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honestly if you’re creating a sci-fi anything and you need alien inspiration just google some fungi or parasitic insects or deep sea anything

there may be stranger things in this galaxy than cedar-apple rust, but not MANY stranger things, imo

Body Positivity

Examples of body positivity:

- Wearing whatever the hell you please, regardless of your physique

- Eating healthy food

- Regular exercise

- Putting on makeup just because you want to

- Maintaining a body weight that is appropriate for your frame and height

- Not sweating it if your body isn’t perfect

- Taking care of health problems before they get out of control

Examples of body negativity:

- Deliberately eating too much in order to give society the finger

- Maintaining sedentary lifestyle

- Making catty remarks about the bodies of others

- Allowing preventable diseases to take over your life

- Spreading misinformation and lies regarding health, potentially harming somebody else’s body


Hey!!! I’m opening up commissions again!

  • Please provide references, especially if original!
  • Background additions start at $5. Depending on the complexity, you may request a quote.
  • Additional characters/bodies multiply the price (Example: Two characters interacting in a full shot commission would be $40)
  • If you’d like a commission that doesn’t necessarily match the options above (ie lineart, bust, illustrative projects), message me through my email below and I will provide a quote. 

Send requests and questions to
After I have approved/priced your commission, do not send payment. Let me know your paypal and I will send an invoice. 

commission open

Waist up:

line: 15$/Full colour:30$ 


Full body:

line: 30$/Full colour: $45


If you want any other type of commission done you can always message me and we can work out a price.

Please message me if you are interested. If you can’t commission me i understand 100%, but please reblog and signal boost, it really helps!! 

Thank you in advance!! 

(PAYPAL only) 

concept: gross monster widow

what if widow was a bit like an actual insect/human fusion. kinda like “the fly” in brundle’s early stages, sort of:

  • coarse sticky hairs protruding from her body and back. she can stick to walls with them.
  • a like a thin layer of mucus around her body
  • she doesn’t need to eat, but whenever she does she vomits acid over her foood
  • her teeth and nails sometimes fall off leaving a trail of slime
  • she has super strength and can rip off a man’s arm easily.
  • in a pinch, she can also(painfully) grow out underdeveloped raw gory insect limbs from her body(for example, when she wants to save a falling sombra and her arms are occupied) she doesn’t do this often, since she has to rip them off afterwards, eat them up and spit acid to close the wound. 
  • super heightened instincts and stamina. while she feels no “nuanced emotions”, she runs basically solely on instinct and gut feeling.
Four Young Ballerinas Celebrate Dancers Of Color Who Inspire Them
Women from the Brown Girls Do Ballet network honor icons in their field.

“I want to show the ballet world it’s possible to do all these things and not be rail-thin or have blond hair,” Misty Copeland told Self Magazine last year. “I feel like I’m representing not just the little brown girls but all African-American dancers who have come before me who were never promoted because of the color of their skin.”

In 2015, Misty Copeland became the first black woman to achieve the status of principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. But as many of our own readers have pointed out in emails and comments addressed to HuffPost Arts & Culture since, Copeland was not the first woman of color to succeed in a dance world historically filled with white, lithe bodies. Before her, for example, there’s Raven Wilkinson, one of the first African-American ballerinas permitted to join a ballet company in the 1950s. And cousins Janet Collins and Carmen de Lavallade, who were some of the first principal dancers of color with the Metropolitan Opera.

In response to Copeland’s shoutout to the dancers of color who came before her, we reached out to Brown Girls Do Ballet, a start-up organization devoted to addressing diversity in ballet programs, to ask young dancers in their network to spotlight some of the role models inspiring them. In four beautiful responses, aspiring ballerinas Shalom Johnson, Amelya Rivera, Olivia Winston, and Amirah Muhammad celebrated eight dancers who motivate them in their own careers.

Check out their responses below.”

See the responses here


Question: What about emotions? I get caught up in my emotions more than I do in my mind.

Answer: “Mind”, in the way I use the word, is not just thought. It includes your emotions as well as all unconscious mental-emotional reactive patterns. Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet. It is the body’s reaction to your mind - or you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body.

