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… a snippet. 💖 Because, apparently, my breasts and myself dancing sans tshirt is “too sexually explicit” for tumblr, even amongst all the fucking and bdsm and hardcore that we celebrate!

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Censor This!! A Battlecry for Bare Body Freedom!!

So, those of you that follow me on social media, FB and Twitter, are aware that I have recently been censored and kicked off Facebook, three times in the last week!

The first time a specific photo was reported and taken down (see below). I was then advised to unpublish my R.A.W. Nude Yoga page and review it for anything else that might be in violation.  I posted about my experience with a light hearted but strong willed attitude. I won’t let naysayers get the best of me.

Now, a week later, the entire page has been reported, twice in two days!!  You can believe I’m ready to howl!

Censorship, the over-sexualization of the human form, objectification and rape culture are very real issues that I have strong feelings and opinion about.  Get ready… here come the rants!!!

First off:  FB Censorship

In the Facebook Rights and Responsibilities Under Article 3, line7 “You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.”

I find it completely abhorrent that “nudity” is cast in with hate speech, pornography and gratuitous violence!  WTF Zucker?! Really?  The image of a nude body is equal to hate speech?! 

Look, I get it, it’s easier to keep community standards broad and generalized to keep a mass majority comfortable and have less work for moderators (or dispense with moderators and use bots).  Obscenity is defined by the most conservative lines, with little to no regard to the individual’s intent.  And look at what we’re losing.  Look at the mixed messages being created.  If all nudity is automatically lumped in with pornography… what are we saying about our bodies, the temples of our souls!

Those that would censor don’t understand that hiding something will never make it go away.  Nudity and people’s enjoyment of it (whether erotic or not) is not going anywhere!  We’re humans and our bodies are designed to offer us endless sensations, information and joy. Sickness festers in the darkness, becomes twisted.  Let us celebrate our bodies in the light!  We will all be happier, healthier and better informed!

Censors may cry protection of public morals, but they don’t realize that this kind of censorship is also over-sexualization of the body.  To immediately equate naked flesh with sex is a corner stone of both censorship and rape culture. Indeed, I believe extreme censorship feeds rape culture.   Prohibition creates a sense of sensationalism and shame.  If we want to evolve as a society we MUST normalize the nude body!

And speaking of over-sexualization of the body:

People often pose interesting questions and comments on my nude yoga page.  As a yoga teacher I want to remain calm, collected and answer all questions with a sense of compassion and patience.

As a human being and a woman, I want to fucking scream!  If I hear another person make remarks about nude yoga and/or nudist destinations and how there’s no one there they’d want to see naked (or no one wants to see them) … ok, don’t scream (om shanti om shanti om).

Let me tell you this… when you speak of “unattractive” people in nude social groups, you are sexualizing them.  You may not realize it because you’re not talking about having sex with them.  What you are doing is judging their value based on sexual attractiveness.  Whether you call someone hot or ugly, it’s an objectification. News Flash! Other people do not exist solely to peak your interest or amuse you!  If your thoughts immediately go to whether there will be anyone to look at you are a part of the problem!  You are doing the very thing you don’t want done to you; judging, objectifying, sexualizing.

Nudism, plain and simple:

Nudism is NOT about exhibitionism.  It is not sexual.  We are not flaunting ourselves in the hopes of arousing someone.  We’re just nice people that enjoy feeling free in our bodies. We’re not hurting anyone… so if you can’t handle the freedom get out of the damn pool and put your clothes back on!

Remember, “It’s ok to not like things, but don’t be a DICK about it.”

alpha and i have been talking about illegally printing dangan ronpa body pillows and so far our best ideas are

  • juzo on one side, chisa on the other
  • maki’s knife sprite blown up really big
  • izuru’s head on top of a mass of flesh-colored pixels, full body hentai censorship

anonymous asked:

Wait... Lena Dunham wrote that? Is that her autobiography or something? Sorry I just never heard of this, it does sound a little like... abuse or manipulation to me. Either way, it sounds disturbing. :/

[Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia, and Incest]

She wrote this in her book Not That Kind of Girl. It is supposedly about her life, though throughout some names have been changed. The passages were initially called out by right-wing blogs, which made the authenticity questionable (initially). However, Lena Dunham wrote this herself, and is now actively defending herself on twitter.

