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In a fight you will get hit, it is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you won’t win, it’s the same in life you will fail its inevitable but that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.
Fitness tip #12

If you are trying to build muscle don’t fear carbs!

To build muscle you need to gain a little fat, but of course you want to do this by eating healthy foods!

Your body needs enough fat to use as fuel if it doesn’t have any it will start using your muscle as fuel and you won’t see any results.

Try adding healthy carbs to your pre and post workout meal!

Healthy carbs include: 👉 Vegetables 👉 Potatoes 👉 Nuts 👉 Beans 👉 Whole grains

Don’t cheat yourself out of results!

One big reason so many people fail is because they workout for a couple weeks and either don’t see results or they don’t see enough result. Too many people quite too damn early. Be patient. Results WILL come with persistent workouts and cleaning up your diet. 

You can do this.

Fitness tip #2

To build your muscles, fuel your body before and after a workout!

Make sure you’re getting a good balance of carbs, proteins, fats, amino acids, and calories!

I like to have a meal or snack and protein bar an hour or so before your workout and a protein shake and meal after! Everybody’s body is different and has different needs so listen to your body, If you are feeling tired and sluggish after or during a workout you probably need to eat more.

Also try to keep your calorie and protein intake up even on days you are not working out!