body bugg

Swapped bodies, swapped minds


The young android had been staying in the home of the ninja turtles for quite some time already, feeling that he was already getting used to the way they were living, along with learning a few things from his friend, Donatello. Though, the more he spent his time down in hiding, the more he wanted to get answers on his situation from before. He wanted to figure out who he really was, but with the Resistance still on patrol, especially some from the NYPD, there’s no telling on when he’ll be able to get out of hiding and find his answers. For now, he was living like a regular robot in progress–almost like a child being told to stay put at home. It bugged him, but he knew Donatello was only doing so because he’s not fully ready to face the world just yet. 

Coming into the lab of his purple clad friend, George noticed the time shown on Donatello’s computer nearby; almost midnight, and the turtle was still up with full of energy. The android looked before him, seeing the mutant turtle underneath an unfinished vehicle, as he continued his time by tinkering with a few things. “Are you always this energized during the night?” 

The last weeks have been thoug. Even thoug they all get use to the android at home, even Raph..even thoug he was ignoring him the most of the time. Donnie was more worried about Mikey, who comes everyday with the same..or even new quastion. On the most they both had probaly no answere… it wasn´t nice too let the boy stay underground but yet the had no other choice. At last not with them outside…Donnie knowes how George must fell.

Working under the sheelraiser he notices somebody entry, he could guess who it was. It was nothing new the Android was in his lab..and even thoug he still wasn´t aware of was still nice talking to him and hee seem even to understand everything…well nearly everyting, beside the fact he was android what was just simply a amazing bonus point.

“ hmm..kind off..” Donnie moved up again, wipping oil out of his face  “ I mean it isn´t that late ev- “

he stopped as he looked at the computer clock  “okay…forgett what I was about to say..”

“ Can I help you with something?”

aghhhhhhh really wanting to eat something right now, but i don't need to.

it’s just because i’m up late working on homework and stuff and feel it’s necessary or something. so i’ll just keep drinking muh water.

today was my first day using a body bugg. my sister’s friend kelsey had an extra one and gave it to me so i’m really excited about it! it was a pretty successful day with it. it’s amazing to see how much calories you actually use in a day!

anyway. stayed under my calorie limit and went on a walk. hopefully i burn the amount of calories i’m supposed to according to the body bugg website. we shall see!

now i need to get back to work.