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I don’t see the point in debating the personhood of a fetus.

It doesn’t, like, matter? Whether or not we assign a fetus “personhood”  doesn’t really change whether or not a pregnant person should be forced to give up their bodily autonomy against their will? 

Like, woman can not just STEAL men’s livers in the dead of night, even if they NEED those organs to live? The elderly don’t get to just go around and harvest the kidneys of the young in back alleys? You can’t just, like, kidnap a person and drain all their blood, even if it is used for life saving procedures. Fully grown, autonomous people with rights and consciousness are not allowed to violate the bodily autonomy of others, even in deadly situations. 

So…why would we let a fetus do this? Use another PERSON’S blood and uterus and stomach and everything else? For months? Altering their body irreparably? WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT? 

No. Abortion is first and foremost an issue of consent and bodily autonomy, and any argument about personhood is a distraction from that. 

Creation, Destruction, Choice, and Knowledge: the four Relics, and also the stories of Team RWBY.

Creation – Weiss: Bestowed with a hereditary Semblance that allows her to create copies of defeated foes, Weiss now finds herself also having to summon up a new legacy, either for herself, or her family’s company, or both.

Destruction – Yang: Yang’s Semblance allows her to dish out pain to enemies that cause her harm, but her hot temper and self-sacrificing personality traits have given her fighting style a self-destructive edge. Now that her body has been permanently altered by a fight, she needs to learn how to better control the destruction that comes from her power, as well as deal with the grief that threatens to consume her from within.

Choice – Blake: When Blake found herself associating with a White Fang that no longer simply protested, but instead actively harmed those who stood in the way of its goals, she had to choose between holding to her own (good) beliefs at a risk to herself, or embracing the (now-evil) beliefs of her associates. Blake isn’t worried that she chose rightly—rather, she is concerned and ashamed that it took her longer to make that choice than it should have.

Knowledge – Ruby: Information people give to or withhold from Ruby serves as a major determinant of the plot of RWBY, because Ruby rarely hesitates to incorporate and act on knowledge that is given to her. Furthermore, Ruby’s knowledge of how to use her silver eye powers (which, to a large extent, she doesn’t know she “knows”) has made her a high-priority target to Salem’s faction.

I also suspect the same pattern holds for the former Team STRQ, with Qrow being Choice (or the lack thereof, in that his Semblance affects fate), Raven being Knowledge (in that she seems to be aware of when others are in trouble), and Summer and Taiyang probably being Creation and Destruction, respectively (or flipped, depending on how certain backstory events are framed).

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this pattern bears out in other four-person teams in the show, once more personal histories and character motivations are explored.

Lol you cant defend a women’s “choice” to shave, wear make up, have long hair ect ect as empowering and logical but not question WHY women as a class do that in the first place. Holy FUCK i hate this mind fucked society and its normalisation of our altered bodies. It doesn’t matter if i like having a hairless body and i love my long hair and it makes me feel like i could take on the world, my personal feelings don’t matter because these things exist STRUCTURALLY to differentiate and subjugate me in my sex. I dont care how much you think we “don’t need first world feminism”. Untill women can be as comfortable in their unaltered, unshaven bodies as men are feminism is fucking relevant. And since these things are indicators of our lower position in society and that won’t be changing for the foreseeable, feminism is going to be around for a long fucking time!!!!!


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Good guys gone bad, Hiro, Dipper, and Anodite!ben

The first pic would be Hiro who just won a fight against Big Hero 6 (Tadashi, Honey lemon, Fred, Wasabi, gogo, and baymax) but when tadashi takes of his helmet hiro thinks that tadashi is just a faker pretending to be his dead brother (ppst Alive!tadashi). did i mention this hiro actually mechanically altered his body aka, he’s now a cyborg… somewhat

The second pic would be Dipper fighting Ford while Mabel fights Stan, and he’s just “I’m so much better than you so just give up old man” yeah that (this happens during weirdmageddon)

the third pic is just ben going ballistic on an Human alien hunter that fatally wounded the team and rook trying to stop ben from killing the alien by acting like a human shield ( i need more anodite practice)

(may or may not be more depends)

What I say: dysphoria is real and requires treatment, but I don’t think physical transition is necessarily required as part of that treatment. Other options should be explored and dysphoric people should be informed rather than pushed into body altering surgery that may or may not help.