For example, an attack thought or a hostile thought will create a build-up of energy in the body that we call anger. The body is getting ready to fight. The thought that you are being threatened, physically or psychologically, causes the body to contract, and this is the physical side of what we call fear. Research has shown that strong emotions even cause changes in the biochemistry of the body. These biochemical changes represent the physical or material aspect of the emotion. Of course, you are not usually conscious of all your thought patterns, and it is often only through watching your emotions that you can bring them into awareness.

The more you are identified with your thinking, your likes and dislikes, judgments and interpretations, which is to say the less present you are as the watching consciousness, the stronger the emotional energy charge will be, whether you are aware of it or not. If you cannot feel your emotions, if you are cut off from them, you will eventually experience them on a purely physical level, as a physical problem or symptom. A great deal has been written about this in recent years, so we don’t need to go into it here. A strong unconscious emotional pattern may even manifest as an external event that appears to just happen to you.

For example, I have observed that people who carry a lot of anger inside without being aware of it and without expressing it are more likely to be attacked, verbally or even physically, by other angry people, and often for no apparent reason. They have a strong emanation of anger that certain people pick up subliminally and that triggers their own latent anger.

If you have difficulty feeling your emotions, start by focusing attention on the inner energy field of your body. Feel the body from within. This will also put you in touch with your emotions.

Except from The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

Commission Info: OPEN

Types of Commissions:

  1. Bust
  2. Waist Up
  3. Full Body



  • Lineart Bust: $10
  • Lineart Waist Up: $15
  • Lineart Full Body: $18

Additional $5 for every character added to commission of a bust, additional $10 per character for waist up and full body pieces.



  • Bust: $15
  • Waist Up: $20
  • Full Body: $25

Additional $8 per character drawn with the original one requested for busts, additional $12 for waist up and full body.



  • Bust: $20
  • Waist Up: $25
  • Full Body: $30

Additional $10 per character added beyond the one requested for busts, additional $15 per character for waist up and full body.




  • Colored squared or flat colored canvas behind characters don’t cost extra but should be requested before I start the commission.
  • I WILL NOT DRAW: mecha/machines, shota or lolicon, furries/animals
  • NSFW MATERIAL can be requested but depending on what you want might cost a little extra, considering it’s not what I usually draw.
  • I’ll draw for practically any fandom (or OCs) so feel free to request whatever you want.
  • I WILL NOT DRAW UNTIL I’VE RECEIVED PAYMENT. How I generally work is you request your commission, I make an invoice of your commission with your paypal information so I won’t get into trouble down the line, you pay, and I work on the piece. Try to stay as easily accessible as possible in case I have to email any questions regarding your piece.
  • I do not do refunds. So I encourage you to be as clear as possible with your commission when you request one. It’s never happened before, but if a problem does come up I’m open to discussing it with you.
  • You can repost my artwork as long as I’m properly credited.
  • I only work through Paypal in USD sorry :(

If there are any other concerns, requests, suggestions feel free to pm me or email me. Sometimes there are anomalies I can work with.


Writing commissions:

1.) I’ll write for whatever fandom I’m familiar with, so just check with me before requesting.

2.) I will write nsfw at no extra cost.

3.) Send me a prompt and I can get started.


500 words - $8

1000 words - $12

2000 words - $20

3000 words - $30

Anything over 3000 will be discussed.




THE HUG. After rewatching it for the zillionth time, I timed it. Six seconds, give or take a couple of fractions. Now you might be thinking: “What the hell, what’s the big deal about six measly seconds?”

Well, after conducting research, I discovered that the average platonic hug is three seconds long. THREE. Their hug was twice that.

Anything over three seconds is considered intimate, potentially or actually romantic. Now, there are other factors that indicate the level of intimacy between the two persons in a hug; i.e. Body language.

For example, it is considered a more intimate/romantic gesture to wrap your arms around the other person’s neck or shoulders. To nuzzle your face into their neck is also a nonverbal indicator of intimacy.