She defends herself by highlighting the fact that she was a weird 7 year old, but upon reflection (as an adult) does not seem to have any concern for her abnormal past behavior. As a 7 year old, she asked her mother about genitalia, which is quite normal for an inquisitive child. What is not normal, however, is that she also played with her 1 year old sister’s vagina and told her mother about it. It isn’t abnormal for children to touch themselves or expose their bodies to others, but it is rather abnormal for children to touch their siblings as she did. Upon touching her sister, she told her mother that her sister had something inside of her which turned out to be pebbles. She suggests that her 1 year old sister put them there, but I have personally never heard of a child that young doing that to themselves

Furthermore, her behavior continued on into teenagehood. She openly admits to emotionally and sexually manipulating her sister in the excerpt linked above. What’s even more concerning is that there’s no indication that her parents tried to stop the behavior. When children are behaving in a manner that is inappropriate and invasive, the normal reaction from parents should be to stop the behavior and explain why it’s not okay. Otherwise, children grow up not understanding – and more importantly, not respecting – boundaries.

To put this further into perspective, her father (Carroll Dunham) is regularly called out for painting pictures that are offensive and demeaning (his paintings usually feature women presenting their genitalia, surrounded by phallic symbols). Her mother is a photographer, whose work involves photos of dolls and sex dolls. That being the case, their child’s obsession and preoccupation with sex and genitalia is not that shocking to me. However, it is important for any parent – no matter their occupation – to instill a healthy understanding of sex, sexuality, and one’s body. Censorship of those topics does not prevent children from behaving inappropriately, but neither does explicitly exposing these things to children.

What disturbs me now about Dunham and her family, is that looking back on all of this, they saw no problem with it whatsoever. Of course, her sister (Grace Dunham) who was on the receiving end of these behaviors, ultimately should decide how to feel about them. However, it is difficult to do so in an environment that condones such violation of another person’s body, feelings, and rights. I don’t agree with right-wing individuals using this as an opportunity to discredit women and feminism in general, but I also don’t agree to defending her actions even if she was just a child. It matters how she feels about it now, and she approaches the topic so casually. She is also unwilling to admit any abuse or harm done, when child on child abuse is a problem that exists. (Some of the causes include exposure to pornography)  

Ultimately, she wrote it, no matter who is criticizing her (whether they are anti-feminist or not)

Your hands are rock around his,
but your eyes are loose, always seeking.
This is the tragedy of a woman’s tongue:
swollen from the silence marked by our teeth.
We try to open ourselves up softly,
convincing the world that our insides are pastel and gentle,
that our thighs are glamour trails, glittering with welcome  
that blood and gore are not a part of our hearts.
We come to the party, peachy and light,
not saying much, laughing subtly,
barely showing teeth.
We wake up and leave parts of ourselves behind:
clean our sheets and tuck our voices beneath the bed
to gather dust in darkness,
because a woman with an opinion is nothing
but an emotional bitch having a bad week.
By the end of it, your whole body is heavy with censorship
because you try to come off as a soft-hued and gentle girl  
because he will only love you when you are agreeing.
Because everyone is afraid of the wolf.
Your nights are spent wishing you could spread fire
every time you were told to soothe with beauty and silence,
every time you were used as a curse.
It takes years to learn that you are not here for him, 
or for the approval of a world that tries to shrink you.
Years to be okay with opening yourself up raw,
like the beast that you are,
unapologetic and seething.
Years to learn boldness:
to be wild with everything
that needs to be said.
—  Alessia Di Cesare, The Tragedy of a Woman’s Tongue
How Long Before Instagram Starts To Censor This Trans Woman's Breasts?
She's kicking the culture of body shame to the curb.

I think this is a great way to start to create more conversations around gender and censoring bodies. 

*Also, she has acknowledged her appropriative tattoo and is working on blurring the pictures that have gone viral. She is also getting funds together to work on getting it removed. She seems very receptive to comments and critiques about it if you want to message her on instgram and tumblr about it. 

My best friend’s talent shouldn’t be censored.