What they hear: trans people are fake and don’t have the right to decide what happens to their bodies. SRS should be illegal because I said so

This is Lepht Anonym. I hate to post a picture of her since she likes to remain anonymous but I still find her pretty inspirational. Basically, she is a pioneer in bio-hacking, which involves adding little pieces of technology to your body to enhance your senses. One piece of bio-hacking that is becoming particularly popular and more widely available is adding a small magnet into your finger which sends currents into your nervous system whenever it comes into contact with a magnetic field. This effectively allows you to sense these usually invisible magnetic fields, and feel them as if they were a sixth sense and I just think it is the coolest most badass thing ever. If I can ever summon up the courage to do it I would seriously consider getting one put in

Munday Asks
  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Tell the story behind your name.
  3. What is your country of origin?
  4. What is your Zodiac sign?
  5. What is your star sign/horoscope?
  6. How tall are you?
  7. Briefly describe your appearance.
  8. Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
  9. Do you have any body alterations? (piercings, plastic surgery etc.)
  10. What kind of supernatural phenomenon do you believe in?
  11. Favourite mythical creature(s)
  12. Preferred type of footwear?
  13. Describe your everyday style.
  14. Have you fallen in and/or out of love?
  15. Which subject would you dominate in?
  16. What superpower do you find awesome!?
  17. If you could be reborn, how different/similar would your new life be compared to now?
  18. 3 random trivia about you
While white women are praised for altering their bodies, plumping their lips and tanning their skin, black women are shamed although the same features exist on them naturally. This double standard is one string in the netting that surrounds black female sexuality – a web that entraps black women when they claim sexual agency. Deeply ingrained into culture is the notion that black female bodies, at the intersect of oppression, are less than human and therefore unattractive.
HRT and Transition

I think there are some misconceptions here on tumblr about transition. For one thing, life as a trans person isn’t completed and made perfect by transitioning. Frankly, once you start passing more readily in society, there’s another set of struggles that will be encountered. One of these is having to accept that - no matter how much you alter your body - ultimately you were born and raised as your biological gender. That is a burden you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

In my case, no matter how much surgery I have or how much I ultimately resemble a man, I will never be able to procreate with a woman and have a child in this manner. I will never have the childhood and adolescent experiences of a man. I may never have a fully functional set of male genitals. Transition will never solve all of my dysphoria because it will not make me into a flawless, biological man. The nature of being transgender is that, no matter how you transition, some part of you will still just wish that you had been born the proper sex to start.

This is normal, though, and it’s just a part of transitioning and being a transgender person. I hate that actual transgender people are being made to feel as though their experiences or their difficulties with transitioning are abnormal because they aren’t feeling all sunshine and rainbows after being on hormones. Life doesn’t begin and end with the transition process. Does it help dysphoria? Yes, mostly. Does it solve all life problems? Fuck no.

Today is National Edge Day!! Finished my first ever 11x15 flash sheet to celebrate! I’ve been straight edge for a couple years now, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s okay to not drink, or consume any kind of body/mind altering substance. You do you, and fuck what anyone else has to say otherwise.

(Made with Copic markers & a Tombow N15 pen)

I’ve realized the main reason Older Noctis looks so weird to me is because they didn’t change his body. If you’re gonna make the face that much more mature/masculine than it was before, it would make sense to alter his body to match. If you put him in his regular outfit his head honestly looks superimposed. Not saying make him bara or something cause that’d be awkward but like, make him not a twink.

The fact that HRT and SRS are considered first line treatments for dysphoria (and sometimes literally just for gender non-conformity) is literally fucking terrifying. Not once was I, even though I was only sixteen when I started gender therapy, told, “let’s see if anything else works before permanently altering your body.” I didn’t even know there were other options. I genuinely had no idea.

baterista-de-panela  asked:

If gender is entirely social construction and only a human conscient invention, how the transgender fit in this theory? (Not trying to sound offensive, just want to hear what you think of it)

gender only has an impact on your life to the purpose that society gives it one. we’ve been socialized to think that gender is an intrinsic part of who you are, and therefore it is an intrinsic part of who you are because it determines who gets access to which resources, who can dress which way, who can do what jobs, who can alter their body and how they can alter their body, what name people call you by, and a whole host of other issues that control virtually every aspect of your life.

in an ideal world, people would be chosen for jobs and positions based solely on qualifications, not what their genitals looked like when they were born. everyone would be able to dress and style themselves as they chose, clothes wouldn’t have gender, and cases of dysphoria would be treated as cases of body dysphoria and dysphoric people would be free to seek medical attention in whichever ways they deemed necessary.

we’re not living in this ideal world, obviously. when someone says man/woman/girl/boy/male/female a projected and highly specific image comes to mind, and thus anyone who identifies with those genders is those genders, for all intents and purposes, because the genders are only given as much meaning as society assigns them. as in, anyone who says they’re a girl really is a girl because “girl” is not a physical entity, it’s a socially constructed concept. girl is an idea, not a thing.

and because these ideas about genders are so prevalent and because we assign people genders based on literally nothing but genitalia, then of course transgender people are going to exist.

if the social construction of gender stopped existing, transgender people would not exist in the sense that there would be nothing to transition to, because they would just be accepted exactly as they are and able to act and present in whatever way they chose.