Now, you may be able to argue that Dean’s response, body language wise, apart from the duration of the hug, could be interpreted as intimate yet still platonic.

But according to science? Castiel’s body language could be considered intimate, bordering on romantic, and definitely NOT platonic.

Thought you guys might find that interesting.

Low on cash

Hey guys! Unfortunately, I’m a bit low on funds, and am struggling a little bit to get by.

With this, I am offering paid readings and art!  


I’ll be offering either a 5 card reading or a 5 minute scrying reading, both $5 each. For each additional card or minute, it will cost another $1. 

Tarot/Oracle Decks: The fairy oracle decks by Brian Froud, The Fairy Tale tarot, and the Fenestra Tarot deck. 

Scrying: Mediums used are either water, fire, or stones/crystals 

To reach me, please email me at Email me with the details of your request including the question and what method to be used for the reading.


Currently for the art, I am offering commissions for either sketches or flat colored pieces: Full body, half body, portrait. Examples below

Portrait goes for $15, half body goes for $25, full body goes for $35. It will be an extra $5 to add flat color: $20, $30, $40.

To reach me, please email me at with the details of what you want. 

There have been numerous reports of hotel guests discovering something a bit more morbid than dust bunnies under their beds; arguably, the most disturbing thing that somebody has discovered under their hotel bed is a dead body. One example of this took place on 10 July, 2003, when a man checked in to the Capri Motel in Kansas City. He immediately noticed a foul odour in the hotel room and complained to the hotel staff. They informed him that the room had been cleaned but there wasn’t much they could do about the bad smell. He went back to his room where he slept for three nights, finally leaving when the noxious smell made him vomit. The cleaning staff were called to the room where they were horrified to discover a badly decomposed body stuffed under the bed that the unwitting guest had slept in for three nights.

Thoughts I haven't seen on the Character from episode 9 yet.

(Aka:  NOT assuming they are Keith’s mom or Prince Lotor)

Here is some additional speculation that doesn’t really fit in the other theories I have seen presented.  I scoured the episode for a moment Keith and the Galra are close enough to get a relatively accurate size comparison.  I mean, they are crouched so there is some flexibility here, but they appear to be around the same size.  

Keep reading


commissions are open!!! i just moved into my new place (yay!) and need to start paying bills and buying groceries so until i can get a job this will be my only source of income

i will be taking 5 slots, and then reopening after those are finished!

prices are as follows:

full body (first example): $50

waist up (second and third examples): $30

icons: $20

*SPECIAL* binary weird trippy sketch page with lyrics of a song of your choice: $20

i will do almost anything, just ask! i love doing OCs (furry and human) as well as fanart! i will do most nsfw, just ask! please use the tumblr messaging system to contact me, its much more reliable than asks!

extra characters are +75%, ask about backgrounds

pay with paypal only! my paypal is


1.) my roommate





once more the blind Kageyama AU breaks my Heart
so here have some fluff
ngl tho bless @craziiwolf their AUs are a+

“No, Kageyama, that’s my hand.”

Kageyama fumbles, running his fingers across the spiker’s soft skin. Hinata stares up at Kageyama as he feels around to find his shoulder, surprised Kageyama’s touches were as gentle as they were.

The two of them are training. That’s what they’re calling it, but they both know it’s more like re-educating Kageyama on where parts of the body was, for example the shoulder. Kageyama had told Hinata he wanted to still be able to still give high fives, and hit Hinata on the court, and so Hinata had decided to help.

And now here they are, quietly sitting on the setter’s bed, Kageyama’s hand gently traveling up Hinata’s arm to his shoulder, and settling there.


Kageyama didn’t move his hand for a while, but as he begins to slowly move his hand forward, across the area where his shoulder met his neck, Hinata can feel himself start to burn with embarrassment. Kageyama’s hand was moving up against his cheek, and then -

“Where am I?”
“This is my cheek, Kageyama.”

Kageyama moves his hand gently over his face, then down to cup his chin slightly.

