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im jumping into the "hope" wagon and calling that akira stiil alive, mutsuki is not near as strong as kuro and it seems that the armor protected juuzou from a direct blow to the heart, so best case scenario all the damage that akira received to the zone of the armor is not severe and she only got a cut to each arm and a leg and is fine and in better shape than the rest there, seriouly mutsuki just got stabbed through the abdomen (her career still dead tho)

That body armor better be good for SOMETHING. I swear, if it doesn’t save Akira I am personally going to leap into the manga and beat up the folks making that shitty armor. :/

Peacock Mantis Shrimp – He’s Baaaaack!

Tiny, deadly and gorgeous. That’s the peacock mantis shrimp, and we just placed one on exhibit in our Splash Zone galleries.

You’ll have to work a bit to see it. It’s housed – alone – in a small aquarium inside the Coral Crawl tunnel in Splash Zone. But it’s well worth the effort!

This is the first time we’ve hosted a  mantis shrimp since 2001 when one of them stowed away inside some coral rock and earned us international headlines and live CNN coverage. (There’s something compelling about a “killer shrimp” terrorizing other animals in the children’s area of an internationally known aquarium.)

They pack quite a punch

Since then, we’ve been wary of deliberately introducing a mantis shrimp – and for good reason. Aquarists and scuba divers refer to them as “thumb-splitters” because their claws pack a punch as powerful as a .22-caliber bullet.

Those same claws can shatter a clam shell, and crack open a crab or shatter glass. They can bring down a blue-ringed octopus or a fish. The claws are made of a material so hard it can deliver 50,000 blows between molts - without breaking. It’s being studied by scientists as a model for crafting super-strong body armor for soldiers.

And it moves its claws so fast that they turn water into plasma and sound into light.


“A thermonuclear bomb of light and beauty”

But that’s not the end of the story, as celebrated cartoonist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal explains in his online love-letter, “Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal.”

He starts by examining the eyes that make them unbelievably effective hunters. Their vision is so sensitive that a mantis shrimp can see in both infrared and ultraviolet spectra, and uses 16 color receptor cones (compared to just three for humans).

Inman observes: “Where we see a rainbow, the mantis shrimp sees a thermonuclear bomb of light and beauty.”

It’s that combination of experiencing a world of transcendent beauty – and then turning around and pounding its prey to smithereens – that fascinates Matthew Inman.

We hope you’ll be fascinated, too, at the chance to see a peacock mantis shrimp face to face – on the other side of shatterproof acrylic.

DIY Easy Draped Chain Headpiece Tutorial from Minted Strawberry here. The only difficult thing about this tutorial is that a drill was used for the holes in the wooden stars. You could use a cluster of beads instead including the dangling one. For pages of DIY headpieces go here:

BUY or DIY: Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes or Pearl Body Jewelry.

Top Photos: BUY $250 Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes from the Etsy shop of MyLittleBride and Efrat Davidsohn Jewelry. The epaulettes clip on. Her other much more ornate necklaces, that cover the shoulders, are gorgeous and reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Bottom Photo: DIY by Panda Hall, using brooches to hold the “shoulder necklaces” in place. I rarely look at anything on Panda Hall without researching where the DIY actually came from. I found the original Etsy source for this DIY in the comment section.

Below is one of  Efrat Davidsohn’s beautiful Shoulder Necklaces. It’s $1,300 and you can find it here.


Close-up of Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier with AR500 Curved Plates with Haley Strategic D3CR.

The D3 loadout: Glock 19 Gen 4 with custom holster mounted in GP pouch, Magpul Pmags, Glock 17 Mags with Taran Tactical Innovations +6 base pads, Winkler Knives II Combat Knife mounted to cumber bun, and Tactical Response VOK located in GP & Bungee Pouches.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!

Take care

DIY Body Chain with a Gorgeous Back Tutorial from One O. This is a well thought tutorial with lots of photos of what chains go where. This is the first body chain I’ve seen with the drama in the back for summer dresses.  

For one of the best body armor and body chain archives including chain hair jewelry go here:

This is the only DIY for a thigh chain I’ve seen: DIY Thigh Chain Tutorial from This is What I Do.

This is one of my most repinned posts: 7 DIY Body Chains and Body Armor.

Captain Kelly Sullivan, of the Massachusetts National Guard; Photograph by JJ Miller. Hair and Makeup by Laura Dillon/Team

1. A notch in the back collar of the vest can accommodate a woman’s ponytail or bun, keeping her helmet securely in place.

2. Narrowed shoulders and armholes allow a better range of motion.

3. Darting that’s built into several sections of the vest provides a snugger fit.

4. Two inches were removed from the waistline of the vest. The new version is slightly shorter as well, making the “turtling” issues and hip bruises less likely.

5. The waistline, built for the female form, has fewer Kevlar plates and weighs 25 pounds—five pounds lighter than the original model.

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Armor Upgrade

Some species of hermit crab fortify their defenses by attaching stinging sea anemones onto their shells.

This upgrade is enough to repel even crafty predators such as octopuses, whose arms recoil when coming into contact with the anemone’s stinging tentacles.

Large hermits can stack multiple anemones onto their shells, increasing their defenses further. Crabs with more anemones are less likely to be attacked by predators. 

The anemone supposedly benefits from this arrangement too—the hermit crab provides it with motility, food (thanks to the crab’s messy eating), and protection against fire worms (which prey upon the anemone).

Image source: Warren Photographic

Reference: Atkinson. 2012.