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okay so i would have said that although i love, love stories about soulmates in the sense of reincarnation fics - people finding each other over and over again in different circumstances, the same story playing out in countless variations, an established relationship being reestablished all over again, knowing each other already on some level - i love all that, but the soulmark thing is very much not my dynamic of choice. trying to get to know a person for the first time while knowing beyond a doubt that they were made for you, hand-picked for you by fate? a society where the ultimate proof of love is a mark on your body instead of your actions? nah. not my kink, i won’t be writing it.

AND YET i’m still intrigued by the idea of the words i have made this place a sanctum of healing and salvation written on Hawke’s skin, and apostate!Hawke ending up absolutely convinced their soulmate is part of the Chantry.

how he would analyze that. how that would play into all Bethany’s time in the village chantry, all Carver’s efforts to avoid templar attention. all the family’s efforts to keep Hawke’s magic hidden seem doomed from the start. will this be someone who’d turn on the Chantry to help him stay out of the Circle? or will he wind up bringing the rest of his family down with him? will he be in the Circle already, is that how they meet? Hawke listening to the Chant, trying to see what his soulmate hears in it to inspire the kind of devotion in those words.

just. growing up with his understanding of love and faith and magic and the risk of being locked up all inextricably mixed together. …which is a pretty fitting introduction to anders.

“I’ll get your body back. I promise.

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Purity is not just not having sex.

Purity is God purifying your heart, your desires, your thoughts in a way that gives Him glory.

Purity is God removing things that are not of Him so we can be more like Him and love like Him.

None of us are pure apart from Christ and we are only pure in Him and because of Him. No one is more pure or holy than anyone else. Everyone fails in purity and everyone struggles with it differently. We all need Jesus to purify us and make us pure.

Purity is not soley about your body or physical action. Purity is not slut-shaming or making sexuality or sex shameful to speak of, think of, or desire. Purity is not abstinence but a lifelong characteristic we will develop and grow in the rest of our lives.

Purity is simply purifying us which changes everything about how we act and speak and love toward everyone, not just the opposite sex or your significant other.

Purity is beautiful and rare and undervalued but honestly precious. It is never lost in Christ, it is fully redeemed. It is not impossible if you truly allow God to change you within.

Purity is an attribute of God and reflective of His nature and love. We should all desire to become pure and in Christ recognize we are!


Young Asian Woman Muay Thai fighter in defensive position by cepera1975
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Young Asian Woman Muay Thai fighter in defensive position. On black background

As a prolife person, I think other pro life people need to stop adding the qualifier of “unless it’s rape” to give an ok on an abortion. Because then at that point you are implying that pregnancy is a punishment for choosing to have sex. If you really think life begins at conception and that a zygote is 100% a human being with human rights, you have to apply that to every single pregnancy regardless of how that pregnancy happened.

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I think people get so caught up in the celeb aspect that they don't step back and just look at Sam and Cait. Just look at them! Their faces, body language/actions and think of them as a couple you just met at a friends party. What would your initial gut thoughts be? I know mine. If you take away the other nonsense and just look at them as SC it's so clear. It just becomes complicated because of the profession their in. Remove that and it's time to stop any/all panic. Wish everyone could do that.


Chaplain John McNamara of Boston makes the sign of the cross as he administers the last rites to photographer Dickey Chapelle, (the first female war correspondent to be killed in Vietnam), South Vietnam November 4, 1965 by Henri Huet

Chapelle was covering a U.S. Marine unit on a combat operation near Chu Lai for the National Observer when she was seriously wounded, along with four Marines, by an exploding mine. She died in a helicopter en route to a hospital. She became the first female war correspondent to be killed in Vietnam, as well as the first American female reporter to be killed in action. Her body was repatriated with an honor guard consisting of six Marines and she was given full Marine burial.

Pride of the Slave

“Master, I’m so proud to be your slave.”

I’ve said those words to my Master many times over the past month. And from the first time to the last, there has been an authenticity to the statement, something deep being expressed from the core of my submissive, bull heart. It’s serving him that makes me feel… I am doing right with my life, right with my actions, body and mind aligned for a purpose that is beyond me and greater than me. And it has to be him; it could only be him now.

But what makes a slave proud of their Master? What makes our eyes moisten with the most intense need to serve and give ourselves most… what makes us stand that bit taller in front of all, when we are beside the one who owns us?

Different people have different value systems. What makes one slave the most proud may pass unnoticed to another… but I can pluck from the air and from the other submissives I have known some common threads. 

We are proud of our Masters when they demonstrate command over the world. When they fight for us the demons and difficulties we cannot face alone. We are proud when the eyes of others fall upon them and the coveting starts. We are proud when they know the exact words to say to unlock the deepest parts of us the rest of the world doesn’t see.

Any sub would say the same. But what of me and my Master particularly? What brings pride to the beast?

