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A couple things I picked up at PINK yesterday! My fiance’ and I decided to go to the mall for a little bit, we had lunch and walked around, this is all I bought, but I didn’t really need anything! The undies were free with a coupon, and because of the semi-annual sale, I got the body bronzer for $4. I wanted one so bad last year, and every store I went to ran out, so I made sure this year I got one! My sister and I usually hangout every friday, it’s like our “girl” day, we usually have lunch and go shopping, but I think we’re go to start going to the pool and working on our tans! I found a girl on instagram who makes super cute bathing suits tops, I will post the link below so you can see! I’m thinking about buying one!!

Self Tanner 101

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I’ll admit it: I love the sun! But as tempting as baking all day to get a naturally sun-kissed glow is, I know better. The sun’s powerful rays are extremely harmful to our skin and that’s a risk no beauty maven should take. But that doesn’t mean that perfect shade of bronze is not within reach – sometimes you gotta fake it ‘til you make it! Self-tanners have become ever so popular over the years – and while many formulas in the past have left streaky shades of orange, new-and-improved versions are anything but. Skip the sun, but bear the bronze with this easy self-tanner how-to:

1. Start with a gradual self-tanner, especially if you’re fair-skinned or a rookie. Choose a formula that best describes your skin tone (light, medium, dark), not your desired colour (believe me, you’ll get there!) We recommend: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, $9.99 available at Shoppers Drug Mart (image courtesy of


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2. Prep your body – shower, shave your legs, and exfoliate your body with a non-oily scrub so the colour can penetrate into skin. We recommend: Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, $38 available at Sephora. Dry off completely, as damp skin causes splotchiness.


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3. Moisturize rough areas like knees, elbows and heels with a lightweight cream so your skin won’t soak in too much DHA, the active ingredient in all self-tanners. We recommend: L’Occitaine Verbena Harvest Body Lotion, $25 available at L’Occitaine stores (image courtesy of


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4. Tinted self-tanners are great, since they allow you to see where the tan will appear. Mousse formulas glide on the easiest. We recommend: Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tan Mousse For Body, $37.50 available at Sephora.


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5. Don the latex gloves and smooth on the self-tanner in short, upward strokes, working your way up from the ankles.

6. Peel back one glove at a time. With a damp makeup sponge, smooth a very light layer of tanner over hands, feet and the backs of ankles.

7. Air-dry for a minimum of 30 minutes. In a hurry? Run a cool blow-dryer over your body for ten minutes before dressing. Wear loose, dark clothing for the next eight hours, avoiding exercising and bathing as well.

By: Ashley De Filippis, Toronto

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