
-description of your character (s)
- facial expresions, body postures, actions that they will be doing
*if you want it with a background tell me what it is suposed to be in it
(“surprise me kori-san” apply here too 8D)

And then I will tell you how much it will be, if you agree with the price I will proceed to send the invoice to you ^^

-After you have fully paid I will start your commission and I will send you an approval sketch first, then an approval wip when it is 50-70% finished. The commission wont be uploaded until it has been fully finished and aproved by the commissioner.

-No refunds after paying for the commissions, sorry! :C

-Commissions normally takes a few days to be finished, I will add a waitlist with the status of every commission, however if you see its taking so much you can ask for a status of your commission at any moment.

-You will get a full version of your commission, a smaller and watermarked version will be uploaded in deviantart (and probably on my other pages too).

-If you dont want me to submit your commission it will be an extra $20 charge

-Commissions are just for personal use, if you want them for commercial use please tell me about it so we can get to an agreement.

-All commissions will have 300 dpi resolution, size vary depending on its requirements, they usually are bigger than 1000 x 1000 px or 1500 x 1500 px, however commissioner can also suggest a size if it wants ^^

If you still have another question please ask! I dont bite ^^