  • I’m proud to serve a Master who is able to share his fears, share his heart, with honesty, unafraid.
  • I’m proud to serve a Master who promotes harmony in his life, with respect for all those that surround him.
  • I’m proud so very proud to serve a Master who is always striving, is always bettering, is learning and growing as a person in creative, intellectual, cultural pursuits.
  • I’m proud to serve a Master who is building things of lasting value that are of benefit to others and his community.
  • I’m proud to serve a Master that is handsome and beautiful and wants me by his side…

In short… I could gush all night… and I will, over and over to him… but ultimately, what is the pride of a slave?

It is his possession, the only thing he truly owns that is his once he has given himself. Once he is himself owned.

And oh fuck… come the day I finally wear that collar, I will be the proudest slave on this planet, I swear.

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How would the lords react to an MC who has a heavy sexual appetite like she is frequently in the mood and initiates sexy time a lot for her relief?

Nobunaga: You want this hot body? You better work bitch. She wouldn’t be able to be satisfied by him that easily. First, she needed to prove why he should be inclined to pleasure her. And no, konpeito isn’t going to cut it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He’d throw his fan on the ground, telling her to get on her knees right beside it, and to show him what her lust has done to her. Only after she undressed herself and starting touching her body would he take action. He’d grab her hand and pin her down onto the ground, insisting in a low growl and blush that touching her was his job, and he’d proceed to do so.

Mitsuhide: “Well shit, we have a lot in common.” He knows how hard it is to conceal lust inside of you, so he would suggest that they help each other with their craving for the touch of each others flesh. He’d never turn down sexy time, especially if she initiated it. He loves leaving marks on her so she could remember each and every single time they made love.

Yukimura: HOLY SHIT IT’S YUKI #2. He would be sooo flustered, and I can so see him being backed up to the wall by her and end up being the sub. In the middle of the day, people would ask Yukimura why he was covering up his chest, and he would die bc there’s about ten hickeys there. Once he got adjusted to her sexual needs, he’d start being dominant and fulfill her until the sun came up.

Saizo: He’d pretend that he was annoyed whenever she latched herself onto him and begged for him to get her off, but secretly, he loved it. You bet your ass he’s gonna use orgasm denial on her, since getting her to plead was so easy. Every sign, from the friction of her thighs rubbing together, to the flame of desire in her eyes and the color of it on her cheeks, he knew. He would take her in every place and spot in the castle, pointing it out when they were standing on it.

Masamune: LMAO UM. HE’S GON DIE YOU GUYS. But fr tho he’d be such a generous sweetheart, and would assist her whenever she’s desperate. If she initiated something in public, he would blush and reject her gently, but run his hand down her supple skin so she could get some form of relief. He is a sub, no doubt about it, sometimes he’d be dom, but most of the time it’s gon be sub. He loves it, she loves it, case closed.

Kojuro: Omg. Match made in mf heaven. He’d use his experience to his advantage and find out her weak spots easily. They’d end up having like fifty rounds every night?? He’d never be able to resist her, until it ends up becoming unhealthy YES YOU GUYS IT BECOMES THIS BAD and they have to force themselves to only do it every few days or weeks.

Hideyoshi: He’d tease her about it, even in public, and people think he’s just joking around?? No bitch. I can just imagine them late at night and MC tells him that she wants him, and him laughing it off and telling her to go to bed, but when she’s almost asleep, he’d slip a hand underneath the covers and start rubbing her. Surprises are always his criteria.

Inuchiyo: I’m going to mention him liking porn a thousand times on this blog and none of you are going to stop me. He didn’t want her to know about it at all, but she would reveal her own porn stash, and he’d be like: what?? I thought you were innocent and pure?? what the fuck is life?? She’d insist on them reading it together, but one day she burned all his porn and he just stared at the fire mentally thinking MY PORNNN WHYYY. She would grab him by the shoulders and kiss him, her tongue stroking his sensually, and say that they didn’t need to read those things anymore when they’ve got each other now. He took those words to heart. (;

Ieyasu: Okay so, the first time she initiated something, he took out his katana, I’m going to kill you bitch, blah blah blah, but his moment of glory was killed when she laughed and said, “That’s alright, I like it rough.” His face would light up affff. But then his pride would kick in and he shove her on his bedding, looking down at her from above. However, he still felt a bit shy, until she switched their positions and took the reins. Then they had a five minute changing positions fight, but we know who ended up on top that night. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mitsunari: I HAVE A FEELING HE’D HATE IT OML. BUT I ALSO HAVE A FEELING THAT HE’D BE THE BIGGEST SUB EVER. Like, this MC has to have a heart of stone to be able to live through the insults that would pour out of his mouth, and if she did live through it to find what made him aroused, she would be veeeryy satisfied by the begging that replaced those insults. She’d live on making him blush by bringing up the events of the other night.

Kenshin: So nice about it. She didn’t even have to finish her sentence for him to know what she wanted. There wasn’t a single time that they had sex that it was half-assed, he puts quality into every experience. He’d ask her if she wanted to be on top, or if there were other things she wanted to try, and would be open to everything she has to say no matter how provocative it is.