Hinata starts to wonder about the reasons for this ‘training’. Kageyama seems to know his way around Hinata perfectly fine. The setter thumbs at Hinata’s bottom lip, and Hinata wants to look away. Kageyama’s leaning in all of a sudden, and then their foreheads are touching and then their noses and then and then -

Kageyama totally misses.

It’s still endearing, though, a kiss on the corner of his lips. Hinata starts snickering, and then bursts into full out laughter as Kageyama leans back, confused.

“What happened. Where was I?!”
“You didn’t even kiss my lips, Bakageyama!”
“You missed!”
“Damn it - ”
“Stupid Kageyama, next time you want a kiss tell me!

Times like these, Hinata finds himself being grateful, if only for now, of Kageyama’s lack of sight. This way, Kageyama wouldn’t see the blush on his cheeks.

Whoa 2000 followers! (artraffle)

“Gee bill 2000 weiners.png”

Goodness, never thought I’d get that many, you guys are really the best though, thank you all really!! :,0 
So like I promised if I ever get that many, I decided to start an art raffle! This is my first raffle too, aaa. 

Winner goodies:

First winner- Full colour/soft detailed shaded, full body, anything you want, 

Second winner- Full colour(cell shaded), full body, max of 2 characters

Third winner- Lineart, flat colours, max of 2 character

Fourth winner- Lineart no colour, max of 1 character, either full body or headshot
Example  (dont have any lineart with one single character but you know) 

Some rules:
-Must be following me of course,
-Two reblogs from you are aloud, likes don’t count im sorry.

Things I can draw:
-Your OC’s (just need a ref and i’m good!) 
-Gore/dark art
-Multiple characters (about 3-5) 
-Almost anything! (besides the things listed in the next part..)

Things I can’t draw:
-Robots, mechanics, transformation art

Due date: March 18

Introducing: The Silver Chariot Requiem Event! (short name will be Requiem event)

Mods: @badlydrawnhot-pants and I, while being assisted by @poorlydrawnhottiepantsy

Tag: #Requiem event

This event is seemingly obvious if you have read part 5. If you HAVEN’T read part 5, stop what you are doing and read it. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Done? Good. In short: the event will be muses swapping bodies with other muses (Example: Jotaro swapping bodies with Joseph.)

A Few Rules:

  • Characters with stands keep their stands/other abilities (Example: Hamon or Spin)
  • Stand blogs are exempt from this, because stands swapping bodies with stands would get confusing but they CAN interact with blogs who’s character’s bodies have been swapped with other characters (Example: RHCP talking to Akira who swapped bodies with Okuyasu).
  • Have fun!


This event will run from March 1st until March 7th


Dermatology treatment tips from an SB

Hey guys! Here are some tips on dermatology.

I have been going to a skincare clinic. They have 6, 9 or 12 appointment packages, and the larger your package is the cheaper the appointments are (starting at $1000 per appointment for the 6 appointment package). Expensive I know but looking good is worth it. During these appointments they look at your body head to toe and address any concerns you may have. It’s an all in one in an appointment.
This means that they aim to get rid of every imperfection on your body/face.

For example, in one appointment they might 1) zap the freckles on my face 2) Laser the keloid scar I have on my arm (notoriously tricky to get rid of) you can also use laser therapy to get rid of acne scars 3) microexfoliation on arms and legs for super smooth skin 4) give me a facial 5) manual extractions 6) end with green light therapy to boost collagen and heal the skin. It’s really a great value for money, and all the people working there are certified dermatologists or nurses. I highly recommend all the treatments I just mentioned, they’re really effective! Even if you can’t afford appointment like this, I would suggest asking your dermatologist to focus on one or two.

I also highly recommend the facial at the mandarin oriental spa in NY. Ask for them to focus on lymphatic drainage and your face ends up super contoured!

Lastly laser hair removal is a LIFESAVER! I used to get the WORST ingrown hairs and stubble down there because my hair is really coarse and fast growing (like I’d shave and the hair would start grow back after maybe a day. No joke) and now I don’t even need to shave! It hurts a little bit but take an Advil and ask them to go slow and you’ll be fine! It’s expensive but honestly it’s worth it.