Libby spent several hours drawing a female body for her art project which was meant to illustrate a social issue, hers being about the inability of women to control their own bodies; This particularly referencing the Right extremists that combat Planned Parenthood and insist that the sight of a woman’s breast warrants an “R” rating while a man’s nipple is socially acceptable. 

Being in North Carolina, the Bible Belt, she faced horrific reactions from her classmates… WHO DREW BLOODIED, ABORTED FETUSES AS AN ATTACK ON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. 

The fact that the female anatomy is considered repugnant, inferior, and a thing of shame whereas a bloody fetus is considered a justifiable artistic expression makes me sad. My best friend’s art is a thing of beauty, regardless of her intended message.

End censorship. Defeat the double standard. Do not let this message die. 

日本の「韓流風俗」HP 韓国国内からは閲覧禁止になっていた
NEWS ポストセブン 6月27日(金)16時6分配信

「日本には韓流デリヘル(派遣型風俗)店がたくさんありますが、それらの店のホームページの多くが、韓国国内からはアクセスできないようになっているので す。日本人女性の働く店や白人系風俗、ニューハーフヘルスなどはいくらでもアクセスできるのですが、韓国人女性が働いていると謳う店ばかりが閲覧禁止に なっていました」


 解せないのは、「韓流デリヘル店」ばかりが閲覧禁止になっていることだ。日本の風俗店のホームページが淫乱だというのであれば、働いている女性の国籍を 問わずアクセスできないようにするべきではないのか。閲覧禁止とされていた都内のデリヘル店に取材すると「アクセス禁止になっているなんて全く知らなかっ た」とコメント。当事者に通告することなく通信を遮断できるのだからずいぶん強大な権限を持つ検閲組織である。




 西村氏によれば、「韓国のネット検閲の厳しさは国際的に有名で、『国境なき記者団』の見解では、〈インターネット監視国〉に指定されている」といい、過 去には北朝鮮の宣伝サイトと認められたものや、竹島問題について「日本の領土だ」という主張を展開する親日的なページなどへのアクセスが制限されたことが あった。



Undeliverable: Korean government censoring Japan-based hooker sites

To get an overview of Japan’s multitude of available illicit options there’s no better means than the Internet.

Prospective punters can peruse sites dedicated to Japanese call-girls, new-half pubs, bars featuring Caucasian women and many other genres.

But if you are in South Korea, there can be complications.

“There are Korean women working in Japan at many ‘delivery health‘ services, each of which has a Web site,” journalist Shuhei Fujiwara tells Shukan Post (July 4) in speaking about a sex service in which the girls are dispatched to waiting customers. “But the sites are not accessible from Korea.”

Should a user attempt to access such content a warning message appears from the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), which is South Korea’s Internet censorship body.

The magazine prints a screen shot showing the warning message alongside an image of the uninterrupted site, which features a number of links to profiles of available women.

The commission, which has a policy of promoting “sound Internet culture, and to create a safe online environment,” includes a total of nine scholars, broadcast-related employees and lawyers.

It may be true that fuzoku businesses in Japan are by their nature entirely about debauchery, but Shukan Post finds it appalling that access to sites is determined by the nationality of the women working.

“I had no idea,” says a representative of an escort service in Tokyo.

When reached for comment by Shukan Post, the KCSC said it did not have time to prepare an answer.

Kentaro Nishimura, an editor at a Tokyo-based IT newspaper, supposes that the commission is censoring sites with a key word filter. “In terms of technique, it is easy to do,” says the editor.

Shukan Post likens the policy to something that might emerge in Communist countries like North Korea or China. But, says Nishimura, Korea is known for strict policies with regards to the Internet.

“Reporters Without Borders lists Korea as a country under surveillance,” says the editor, referring to a report from 2012.

The magazine says that Korea is widely known around the world as a country that exports its women for work in the night trade, estimating that there are 100,000 Korean prostitutes in Japan at present.

Fujiwara says that it is a matter of out of sight, out of mind.

“In restricting the viewing of sites featuring Korean prostitutes in Japan, Korea is hiding the fact that it exports its women for prostitution from citizens,” says the editor. “They are making it seem as if it doesn’t exist.” (A.T.)

—  日本の「韓流風俗」HP 韓国国内からは閲覧禁止 Korean government censoring Japan-based hooker sites